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June 24, 2013


Mortalities of Farmed Shrimp


Due to high mortalities of farmed shrimp in the state of Sinaloa, farmers will receive $75 million to help with production and exports.


The supply of the shrimp is guaranteed because there’s plenty of shrimp in cold storage.  Prices will not increase.


A state official reported that there were 520 farms in the state with 35,000 hectares of ponds.  On farms, mortalities varied from 15 to 85 percent.


The states of Sonora and Nayarit face similar problems.


Ten different laboratories are attempting to determine what is causing the mortalities, including Dr. Donald Lightner’s laboratory at the University of Arizona in the United States.


Source: Boletín CNA (Ecuador’s Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura).  Editor, Jorge Tejada ( Daños en Cultivo de Camarón Dejará Pérdidas Millonarias  [Translated by Google].  June 21, 2013.


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