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April 15, 2014


Grupo Mahr



Founded in 1998, Grupo Mahr is a shrimp farming corporation with three subsidiaries: (1) Acuacultura Mahr deals with genetic improvement of shrimp and production of postlarval and juvenile shrimp; (2) Organic Shrimp farms organic shrimp; and (3) Aquatecnia markets specialty feeds produced by Bernaqua in Belgium.



Grupo Mahr's Assets


• Managed by founders.

• More than 15 years experience in shrimp farming.

• Genetic program to achieve world-class shrimp
broodstock and postlarvae.

• Absence of viruses and diseases at its site.

• Always looking for new technologies, process and

• Strategic alliances and synergies with producers, suppliers, research centers and academia.

• Grupo Mahr loves the shrimp farming business and works at it with a passion!


Information: Grupo Mahr, La Paz, Baja California Sur, México (phone +52-612-12-842-21, webpage


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