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May 11, 2015


Hatchery and Broodstock Jobs at Amity Soar


Amity Soar has developed an environmentally friendly approach to shrimp farming and is recruiting individuals for specific breeding and hatchery operations in mainland Malaysia.


It has positions open for a shrimp hatchery manager, a shrimp hatchery technician and a broodstock manager.  The applicants will work closely with in-house scientists on a newly established protocol for the production of postlarvae. 


Job Requirements for the Hatchery Manager

1. A few years of experience in shrimp culture

2. Ability to culture zooplankton and phytoplankton

3. Experience in managing all aspects of hatchery set up

4. Fluent in English and local language

5. Ability to fix electrical gadgets, wiring, plumbing, generators and filters


Job Requirements for the Hatchery Technician

1. A few years of experience in shrimp culture

2. Ability to culture nauplii through to postlarvae

3. Ability to culture marine plankton

4. Ability to do electrical and plumbing work


Job Requirements for the Brood Stock Technician 

1. Assist research scientist with broodstock

2. Manage broodstock production

3. Ability to trouble shoot production problems


Information: Submit a brief resume to Lau Huat Ong (email


Source: Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Ad at Shrimp News.  Dennis (email  May 8 and 9, 2015.

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