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June 13, 2015


Research—Salts Dramatically Increase Shrimp Growth Rates


From Abstract: In this study, researchers determined the effect of supplementing shrimp diets (Penaeus vannamei) with sodium salts (formate, acetate, lactate, propionate, butyrate, fumarate, succinate and citrate).  ...In a growth trial, the highest final weights were in shrimp fed diets supplemented with fumarate, succinate, butyrate and propionate, increasing 53%, 46%, 38% and 29%, respectively, compared to the control.  Shrimp that were fed diets with fumarate digested more feed and had a feed conversion ratio 23% higher than the control shrimp.  Shrimp survival did not differ among treatments.  The researchers concluded that organic salts in the diet modify digestive enzymatic activity and protein digestibility.


Source: Aquaculture Nutrition.  Improved Digestion and Initial Performance of Whiteleg Shrimp Using Organic Salt SupplementsB.C. Silva, H. Nolasco-Soria (email, Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste, La Paz, BCS, Mexico), F. Magallón-Barajas, R. Civera-Cerecedo, R. Casillas-Hernández and W. Seiffert.  Online Version Before Inclusion in an Issue.  Article first published online on June 5, 2015.

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