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July 12, 2014


Sonora—EMS Still a Huge Problem


Ricardo Cattán (, reports:


According to Miguel Ángel Castro Cossío, president of a shrimp farmers’ organization in the state of Sonora, early mortality syndrome (EMS) continues to wreak havoc on shrimp farms.  In 2014, he said more than 15 thousand hectares of shrimp ponds were stocked in Sonora and virtually all of them got hit with EMS, so 2014’s production is expected to be similar to 2013’s.


Affected farmers will receive assistance from the awards program implemented by SAGARPA.


Information: Original Report in Spanish.


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Ricardo Cabeza de Vaca Augusto Cattán.  Subject: Virus Early Mortality Affecting Crustacean, Has Not Been Eradicated From Aquaculture Farms Sonora.  July 11, 2014.

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