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June 21, 2013

The Netherlands

1-Monoglycerides May Prevent EMS


Since the beginning of 2013, Framelco, a producer of additives for animal feeds, and several research groups have been testing new products to fight early mortality syndrome (EMS).  In one trial at EMS infected farms,
1-monoglycerides prevented EMS.


The 1-monoglycerides are well known for their inhibiting properties on different bacteria strains and fat coated viruses.  Joint research with the Portugal’s University of Lisbon showed that the newly developed 1-monoglycerides blend disturbs specific structures within the membranes of bacteria, destabilize the fat-envelope of viruses and inhibits multiplication of pathogens.


In agriculture, 1-monoglycerides have been used for several years.  They are very stable with neutral odor and taste, pH independent and heat stable up to at least 160 degrees Celsius.


At the moment different trials are running in Vietnam and Thailand to further develop the products and to adjust them specifically to battle EMS in shrimp.  Although 1-monoglycerides may be curative, preventive use is currently recommended.  Since not all factors influencing the treatment are fully investigated, more shrimp farms with EMS problems are sought to test the products.  If you are willing to test 1-monoglycerides, contact Devi Hermsen (below).


Information: Devi Hermsen, Framelco, Ruisvoorn 5, NL-4941 SB Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands (phone +31-0-162-525629, fax +31-0-162-521589, email, webpage


Source:  First EMS-Free Cycle in Shrimp with 1-Monoglycerides.  May 16, 2013.


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