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August 28 2015


Sonora—August Harvests, EMS Not a Problem


Chavez Dominguez Baltazar, the manager of the Aquaculture Health Committee of the State of Sonora (COSAES), 865 metric tons of shrimp were harvested recently with no significant health issues.  He said that 29 farms managed to obtain yields of 300 kilograms per hectare and the average survival rate was 90 percent.


Chavez Dominguez said he had received 89 reports of mortality events on farms.  Three occurred during the nursery stage, with mortality rates of 90 to 100 percent, all attributed to management problems.  Analyses did not reveal evidence of any pathological issues, he stressed.


During growout, 86 mortality events were reported in animals ranging in size from 0.03 to 12 grams.


COSAES officers said that Sonora had 183 shrimp farms, 33 of them authorized to operate intensive systems.  Currently, 138 farms are operating, 46 of them with nursery facilities.


In 2013, farmed shrimp production in Sonora fell by 70 percent because of whitespot and early mortality syndrome, which caused mortalities of up to 80 percent.


Source: FIS United States (  Sonora First Harvests Yield 865 Tonnes of Shrimp.  August 28, 2015.

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