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September 12, 2015

The Netherlands

Aquaculture Farming Technology’s Webpage


Founded and led by Leon Claessens, Aquaculture Farming Technology is an Independent aquaculture consulting company that focuses on sustainable shrimp farming.


Its services include:


Ecological Shrimp Farming

Aquaculture Business Analyses and Studies

Project Design and Engineering

Project Realization and Management

Aqua Feed Research Trials



AFT’s Consultants and Technical Advisors


Victor Bierbooms: Recirculation Aquaculture Systems for Fresh and Saltwater.


Leo Minoza: Aquaculture Shrimp Farm Expert, Management of Shrimp Farms.


Eric de Muylder: Shrimp Feed Formulation and Shrimp Nutrition.


Chris Dinneweth: Penaeus monodon and P. vannamei Hatchery Expert.


Karin van de Braak: Aquaculture Health Specialist, Audits and Pre-audit Guidance.


Jacques Wijnoogst: Designer of Fish and Shrimp Feed Facilities and Development of Feed Products.


Nina Coolsaet: Fish and Shrimp Nutrition Expert.


Marleen Vrij: Develop of Feeds for Shrimp and Fish with Special Ingredients like Insects.



Current Projects (2015)


Italy: Expansion of an existing shrimp farm.  This intensive P. vannamei shrimp farm will get new growout tanks with an integrated filtration system.


Austria: AFT designed and engineered this pilot, indoor, P. vannamei farm.  First postlarvae were stocked in August 2015.  More news soon.


Angola: A new P. monodon farm with integrated hatchery and processing plant.  AFT did the feasibility study, designed the farm and will manage it.


India: Research and evaluation of existing shrimp farm that will be redesigned and converted into an intensive P. vannamei farm.  The project will start with four pilot intensive ponds and a nursery system.  AFT will design and engineer the farm and manage the start-up and training of personnel.


Central Asia: AFT is conducting a feasibility study and pre-engineering for the set-up of an indoor P. vannamei farm.


Information: Leon Claessens, Aquaculture Farming Technology, Poststraat 8, 5801 BC Venray, Netherlands (phone +31-06-148-987-68, email, webpage


Source: Aquaculture Farming Technology’s Website.  Website Visit on September 12, 2015.

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