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April 24, 2016


Sinaloa—Ahome Shrimp Farms, Three Diseases


The state of Sinaloa’s Comité Estatal de Sanidad (State Committee of Health) has analyzed shrimp larvae at Ahome shrimp farms and found early mortality syndrome, whitespot and IHHNV.  Aldo Camacho Villaseñor, President of Aquaculture at Ahome, said we have confirmed by laboratory that eight farms have IHHNV, six also have early mortality and one of the eight has whitespot.  He said mortalities were 50% lower than last year.


Source: Aquatic Animal Health.  Subject: 3 Diseases Confirmed at 8 Ahome Shrimp Farms.  Linea Directa Radio.  April 23, 2016.

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