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September 17, 2014


Comments on Shrimp Imports


Jorge Velez Cicero ( writes: Regarding your article about the increase of shrimp imports into Mexico, I want to add that the Mexican government has allowed insane quantities of foreign shrimp to flood the market here.  The main result has been twofold: a soft market for local producers (we are now selling at prices 30% lower than last year, despite increases in the price of feeds and energy) and huge profits for importers and government officials during the first half of the year.  Not a good incentive for the producers that, due to careful management and selection of postlarvae, keep getting good results in spite of the EMS situation here.  Corruption, ignorance and rampant laziness on the part of government take a big toll on the Mexican farmer.


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Jorge Velez Cicero (  Subject: Mexico’s Shrimp Imports.  September 15, 2014.

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