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October 16, 2014


Biocide and Probiotic Strains of Bacillus


In Mexico, INVE Aquaculture has been evaluating commercial biocide and probiotic strains of Bacillus for use against EMS-virulent strains of Vibrio parahaemolyticus, isolated by the team of Dr. Bruno Gomez-Gill at the Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo (Center for Food Research and Development).  One of the probiotics was shown to inhibit the growth of 10 pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains.


The strains of Bacillus were selected for their ability to inhibit pathogens, be metabolically active in the shrimp’s gut and culture water, degrade organic waste and improve feed digestibility.


The application of the selected mixture of Bacillus strains led to clear improvements in survival.  In the first phase of rearing, survivals increased from 32 to 36%.  At the end of the second phase, that improvement led to an increase of 39% in the number of shrimp that could be harvested.  Furthermore, the application of the Bacillus probiotic led to the production of postlarvae that were almost 10% larger.


Information: J. Jaime Munoz M., INVE Aquaculture Mexico, S.A. de C.V., Avenida Camaron Sabalo #51, Local 6, Interior, Plaza Riviera Zona, Dorada Mazatlan, Sinaloa 82110, Mexico (email


Source: The Global Aquaculture Advocate (The Global Magazine for Farmed Seafood).  Editor, Darryl Jory (  Production/Bacillus Probiotics Improve Hatchery, Nursery Production In EMS-Hit Mexico.  J. Jaime Munoz M., F. Marino Pinzon, M. Rodolfo Rivera F. and Olivier Decamp, Ph.D.  Volume 17, Issue 5, Page 50, September/October 2014.

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