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April 14, 2015


Developing Immunity to Whitespot


Aquapesca, a shrimp farm in Mozambique, Africa, farms organic, giant tiger shrimp.  Ongoing research at its hatchery has demonstrated the possibility of developing immunity to whitespot.  The approach involves activating the shrimp’s immune system by manipulating water parameters [not mentioned], along with secondary help from immunostimulants.  An experiment resulted in 80% survival in treated shrimp versus 100% mortality of shrimp exposed to WSSV.  In a later experiment, the treated animals were again exposed to WSSV, but had no clinical signs of infection or mortality after seven days.


The researchers strongly believe that if these preliminary results are confirmed by new experiments, they could lead to a tremendous revolution in controlling not only WSSV, but also all pathogens in shrimp farming.


Information: Mandresy Manantsara ( (FAMA Group, Aquapesca Licunguma, Inhassunge, Mozambique).


Source: The Global Aquaculture Advocate (The Global Magazine for Farmed Seafood).  Editor, Darryl Jory (  New Paradigm in Pathogen Control/Mozambique Research Obtains Shrimp Postlarvae with WSSV Acquired Immunity.  Mandresy Manantsara, Francois Grosse, Azmina Goulamaly and Alain Michel.  Volume 18, Issue 2, Page 18, March/April 2015.

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