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October 27, 2013

New Zealand

Continuous Chaetoceros Culture


Editor: This report, which describes the design and operation of a continuous culture system for Chaetoceros calcitrans, mentions mussels as a test animal, but I see no reason why the system would not work in shrimp hatcheries.


From Abstract: C. calcitrans is a small, fast-growing diatom with a high nutritional value for larval shrimp.   It is widely produced in batch culture systems ranging from carboys to plastic bags to high volume tanks.  Continuous culture of C. calcitrans has generally not been successful due to frequent crashes of the culture.  This report describes a hanging-plastic-bag system that is suitable for use in commercial hatcheries.  Runs of continuous production have lasted up to 125 days, with an average bag life of 24.4 days.  Crashes occurred at irregular intervals in individual bags and caused the cell concentration to drop by up to three orders of magnitude. Cultures recovered over a few days following a crash.  The temporary reduction of production due to crashes in individual bags was compensated by 30% higher production than required.  At dilution rates of 1.0-1.3 volume exchanges d-1 the system produced 7-13 × 106 cells mL- 1 d-1.  The cell diameter mode, determined by Coulter Counter, was 2.8-3.0 μm.  The cells had the typical flat rectangular box shape with well-developed setae.  The culturable bacterial population of the algae culture was 105–107 colony forming units mL-1.  Genetic integrity of C. calcitrans and the monospecific status of the continuous culture were maintained over seven sequential bag-to-bag transfers during a 125-day run.  The fatty acid profiles of continuous and batch cultures of C. calcitrans were similar.


Source: Aquaculture.  Continuous Production of Chaetoceros Calcitrans in a System Suitable for Commercial Hatcheries.  Heinrich F. Kaspar (email, Cawthron Institute, Private Bag 2, Nelson 7042, New Zealand), Elizabeth F. Keys, Nick King, Kirsty F. Smith, Aditya Kesarcodi-Watsona and Matthew R. Miller).  In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online on October 24, 2013.

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