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July 20, 2015


20 Million Hectares for Aquaculture


The National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (CONAPESCA) has identified about 20 million hectares throughout Mexico that have good potential for farming catfish, tilapia, trout, marine fish, clams, oysters, carp—and shrimp.


According to Alfredo Aranda Ocampo, General Coordinator of Operation and Institutional Strategy at CONAPESCA, Mexico already has 9,230 aquatic farms: 1,447 shrimp farms, 4,623 tilapia farms, 117 oyster farms, 146 carp farms, 1,834 trout farms, 353 catfish farms and 710 farms culturing other species.


In 2014, CONAPESCA’s statistics on the capture fisheries showed that production increased by only 0.4 percent over 2013, while the aquaculture industries showed that production increased by 32.5 percent.


The value of aquaculture production also increased in 2014, reaching $646.3 million, compared to $470.6 million in 2013.


Source: FIS United States.  20 Million Hectares Identified With Potential for Aquaculture.  Analia Murias (  July 20, 2015.

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