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  News Reports  

April 19, 2018—Australia—$193 Million Prawn Project in Western Australia

April 18, 2018—Thailand/Brazil—CP Foods Invests in Camanor

April 18, 2018—Malaysia—Wants Diatom Information

April 17, 2018—United States/China—Louisiana Senator Wants to Put a Tariff on Chinese Shrimp

April 17, 2018—Vietnam—Kien Giang Province Expands Rice/Shrimp Farming

April 15, 2018—Malaysia—Pitas Shrimp Park Project

April 15, 2018—India—Research—Test for Multiple Antibiotics

April 15, 2018—Israel—Research—All-Female Freshwater Prawns

April 14, 2018—India—Rapid Drop in Shrimp Prices, Farmers Panic

April 14, 2018—India—Andhra Pradesh—Shrimp Price Supports

April 14, 2018—Belize—Minister of Agriculture's Comments on Shrimp Farming

April 13, 2018—United States—Florida—American Penaeid Has PLs For Sale!

April 11, 2018—India—FDA Refusals Update, March 2018

April 10, 2018—Ecuador—Going After India's Share of the USA Shrimp Market

April 10, 2018—United States—Massachusetts—Research—Using a Vannamei Bacterium toInhibit the Growth of Vibrio parahaemolyticus

April 9, 2018—Vietnam—Bạc Liêu Province—Hi-Tech Shrimp Farming

April 9, 2018—India—Tamil Nadu—BRAQCON 2019

April 8, 2018—Vietnam—Shrimp Production, Prices and Predictions

April 6, 2018—Vietnam—Video—Lobster Farms

April 4, 2018—Ecuador—Video—Of a Huge Shrimp Farm

April 4, 2018—China—Guolian Aquatic Says Chinese Shrimp Consumption Increasing

April 4, 2018—Philippines—Imports of SPF Broodstock and Other Statistics

April 4, 2018—United States—Arizona—University of A's 2018 Shrimp Pathology Short Course

April 4, 2018—China—Research—Creating a Base Population from Vannamei Diversity

April 3, 2018—India—Andhra Pradesh—New $10 Million Broodstock Multiplication Center

March 27, 2018—Vietnam—Phu Yen Lobster Farmers Make Big Money

March 27, 2018—Norway—Job—Skretting, Shrimp Nutritionist

March 25, 2018—Belize—Belize Aquaculture Lays Off 100 Employees

March 25, 2018—China—Chinese Retail Giant Invests in Guolian Aquatic

March 23, 2018—India—Vannamei Farming App

March 23, 2018—Vietnam—World Bank Financing

March 23, 2018—United States—Georgia—SeaPak's Shrimp Soup

March 23, 2018—India—Research—LAMP Diagnosis of EHP

March 21, 2018—Vietnam—Minh Phu Corp Working on a 10,000-Hectare Project

March 21, 2018—India—Talk of Shrimp Price Supports

March 21, 2018—Peru—No Live Shrimp Imports from AHPND Countries

March 21, 2018—USA/Mexico/China—California—Big Deal for Ocean Garden Products

March 19, 2018—The Netherlands—First Issue of "ShrimpTails" Magazine Ready Online

March 19, 2018—Belgium—Seminar on Intensive Indoor Shrimp Farming

March 16, 2018—The Netherlands—"Shrimptails", First Issue Monday, March 19, 2018

March 15, 2018—United States—California—New Wave Foods, Dominique Barnes Reports

March 14, 2018—Thailand—Organic Shrimp Farming's Webpage

March 13, 2018—Ecuador—The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership, No Antibiotics!

March 11, 2018—Bangladesh—Picture of New Crab Hatchery

March 11, 2018—United States—Washington, DC, January 2018 Shrimp Imports

March 9, 2018—India—The BMR Group, from Undercurrent News

March 9, 2018—Mexico—Blue Genetics' Webpage

March 7, 2018—The Netherlands—Shrimp Tails, A New Quarterly Magazine

March 6, 2018—United States—Minnesota—Cargill Brings Shrimp Farming to Your iPhone

March 6, 2018—Vietnam—Electricity from Pond Sludge

March 6, 2018—India—Devi Foods Files for IPO

March 3, 2018—India—Research on EHP Prevention and Transmission

March 2, 2018—The World—Numbers You Can Trust!

March 2, 2018—Vietnam—The Use of Antibiotics

March 1, 2018—United States—Shrimp Farming in Alabama

February 28, 2018—Vietnam—Number Three in the World

February 28, 2018—United States—Arizona—The U of Arizona's Aquaculture Pathology Lab

February 28, 2018—United States—Texas—Research—AHPND Found in Texas

February 26, 2018—Mexico—Rebounds from EMS

February 26, 2018—Mexico—Maricultura Vigas and "Atarraya"

February 26, 2018—Honduras—International Aquaculture Symposium

February 24, 2018—India—Shrimp Farmers Producing Smaller Shrimp

February 24, 2018—India—MPEDA to Issue Traceability IDs

February 24, 2018—Vietnam—Shrimp Trade

February 24, 2018—Malaysia—iSHARP/Blue Archipelago Update

February 23, 2018—Australia—Seafarms Gets Approval for Sea Dragon Hatchery

February 23, 2018—Ecuador—$3 Billion in Exports in 2017

February 23, 2018—Brunei—Golden Corporation

February 22, 2018—USA—Pennsylvania—Dr. Tom Zeigler Wins WAS Lifetime Achievement Award

February 18, 2018—China—Hatcheries Selling Fake SIS Seedstock

February 16, 2018—India—Cargill—New Tech Center

February 16, 2018—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province, Crab Farming

February 15, 2018—India—Supplies 32% of USA Shrimp

February 14, 2018—China—Research—A Strain of Vibrio owensii Causes AHPND

February 14, 2018—India—Video—Kasturi Shrimps First Promotional Video

February 14, 2018—United States—Washington, DC—New Import Regulations on Shrimp, Maybe?

February 14, 2018—United States—Florida—Antibiotics—SSA Points a Finger at India and Vietnam

February 12, 2018—Philippines—Update from November 2017 Conference

February 11, 2018—Thailand—A Need for Change in Shrimp Farming

February 9, 2018—China—Video—Huge Shelling Room

February 9, 2018—USA—Washington, DC—FDA Shrimp Refusals in January 2018 Hit Peak

February 9, 2018—Tunisia/China—Funding of Pilot Shrimp Farming Projects in North Africa

February 9, 2018—China—Research—Does Vibrio parahaemolyticus Spread During Peeling?

February 8, 2018—United States—Why Aren't There Any Shrimp Farms in California?

February 8, 2018—World—Farmed Shrimp Production Statistics

February 8, 2018—Ecuador—Antibiotics—A Discussion from The Shrimp List

February 6, 2018—United States—California—Ken Salzinger Predicts

February 6, 2018—India—Government Removes Illegal Shrimp Farms from Chilika Lake

February 6, 2018—Sri Lanka—Gov. Permits Penaeus vannamei Broodstock Imports, Maybe

February 3, 2018—United States—Nevada—"Shrimp Program, Aquaculture America 2018"

February 2, 2018—United States—Minnesota—tru Shrimp Hatchery and Farm Site

February 2, 2018—Philippines—Shrimp Farms Should Lie Dormant Over The Winter

January 31, 2018—Belgium—Seminar on Intensive Indoor Shrimp Farming

January 28, 2018—India/Switzerland—Kerala—Organic Shrimp Farming Project

January 26, 2018—Vietnam—Tra Vinh Province to Invest $54 Million, Mostly for Shrimp

January 26, 2018—Malaysia—Solmax Pond Liners

January 24, 2018—Vietnam—Quoc Viet Seafood Wants Sales to China, USA

January 24, 2018—Ecuador—Packers Switching to Value Added

January 21, 2018—Vietnam—Prime Minister's Shrimp Plan to 2025

January 21, 2018—Malaysia/China—New Project to Employ 1,000

January 21, 2018—India—Markets Flat in December 2017 and January 2018

January 21, 2018—United States—Florida—Job—Pure Grown Aquaculture, Site Manager

January 21, 2018—India—Job—Laboratory Technician

January 17, 2018—India—Antibiotics Update, January 17, 2018

January 17, 2018—Indonesia—Shrimp Crop Insurance

January 17, 2018—Brunei—Video—A Big Installation of Pond Liners

January 13, 2018—Canada—New Patent Application for a Stacked Raceway System

January 13, 2018—Thailand—Who Is the Thai Shrimp Farmer?

January 12, 2018—India—Research—Diatomix

January 10, 2018—United States—Florida— American Penaeid Hires Margaret Barlow

January 10, 2018—Vietnam—Viet Uc $44 Million Project in Bac Lieu Province

January 10, 2018—Ecuador—Three INVE Customers in Ecuador

January 10, 2018—Myanmar—First FDA Rejection for Antibiotics

January 8, 2018—China/USA—SIAF Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with USA's CibusDx

January 8, 2018—India—From Ken's Catch, Antibiotic Residues

January 6, 2018—Mexico—4th Shrimp Farming Science and Technology Conference

January 6, 2018—Ecuador—Standards for Shrimp Hatcheries and Farms

January 5, 2018—India—Devi Seafoods Plans to Go Public

January 5, 2018—United States—California—Bumble Bee Plans to Get Into Shrimp Farming

January 4, 2018—United States—Minnesota—The tru Shrimp Team

January 3, 2018—United States—Minnesota—Ralco/trū Shrimp Completes New Lab

December 30, 2017—Philippines—New SEAFDEC Shrimp Farming Initiative

December 30, 2017—China—Research—Test for EHP

December 27, 2017—Thailand—Shrimp Ponds Invaded by Black Chin Tilapia

December 27, 2017—Vietnam—Production, Projections and Prices

December 27, 2017—China—Research—Diseases in Shrimp Greenhouses, Especially EHP

December 24, 2017—Australia—Research—Tagging Tiger Shrimp Broodstock

December 23, 2017—Bangladesh—Freshwater Prawns—Eating the Legs and Brains

December 23, 2017—Chile—Shrimp at Cargill's Colaco Innovation Center

December 21, 2017—France/United States/Vietnam—Neovia Acquires Epicore

December 21, 2017—United Kingdom/Thailand—Job—INVE/Benchmark Shrimp Hatchery Sales

December 19, 2017—India—Research—Biodegrade Shrimp Processing Wastes & Produce Chitin

December 17, 2017—South Korea—Research—Phages Protect Shrimp from EMS/APHND

December 16, 2017—Malaysia/Japan—Research—Pond Sludge and High pH Cause EMS/AHPND

December 15, 2017—United States—Chinese Company Buys Florida Organic Aquaculture

December 15, 2017—India—Who Is "The Waterbase"?

December 14, 2017—Australia—What Caused the Whitespot Outbreak?

December 14, 2017—Thailand—Temporarily Suspends Shrimp Imports from India and Malaysia

December 13, 2017—Peru—Camposol Going Public

December 13, 2017—Australia—Seafarm's Sea Dragon Maturation Facility Permit

December 13, 2017—Vietnam/China—Trade and Imports

December 12, 2017—Australia—Seafarms' Sea Dragon Property

December 12, 2017—The World—Ken's Catch Reports

December 7, 2017—United Kingdom/Thailand—The International Network for Shrimp Health

December 7, 2017—India—Expects Big Exports to China

December 7, 2017—Italy—Postlarvae For Sale

December 5, 2017—India—The European Union Antibiotic Inspection

December 5, 2017—The World—Aquaculture Automatic Feeder Market

December 4, 2017—The World—Shrimp Markets by Rabobank and Ken Salzinger

December 2, 2017—China—Sino Agro on the Defense

December 2, 2017—Australia—Whitespot Found in Imported Shrimp

November 30, 2017—Ecuador—Rodrigo Laniado on China

November 30, 2017—Australia—Uncertainty for Queensland's Shrimp Farmers

November 27, 2017—Ecuador/Denmark—BioMar Group Building New
Aquaculture Technology Center

November 27, 2017—Australia—Whitespot Update November 24, 2017

November 27, 2017—Hong Kong—Enzootic's All-Female, Freshwater Prawns

November 23, 2017—United Arab Emirates—Al Jaraf Fisheries Wants Shrimp Farms

November 23, 2017—Germany—Wants to Spend a Week at an Indonesian Shrimp Hatchery

November 23, 2017—Ecuador/Denmark—BioMar Group Appoints Danny Velez

November 18, 2017—Australia—Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, Nick Moore

November 15, 2017—United States—Texas—NaturalShrimp—Now or Never?

November 15, 2017—India—Waterbase, Ltd., Shrimp Feeds

November 15, 2017—United States—Arizona—Video, Desert Sweet Shrimp Farm,
Back in Business

November 14, 2017—Vietnam—Broodstock Independence?

November 14, 2017—Ecuador—Postlarvae Shortage Causes Production to Drop

November 14, 2017—United States—Minnesota—trū Shrimp's Use of Soybeans

November 14, 2017—Qatar—New Project

November 12, 2017—United Kingdom—Top Six Vendors in the Global Shrimp Market

November 12, 2017—Australia—The After Effects of the Whitespot Outbreak

November 10, 2017—The World—Japan, South Korea and President Trump

November 10, 2017—Australia—Seafarms' Billion-Dollar Sea Dragon Project

November 9, 2017—United Kingdom—Benchmark's Disease-Resistant Shrimp

November 9, 2017—United States—Maine—Stored Solar's Kathadin Shrimp Farm
                                           Gets $500,000

November 8, 2017—India—I&V BIO, Artemia Nauplii, Delivered Live and Clean

November 8, 2017—Vietnam—C.P. Thailand Transfers Technology to C.P. Vietnam

November 7, 2017—United States—California—New Wave Foods

November 7, 2017—United States—California—Some Excerpts from Ken's Catch

November 4, 2017—China—Monument to the Hairy Crab

November 4, 2017—India/European Union—Will the EU Ban Imports of Indian Shrimp?

November 2, 2017—United States—Minnesota—trū Shrimp Selects a New Hatchery Site

October 31, 2017—Brazil—Video—An Electrifying Story from Caterpillar and Camanor

October 31, 2017—Ecuador—Zero-Antibiotic Certification!

October 27, 2017—Mexico—Suspends Imports of Honduran Shrimp

October 27, 2017—Peru—Camposol's Financial Results, Third Quarter 2017

October 26, 2017—United States/The Netherlands—iAqua and Hendrix Genetics

October 26, 2017—India—$15 Billion in Shrimp Exports by 2022

October 26, 2017—India—Antibiotic-Laced Shipments Rejected by European Union

October 25, 2017—Ecuador—Songa Increases Processing Capacity

October 25, 2017—Vietnam—Bad Wiring Kills Shrimp Farmers

October 24, 2017—Vietnam—Cà Mau Province, Super-Intensive Shrimp Farming,
Environmental Problems

October 24, 2017—China—First Crab Farm To Get BAP Certificate

October 22, 2017—USA—Florida—Red Lobster's "Endless Shrimp" Video

October 20, 2017—Ecuador—A New, Global, Shrimp Leadership Program

October 20, 2017—Thailand/Myanmar—The Thais Support Shrimp Farming in Myanmar

October 20, 2017—China—Prices Drop in Some Regions

October 19, 2017—United States—California—New Wave Foods' Imitation Shrimp

October 19, 2017—Ireland—GOAL 2017—Farmers Producing Smaller Shrimp

October 19, 2017—Thailand—C.P. Foods Commits to Reducing Antibiotics

October 15, 2017—United Kingdom/Colombia—Benchmark Buys Ceniacua's Breeding Program

October 15, 2017—United States—Maine—Stored Solar's Shrimp Farm

October 13, 2017—Honduras—Farmed Shrimp Exports Increase

October 13, 2017—Australia—Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture's Multi-Million-Dollar Expansion

October 12, 2017—India/Norway—WestCoast Group Signs Agreement with AKVA Group

October 12, 2017—Australia—Whitespot Update, October 12, 2017

October 10, 2017—Vietnam—Disease Problems, But Production Continues to Increase

October 10, 2017—Iran/France—Joint Venture in Shrimp Farming

October 6, 2017—China—The Good Times for Shrimp Farmers Are Over

October 6, 2017Ecuador—Farmed Shrimp Production Increases, Omarsa Adds Processing Plant

October 6, 2017—United States—New Hampshire—GAA Gets Certified

October 6, 2017—China—Research—Disease—AHPND/EMS, For Geneticists Only

October 4, 2017USA/China—California—Undercurrent News Interviews Sunnyvale Seafood

October 4, 2017Thailand—The Three Principles Guiding CPF's Comeback

October 3, 2017Vietnam—Metabisulfite Replacement from Avocado Seeds

October 3, 2017United States—Maine—Shrimp Farm at Power Plant

October 3, 2017—Ecuador—Reduce Dependency on Shrimp Exports to Vietnam

October 1, 2017Australia—Article from the Smithsonian on Rock Lobster Hatchery

October 1, 2017India—The WestCoast Group

October 1, 2017Vietnam—European Union Becomes Vietnam's Top Importer

September 29, 2017Thailand—Shrimp Farming Industry Gradually Getting Better

September 29, 2017China—Guolian Aquatic Targets Three Billion in Sales!

September 29, 2017—Vietnam—ShrimpVet Works to Improve Industry

September 28, 2017The World—Global Shrimp Markets to 2027

September 28, 2017China—Research—New Iridescent Virus

September 28, 2017—Australia—Seafarms' Sea Dragon Project—Update

September 28, 2017—Vietnam—Jelly Injections Add to Weight and Price

September 28, 2017—Australia—Queensland—Whitespot Update

September 27, 2017China—Farmed Hairy Crabs a Big Hit Online

September 27, 2017Cape Verde—Wave and Solar Energy for Shrimp Farm

September 25, 2017Iran—Video—New, Big-Pond Project on the Caspian Sea

September 24, 2017Bangladesh/Iran—Shrimp Injected with Jelly to Add Weight

September 24, 2017China—Freshwater Crab Farmers Begin Harvest

September 24, 2017Malaysia—Freshwater Prawn Farming

September 24, 2017Myanmar—Rohingya Migrate Through Shrimp Farms

September 23, 2017Australia—Seafarms Visits China for Trade Information

September 23, 2017Australia—Job—Ridley Corporation, Shrimp Nutritionist

September 23, 2017—Bangladesh—Freshwater Prawn Prices Crash

September 23, 2017—Vietnam—Prices Up 20-30%

September 21, 2017India—Crackdown on the Use of Antibiotics at Hatcheries

September 21, 2017Peru—Farmed Shrimp Exports to China

September 21, 2017—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province Statistics

September 20, 2017World—Antibiotics Don't Work with Shrimp

September 20, 2017United States—Minnesota—Trū Shrimp Breaks Ground on Pilot Project

September 20, 2017—Denmark/Costa Rica—BioMar to Produce Organic Shrimp Feed

September 20, 2017—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports in the First Seven Months of 2017

September 18, 2017Australia—Video—Update on First Rock Lobster Hatchery

September 18, 2017India—Update on Dumping Duties

September 18, 2017—India—Scientist to Make 3D Maps of Costal Aquaculture Resources

September 17, 2017Ecuador—TriLinc Global Impact Funds Shrimp Exporter

September 17, 2017—United States—Shrimp Imports in the First Seven Months of 2017

September 17, 2017—Bangladesh—Freshwater Prawn Prices

September 17, 2017—Bangladesh—Price for 500 Cartons of Artemia

September 17, 2017—China—Solar Panels over Shrimp Ponds

September 15, 2017Australia—Rock Lobster Hatchery

September 15, 2017—United States—Massachusetts—KnipBio Studies
a Disease-Blocking Feed Ingredient

September 13, 2017—Denmark/Ecuador—BioMar Buys Alimentsa Feed Mill

September 13, 2017—Australia/Thailand—Ridley Ready To Sell Shrimp Feed Ingredient

September 10, 2017—Indonesia/South Korea—Big, New MBG Project

September 10, 2017—China—On Alert After Whitespot Found in Airport Seizure

September 10, 2017—Australia—APFA Clarification on Ablation

September 7, 2017—Australia—Does Eyestalk Ablation Cause "Pain and Trauma"?

September 7, 2017—India—Farmed Shrimp Production

September 4, 2017—Malaysia—New Mud Crab Hatchery

September 4, 2017—United States—Florida—Red Lobster Brings Back  "Endless Shrimp" With a Secrete Menu

September 1, 2017—Australia—Seafarms/Sea Dragon Gets Land Use Permit

September 1, 2017—Peru—Nicovita's New Shrimp Feed Research Center

August 30, 2017—United States—Texas—Global Blue Technologies and Hurricane Harvey

August 30, 2017—United States—Minnesota—trū Shrimp, Notes on Expansion

August 26, 2017—Vietnam—Ca Mau Peninsula Intensive Shrimp Farming

August 26, 2017—United States—Texas—First Report of EMS/AHPND in USA

August 26, 2017—India—Update on EU Import Ban on Indian Shrimp

August 26, 2017—Peru—Camposol Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results

August 26 2017—Australia—Pacific Reef Fisheries Sold

August 24, 2017—World—Video—Penaeus vannamei Eating Pellets

August 24, 2017—Vietnam—Loans Offered to Shrimp Farmers That Promote Sustainability

August 23, 2017—Belgium/United States—INVE's Contract with the Great Salt
Lake Brine Shrimp Cooperative

August 23, 2017—Ecuador—August 2017—Cold Weather, PL Shortage

August 20, 2017—Vietnam—Stapimex's Green Farm in the Mekong Delta

August 20, 2017—Vietnam—Viet UC Indoor System

August 18, 2017—USA—Kentucky—Research—RAS Versus Biofloc

August 16, 2017—USA—Minnesota—Schwan's Company and tru Shrimp Ink Deal

August 14, 2017—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province Exports Close to a Billion Dollars Worth of Shrimp

August 14, 2017—Vietnam—Phu Yen Province Expansion

August 14, 2017—Vietnam—Đồng Tháp Province Wants to Exclude Marine Shrimp Farming in
Freshwater Areas

August 9, 2017—United States—Washington, DC—First Half Shrimp Imports Set Record

August 6, 2017—India—European Commission May Ban Indian Shrimp

August 6, 2017—Ecuador—ASC Group Certification

August 2, 2017—United States—Comments on Florida Organic Aquaculture

August 1, 2017—Philippines—Who is Mark Napulan?

July 30, 2017—United States—Florida Organic Aquaculture For Sale

July 29, 2017—India—Exports $4 Billion Worth of Farmed Shrimp

July 29, 2017—United States—Minnesota—trū Shrimp Update

July 29, 2017—China—Guolian Predicts Big Second Half Profit

July 28, 2017—Vietnam—From Prawns to Shrimp, From Fresh to Salt

July 22, 2017—Thailand—CPF—Reduce Fishmeal in Shrimp Feeds to 5%

July 22, 2017—Australia—Queensland—Aid for Farmers Hit by Whitespot

July 21, 2017—Belgium—Short Course on Biofloc Shrimp Farming

July 19, 2017—United States—Texas—Shrimp Farming Updates from Granvil Treece

July 19, 2017—Latin America—Can Double Production

July 19, 2017—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports in the First Half of 2017

July 19, 2017—Vietnam—Viet-Uc Corporation

July 13, 2017—Brazil/Ecuador—Brazil Bans Ecuadorian Shrimp

July 11, 2017—United States—Texas—Video—Bowers Shrimp Farm

July 11, 2017—South Africa—Shrimp Processing Equipment For Sale, Discounts!

July 11, 2017—India—Odisha—State Government Backs Shrimp Farming

July 9, 2017—The World—USA's Imports and India's Exports

July 9, 2017—Ecuador—Skretting Invests in $65 Million Shrimp Feed Plant

July 9, 2017—Vietnam—Problems with Certification

July 7, 2017—Greece—BioMar's Shrimp Hatchery Feeds

July 7, 2017—Vietnam—Skretting's New Shrimp Feed Plant

July 6, 2017—USA—Minnesota—trū Shrimp Hires Engineering Firm

July 6, 2017—India—Research—DNA Test Identifies Four Species of Shrimp

July 6, 2017—China—Who Is York Wong?

July 2, 2017—Iran/France—$20 Million Joint Venture in Shrimp Farming

June 30, 2017—Australia—Prawn Farmers Association Symposium

June 30, 2017—China/USA–Guolian Aquatic Looking at Shrimp Farming Opportunities in the USA

June 30, 2017—Australia—Seafarms Secures Site for Processing Plant

June 27, 2017—Vietnam—30 Shrimp Farming Cooperatives Apply for ASC Certification

June 26, 2017—India—A Revival of Native Shrimp Broodstock

June 26, 2017—Vietnam—Lobster Farming in Khánh Hòa Province

June 24, 2017—China—First Half of 2017, Shrimp Diseases Lead to Higher Prices

June 24, 2017—USA—Washington DC—WWF Says Intensive Shrimp Farming a Good Thing

June 24, 2017—United States—Minnesota—trū Shrimp Update, June 24, 2017

June 22, 2017—Vietnam—Developing a Broodstock Program

June 22, 2017—Vietnam—Phu Yen Province, Good Results with Polyculture

June 21, 2017—Singapore—Who Is Victor Suresh?

June 18, 2017—Thailand—Plans to Increase Shrimp Production in 2017

June 15, 2017—USA—Minnesota—trū Shrimp Selects Sites for First Farm,
Hatchery and Processing Plant

June 5, 2017—Thailand—CP Foods' Adirek Sripratak

June 5, 2017—USA—Minnesota—Cargill VP Dan Burke Eyes Shrimp
Farming in Latin America

June 3, 2017—Peru—Camposol, The Biggest Shrimp Producer in Peru

June 2, 2017—Denmark/Ecuador—BioMar Buys 70% of Alimentsa

June 1, 2017—Australia—Seafarms' Sea Dragon Project Moving Forward

June 1, 2017—Indonesia—Will Penaeus Merguiensis Make a Comeback?

May 31, 2017—India—Andhra Pradesh—Fluctuations in Shrimp Prices

May 30, 2017—Ecuador—SONGA Certifies More Farms Through ASC

May 29, 2017—Honduras and Nicaragua—Skretting Feeds Introduced

May 25, 2017—World—Video—Extracting, Processing and Inserting Spermatophores

May 22, 2017—USA—Minnesota—tru Shrimp Update

May 21, 2017—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province, Big Projections

May 18, 2017—China—Shrimp Output Gone Forever?

May 16, 2017—The World—Robins McIntosh Says Disease....

May 11, 2017—Belize—EMS Update and Four Farms Lose ASE Cetrification

May 7, 2017—USA—Florida Organic Aquaculture Files for Bankruptcy

May 4, 2017—China and Thailand Have Big Problems at the Start of 2017

May 3, 2017—USA—Florida—Primo Broodstock Versus American Penaeid

May 3, 2017—USA—Texas—Durwood Dugger on NaturalShrimp

May 2, 2017—USA—Texas—NaturalShrimp Update

May 2, 2017—Vietnam—2017 Off to a Good Start

May 2, 2017—Bangladesh—Massive Disease Outbreak

April 28, 2017—USA—Minnesota—Ralco/trū Shrimp Edging Closer to First Farm

April 23, 2017—Indonesia—CP Prima, Huge Losses, New Deal for Farmers

April 23, 2017—India—Maharashtra—New Mud Crab Hatchery

April 19, 2017—Australia—Update on Novacq, a New Shrimp Feed Ingredient

April 19, 2017—China—Importer/Processor Wants Penaeus vannamei

April 16, 2017—United States—Hawaii—Wanted Writers on Broodstock Feeds

April 16, 2017—USA—Mississippi—Research, Grow Shrimp at Low Salinities and
Save Money on Salt

April 16, 2017—The World—Production of Farmed Shrimp Stagnates in 2016

April 10, 2017—USA—Video, Can Vannamei or Monodon Do This?

April 10, 2017—Canada—Canada Shrimp Secures Site for Shrimp Hatchery

April 7, 2017—World—Daniel Gruenberg on Shrimp Breeding

April 7, 2017—Philippines—Who Is Nelson Gerundo?

April 3, 2017—USA—Texas, Update on Dr. Tzachi Samocha's Book on Biofloc Shrimp Farming

April 3, 2017—USA—Florida, Zeigler Fills Position for Lab Manager

April 1, 2017—Ireland/Thailand—DNA Tracking of Farmed Shrimp

April 1, 2017—Australia—Trace Element Fingerprinting of Shrimp

March 31, 2017—USA—Florida, Job, Laboratory Manager, Zeigler Bros.

March 31, 2017—Norway—Job, Skretting Aquaculture Research Center

March 30, 2017—USA—Arizona, Job, The University of Arizona, Histotechnologist

March 19, 2017—China—Sino Agro Food's Mega Prawn Farm Spun-Off

March 17, 2017—China—Can Production Problems Be Resolved with Imported Broodstock?

March 15, 2017—Ecuador—AQUA EXPO April 2017, Conference and Trade Show

March 9, 2017—USA—Massachusetts—Scientists Say Shrimp Are Really Dumb

March 8, 2017—Myanmar/USA—Marine Genetics Establishes a Vannamei Hatchery!

February 27, 2017—USA—University of Arizona July 2017 Shrimp Pathology Short Course

February 24, 2017—USA—Minnesota–Proposed Incentive Funds for Shrimp Farming

February 24 2017—China/USA—Guolain Aquatic May Farm Shrimp in the USA

February 16, 2017—USA—Minnesota–Each tru Shrimp Farm to Generate $48 Million

February 3, 2017—Asia—Farmed Shrimp Production in 2016

January 28, 2017—Australia—Update on the Huge Sea Dragon Project

January 26, 2017—Philippines—Who Is Ramon Macaraig?

January 24, 2017—USA-Farmed Shrimp Production in 2016 and Other Data

January 18, 2017—USA—Texas Primo Broodstock Purchased by Chinese Companies

January 14, 2017—Turing Shrimp Shells into Shopping Bags

January 5, 2017—The World—The Shrimp Trade from January to June 2016

January 1, 2017—Ecuador—Who Is Jorge Cordova?

January 1, 2017—France/New Caledonia–Who Is Laurent Queffelec?

January 1, 2017—Indonesia—Who Is Billy Setio?

December 28, 2016—USA-Texas-NaturalShrimp Signs Agreements for the
Manufacture of Its Shrimp Farming System

December 23, 2016—Sludge from Shrimp Ponds Converted to Electricity

December 23, 2016—USA-Florida—Who Is Michael Mogollon?

December 17, 2016—Brazil—Who Is Giovanni Chasin?

November 22, 2016—Ecuador—Who Is John Birkett?

November 21, 2016—Europe–Who is Patrick Wood?

November 19, 2016—USA-California-Who is Juan Aquirre?
November 18, 2016—USA-Texas, Update on Dr. Samocha's Manual on Biofloc Shrimp Farming

November 12, 2016—USA-California, Video, Dallas Weaver Talks About His Career in Aquaculture
September 24, 2016—USA-Texas and Minnesota Two Farms Make Big Bets on Shrimp

August 15, 2016—USA-Texas and Florida, Global Blue and SIS Settle Law Suite

April 28, 2016—Shrimp News' Third Retirement Letter

April 25, 2016—Venezuela—Shrimp Farmers Plan to Import $60 Million Worth of Feed

April 24, 2016—Malaysia—Government to Respond to USA/FDA Antibiotic Charges

April 24, 2016—Mexico—Sinaloa—Ahome Shrimp Farms, Three Diseases

April 23, 2016—China—Sino Agro Food’s Mega Prawn Farm Update

April 23, 2016—United Kingdom—Shrimp Farm For Sale

April 22, 2016—Ecuador—Earthquake Update, April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016—Germany—Förde-Garnelen (Fjord-Shrimp) Growing Shrimp Next to Sewage Plant

April 22, 2016—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 22, 2016

April 21, 2016—Ecuador—Earthquake—Pedernales, a Shrimp Farming Town

April 21, 2016—Iran—Shrimp Farmers Conference

April 19, 2016—Ecuador–Reports from Shrimp Farmers on the Earthquake

April 19, 2016—Ecuador—80% of Shrimp Ponds in Manabi Province Face Earthquake Losses

April 18, 2016—Vietnam—Drought Affects Shrimp Farming

April 16, 2016—Asia Farmed Shrimp Production and Certification

April 16, 2016—Thailand—El Niño Exacerbated Drought Hits Shrimp Farms

April 16, 2016—United States—Texas—Wanted—Reliable Supply of Postlarvae

April 16, 2016—Malaysia—Research—Dried Biofloc as Postlarvae Feed

April 15, 2016—Brazil—A Short Exchange on The Shrimp List

April 15, 2016—Australia—Sea Dragon Project Update

April 15, 2016—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 15, 2016

April 14, 2016—Vietnam—Salt Water Intrusion Cuts Production

April 14, 2016—Ecuador—El Niño Report, April 14, 2016

April 13, 2016—Honduras—Hot Weather Cripples Shrimp Production

April 13, 2016—Vietnam—Environmental Effects of Shrimp Farming

April 13, 2016—Western Hemisphere—Correction on Item about Broodstock Imports from Asia

April 12, 2016—The World—Penaeus vannamei, Not Litopenaeus vannamei

April 12, 2016—Vietnam—Shrimp Farming Conference June 2016

April 12, 2016—United States—Florida—Research—Juicier Shrimp

April 12, 2016—Vietnam—Video—Organic Shrimp Farming in the Mangroves

April 10, 2016—Mexico—Sinaloa—Cold Weather Delays Stocking, Sonora Forecast

April 10, 2016—Iran—To Export Farmed Shrimp to the United States and Elsewhere

April 10, 2016—Thailand—Research—Silica+ Improves Protein Utilization

April 9, 2016—The World—Research—IMNV Viruse in Ballast Water

April 9, 2016—Thailand—Thai Union to Build a $14 Million Shrimp Research Center

April 8, 2016—Thailand—Thai Union Eyes Shrimp Investments in Bangladesh and Indonesia

April 8, 2016—Ecuador—El Niño Rain Cuts Output, Prices Up

April 8, 2016—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 8, 2016

April 7, 2016—Western Hemisphere—Concern About Live Broodstock Imports from Asia

April 7, 2016—Washington DC—FDA Shrimp Rejections in March 2016

April 7, 2016—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports in February 2016

April 6, 2016—Indonesia—CP Prima, $91 Million Loss in 2015

April 6, 2016Central America—Seajoy Stops Shrimp Eyestalk Ablation

April 6, 2016—Thailand—Government Approves New Standards for Shrimp Farming

April 5, 2016—United States—Arkansas—Organic Aquaculture Webinar

April 5, 2016—Vietnam—Minh Phu Loses Money in 2015

April 5, 2016—United States—Washington, DC—USDA Aquaculture Grants

April 5, 2016—India/Switzerland—Kerala—Coop Cooperative Supports Organic Shrimp Farming

April 3, 2016—Ecuador—Letter from Patricio Tamariz to Harvey and Amber Persyn

April 3, 2016—India—Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture Makes Shrimp Feed

April 3, 2016—Belgium—Evonik Starts New Plant for Producing Methionine for Shrimp

April 1, 2016—India—Research—EHP Microsporidian Parasite Confirmed

April 1, 2016—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 1, 2016

March 31, 2016—Thailand—Video—Sureerath Prawn [Shrimp] Farm

March 31, 2016—China—Sino Agro Food’s Audited Financial Results for Fiscal Year 2015

March 31, 2016—USA—Texas—NaturalShrimp To Present at Emerging Growth Convention

March 30, 2016—Japan/Malaysia—Maruha Nichiro Sells Malaysia Shrimp Farm to Chinese Buyer

March 30, 2016—Australia—Seafarms’ Sea Dragon Wants Foreign Investors

March 30, 2016—United States—Colorado—Keeton Industries’ Probiotics

March 29, 2016—Thailand—Research—Visual Detection of AHPND Bacteria

March 29, 2016—Thailand/India—Thai Union Group To Buy 40% Stake in Avanti Feeds’
Shrimp Processing Plant

March 28, 2016—United States—Minnesota—Ralco Aquaculture Update

March 27, 2016—Southeast Asia—Video—The SE Asia Shrimp Aquaculture
Improvement Protocol

March 27, 2016—Philippines—Restaurant Serves Only Farmed Shrimp

March 25, 2016—USA—Iowa—Sherlock Shrimp Academy Workshop with Dr. Tzachi Samocha

March 25, 2016—Russia—Needs Help Getting Started in Shrimp Farming

March 25, 2016—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending March 25, 2016

March 23, 2016—Spain—Polychaete Farming Technology For Sale

March 23, 2016—Brazil—New Government Support for Shrimp Farming

March 21, 2016—Thailand—Video—Chinese Tourists at Shrimp Buffet

March 21, 2016—Thailand—CP Foods Checks Out Closed-Loop Shrimp Farm

March 19, 2016—United States/Mexico—Ocean Garden Products’ New Plan

March 19, 2016—Malta—Wanted Juvenile Prawns and Yabbies

March 19, 2016—India—Andhra Pradesh—Wants Help with Alkalinity

March 16, 2016—France—Questions About Bioflocs

March 16, 2016—United States—New Mexico—New Mexico Shrimp Company
Tries Crowdfunding

March 15, 2016—USA—Minnesota—Dr. Addison Lawrence Retires as trū Shrimp
Systems Chief Technical Officer

March 14, 2016—Ecuador—Omarsa Gets Four-Star BAP Certification

March 14, 2016—China—Crab Farming Insurance

March 13, 2016—India—Odisha—Illegal Shrimp Farms in Park

March 13, 2016—India—Andhra Pradesh—Bad Seedstock and Falling Prices

March 13, 2016—India—Andhra Pradesh—Robots in Shrimp Ponds

March 11, 2016—The Netherlands—Landing Aquaculture

March 11, 2016—United States—Florida—Parabel Aqua Farm

March 11, 2016—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending March 11, 2016

March 10, 2016—Ecuador—El Niño Floods

March 10, 2016—Ecuador—El Niño Report, March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016—Honduras, Nicaragua and Ecuador—Seajoy Update

March 9, 2016—Philippines—EMS/AHPND Update

March 9, 2016—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports in January 2016

March 8, 2016—Chile—Research—Aquaculture Sludge

March 8, 2016—United States—Washington DC—Increases in Dumping Duties Proposed

March 7, 2016—USA—Indiana—The Soy Aquaculture Alliance Wants Research Proposals

March 7, 2016—Thailand—AIT Biofloc, Biomimicry Training Course

March 7, 2016—Brazil—Research—Copepods and Bioflocs

March 6, 2016—Brazil—Shrimp Production to Increase in 2016

March 6, 2016—United States—Florida—Pentair Launches Interactive RAS Website

March 6, 2016—The World—Aging Shrimp with a Microscope

March 4, 2016—Belgium—Farm Tour and Seminar on Biofloc Farming

March 4, 2016—United States—Minnesota—Use a Microscope to Determine the Age of Shrimp

March 4, 2016—India—Kerala—Vannamei Hatchery Opens

March 4, 2016—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending March 4, 2016

March 3, 2016—Thailand—Seadex Represents Sureerath Prawn Farm in the USA

March 3, 2016— India—Job—Hatchery Technician

March 2, 2016—United States—Washington, DC—Dump the Dumping Duties

March 2, 2016—United Kingdom—500-Million-Year-Old “Shrimp” Fossil

March 2, 2016—USA—Indiana—RDM Aquaculture and the Number of inland Shrimp Farms

March 2, 2016—Vietnam—Organic Shrimp Farming in Ca Mau’s Mangroves

March 1, 2016—United States—New Mexico—Software for Managing Indoor Shrimp Farms

March 1, 2016—Vietnam—First Two Months of 2016 Show Improvement

March 1, 2016—United States—Texas—Fritz-Zyme TurboStart 900

February 29, 2016—United States—Maine—Award-Winning Picture of Lobster Larvae

February 29, 2016—China—Antibiotics and Expansion

February 29, 2016—India—Volatile Shrimp Prices at the Beginning of 2016

February 29, 2016—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province to Increase Shrimp Production 15% in 2016

February 27, 2016—Ecuador—Jose Antonio Camposano Speaks Out on World Shrimp Farming

February 27, 2016—United States—Kentucky—Video—Biofloc Production

February 27, 2016—Thailand—Giant Prawn 2017—Preliminary Announcement

February 27, 2016—India—Job—Technical Feed Sales Manager

February 26, 2016—Mexico—Half of Shrimp Feed Contains Toxin Binder to Fight EMS

February 26, 2016—Australia—Job—PhD Candidate, Spiny Lobster

February 26, 2016—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending February 26, 2016

February 20, 2016—United States—Texas—Investor Plans Shrimp Farm in Former Lowe’s Store

February 20, 2016—Bangladesh—App Allows Buyers to Trace Shrimp

February 20, 2016—India—New Shrimp Quarantine/Broodstock Center in Andhra Pradesh

February 20, 2016—Japan—Shrimp Imports in 2015

February 19, 2016—United States—California—Aquafauna Bio-Marine—New Nursery Feeds

February 19, 2016—Thailand ?—Video—Restaurant with Table Service, Literally

February 19, 2016—Thailand—First Organic Shrimp Farm

February 19, 2016—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending February 19, 2016

February 18, 2016—Ecuador—Skretting Hatchery Workshop

February 18, 2016—Thailand—TARS 2016 Conference

February 18, 2016—United States—Arizona—Shrimp Disease Short Course

February 18, 2016—United States–Hawaii—Job—Research Technician, Shrimp Nutrition

February 18, 2016—Vietnam—Shrimp “Imports” in 2015

February 16, 2016—The World—Song—Dead Shrimp Blues

February 16, 2016—Belize—AHPND Report

February 16, 2016—India—Job—Shrimp Hatchery Technician

February 16, 2016—Vietnam—Dinh Binh Province—High-Tech Shrimp Farming

February 16, 2016—World—Responsible Aquaculture Foundation Training on AHPND/EMS

February 15, 2016—India/Thailand—285 Shrimp Farms Encouraged To Get BAP Certification

February 15, 2016—China—Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Product’s Profit Dives

February 15, 2016—Western Hemisphere—Wanted—Big Postlarvae or Juveniles

February 14, 2016—United States—Hawaii—List of Broodstock Facilities

February 14, 2016—India—Dumping Appeal Fails

February 13, 2016—China—Research—Disease Control in Shrimp Farming

February 13, 2016—United States—Iowa—Sherlock Shrimp Academy

February 13, 2016—United States—Iowa—Wanted Penaeus vannamei Broodstock

February 12, 2016—China/Thailand—China Flat, Thailand Optimistic

February 12, 2016—Indonesia—Status Report from IPSOS Consulting

February 12, 2016—Mexico—Sonora—Production in 2015

February 12, 2016—United States—Hawaii—Fish Kill at Kauai Shrimp Farm

February 12, 2016—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending February 12, 2016

February 11, 2016—The World ??????—Video—Advanced Stacked Raceway System

February 11, 2016—Algeria—Video—Korean Project in the Sahara Desert

February 11, 2016—Ecuador—El Niño Report, February 11, 2016

February 10, 2016—USA—Zeigler Feeds Commissions New Aquaculture Research Center

February 10, 2016—Vietnam—Minh Phu, National Fish and Seafood Four-Star BAP Certification

February 10, 2016—Canada—Premier Marine Canada

February 10, 2016—United States—Minnesota—Four Seasons Shrimp Company

February 9, 2016—United States—California—The Sustainable Shrimp Initiative

February 9, 2016—USA—Washington DC—December 2015 Imports and Imports for all of 2015

February 9, 2016—Thailand—Research—Monoclonal Antibody Test for Whitespot

February 6, 2016—United States—California—New Wave’s Artificial Shrimp, a Review

February 6, 2016—Ecuador—Farmed Shrimp Production in 2015, Outlook for 2016

February 5, 2016—India—Predictions for 2016, Production in 2015

February 5, 2016—Ecuador—Omarsa, Favorable Ethics Audit

February 5, 2016—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending February 5, 2016

February 4, 2016—United Kingdom—Research Opportunity for Shrimp Farmers

February 4, 2016—Panama/Thailand—Farallon’s “Megalarva” Making a Difference

February 4, 2016—China/United Kingdom—SinoFortone Invests in Wales Power Plants

February 4, 2016—United States—Wisconsin—Dairyland Shrimp Offers Free Delivery

February 3, 2016—United States—Hawaii—SPF Broodstock Exports Set Record in 2015

February 3, 2016—Australia—Vibrio Outbreak

February 3, 2016—United States—Job—Professor, University of Arizona, Shrimp

February 2, 2016—The World—Excerpts from the Discussion on PL Quality from The Shrimp List

February 2, 2016—Indonesia/Philippines—Job—Zeigler Feeds

February 2, 2016—Ecuador—Omarsa—China Sales Up, Revenues Down Slightly

February 2, 2016—Saudi Arabia—All Aqua Farms to Get BAP Certification

February 2, 2016—Vietnam—Shortage of Wild Juveniles for Stocking Lobster Farms

February 1, 2016—United States—Nevada—Shrimp Program for the WAS Meeting in Las Vegas

February 1, 2016—Oman—Job—Chief Operating Officer, Shrimp Farming Projects

February 1, 2016—India—$2.9 Million for a Mud Crab Hatchery in Andhra Pradesh

February 1, 2016—United States—Farmed Shrimp Production from 1988 to 2015

January 31, 2016—United States—Florida Organic Aquaculture Update

January 31, 2016—Ecuador—John Birkett on Larvae Culture and the Human Condition

January 31, 2016—United Kingdom—Wales—Billion Dollar Project

January 31, 2016—Australia—Job—Tasmania—Shrimp Farming Specialist

January 31, 2016—South Korea—Shrimp Farm with Revenues of over $800 Thousand a Year

January 29, 2016—United States/Thailand—Big Mistake in Report on Global Blue and SIS

January 29, 2016—United States—Florida—Five Shrimp Farms and a Big Hatchery

January 29, 2016—Bangladesh—Shrimp Traceability Software

January 29, 2016—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending January 29, 2016

January 28, 2016—USA–Global Blue Technologies Challenges Shrimp Improvement Systems

January 28, 2016—Algeria—Shrimp Farm in the Sahara Desert

January 28, 2016—Ukraine—Wanted—Penaeus vannamei Postlarvae

January 28, 2016—China—Solar Collector Farm over Crab Farm

January 26, 2016—Germany—Questions about USA Shrimp Farming

January 26, 2016—Brazil—Removing Excess Bioflocs, Water Exchange or Settling Tanks?

January 26, 2016—United States—Farmed Shrimp Production—2015

January 26, 2016—United States—EcoFish Gets ASC Certification for Its Shrimp Products

January 25, 2016—Malaysia/Japan—Eco-Friendly, Indoor Project

January 25, 2016—Mexico—Production Up In 2015

January 24, 2016—India/Mexico—IHHN Virus in Broodstock from Blue Genetics

January 24, 2016—Honduras—XI Simposio Centroamericano De Acuicultura, August 2016

January 24, 2016—Malaysia—Speedy Assay

January 24, 2016—Bangladesh—Wanted Penaeus Monodon Broodstock

January 23, 2016—Australia—Ridley Acquires Site for Novacq Feed Production

January 23, 2016—The World—Response to Eric Muylder’s Comments on PL Quality

January 23, 2016—United States—New Mexico—Southwestern Seas’ Shrimp Farm

January 23, 2016—Indonesia/Netherlands—Jobs—PhDs Offered in Crab and Shrimp Farming

January 23, 2016—West Africa—Job—Crab Farming Expert

January 22, 2016—Belgium/Europe/USA—More from Eric De Muylder on PL Quality and SIS

January 22, 2016—Malaysia—QL Resources Buys Shrimp Hatchery from Cargill

January 22, 2016—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending January 22, 2016

January 21, 2016—The World—The PL-Quality Discussion on The Shrimp List Continues

January 21, 2016—Honduras—2016—A Tough Year For Shrimp Farmers?

January 21, 2016—Vietnam—Dong Nai Province—Big New Project

January 21, 2016—India—Tamil Nadu—Illegal Shrimp Farms Not Removed

January 20, 2016—India—Microsporidian Disease Confirmed

January 20, 2016—Bangladesh—Government to Brand “Black Tiger” Shrimp

January 20, 2016—Abu Dhabi—Experimental Farm

January 19, 2016—Belgium—Eric De Muylder’s Comments on the Quality of Postlarvae

January 19, 2016—Philippines—Mud Crab Farming from Hatchery Produced Seedstock

January 19, 2016—China—Research—AHPND Immunity

January 18, 2016—Vietnam—China Traders Scooping Up Farmed Shrimp

January 18, 2016—United States—Virginia—Recirculating Aquaculture Conference

January 17, 2016—India—Kerala Gets Its First Vannamei Hatchery

January 17, 2016—India—Devi Seafoods Preparing to Open Shrimp Feed Mill

January 15, 2016—Ecuador—El Niño Report, January 14, 2016

January 15, 2016—United States—Indiana—Number of Shrimp Farms

January 15, 2016—Vietnam—First Shrimp Farm with BAP “Group” Certification

January 14, 2016—Saudi Arabia—Video—National Aquaculture Group

January 14, 2016—The World—Prices, Supplies and Production

January 14, 2016—United States—Florida—Fresh Shrimp USA

January 12, 2016—United States—California—Net Zero Update

January 12, 2016—United States—Wisconsin—Bohemian Ocean Shrimp Farm

January 12, 2016—Netherlands/Japan—ASC Certifies 200 Aquaculture Companies

January 9, 2016—Ecuador—Omarsa Gets $10 Million to Expand

January 9, 2016—Thailand—National Fish and Seafood, Traceability Software to Stop Slavery

January 9, 2016—Singapore/Thailand—Study Tour of Shrimp Farming

January 8, 2016—United States—New York—Eco Shrimp Garden

January 8, 2016—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province Building a Disease-Free Hatchery Industry

January 8, 2016—Thailand—Correction on Pakistan Story

January 7, 2016—Honduras—Big Drop in the Production of Farmed Shrimp

January 7, 2016—Madagascar—Job—Shrimp Feed Specialist

January 7, 2016—China—Lifts Import Ban on Live Shrimp from Vietnam

January 7, 2016—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports Through November 2015

January 6, 2016—United States—Massachusetts—Sky 8 Update

January 6, 2016—Philippines—Disease Detection Kit

January 6, 2016—Vietnam—High Production Cost Hurt Production in 2015

January 6, 2016—Malaysia—Antibiotic Rejections Drop to Zero

January 6, 2016—Germany—New Process for Extracting Chitin

January 5, 2016—Pakistan—Reliance Aquafarms

January 5, 2016—United States—Minnesota—Update—trū Shrimp Systems

January 5, 2016—Vietnam—Problems Continue in the Mekong Delta—An Update

January 2, 2016—Indonesia—Two-Pound Bag of Farmed Shrimp

January 2, 2016—Australia—Seafarm’s Sea Dragon Project and the Aborigines

January 2, 2016—Malaysia—Research—Organic Acids in Shrimp Feeds

December 31, 2015—China—HDPE Pond Liners Offered at Alibaba’s Website

December 31, 2015—United States—Indiana—Correction on RDM Aquaculture Article

December 31, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending December 31, 2015

December 29, 2015—United States—Wisconsin—Forbes Adam’s Critique of RDM Aquaculture

December 28, 2015—Thailand—Daniel Fegan Leaves Cargill

December 28, 2015—Vietnam—Shrimp Farming Crisis

December 28, 2015—India—Tamil Nadu—Lobster Farming in Sea-Cage

December 27, 2015—Thailand—Frozen Foods Association Stops Purchases from Peeling Sheds

December 27, 2015—India—Andhra Pradesh—Floods and EHP Will Affect Production in 2016

December 27, 2015—United States—Indiana—RDM Aquaculture

December 24, 2015—India—Prices Increase on Shortages

December 24, 2015—Ecuador—Prices Decrease on Surpluses

December 24, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending December 24, 2015

December 23, 2015—Madagascar and Mauritius—Job—Shrimp Disease Specialist

December 23, 2015—India—The Waterbase to Merge with Pinnae Feed

December 23, 2015—India—Falcon Marine Exports Plans Shrimp Farming Expansion

December 22, 2015—India—Shrimp Broodstock Multiplication Center and a Mud Crab Hatchery

December 22, 2015—Taiwan—Hairy Crab Farms

December 20, 2015—United States—Tidal Visions’ Pilot Plant for Chitosan Production

December 20, 2015—United States—Favorable Prices Spur Holiday Shrimp Sales

December 19, 2015—Australia—History—Vale Frank Roberts (1933–2015), Remembered

December 19, 2015—Bangladesh—Health Certificates No Longer Needed for EU Exports

December 18, 2015—United States—Indiana—Video—RDM Aquaculture

December 18, 2015—India—Should Processing Plants Own Farms?

December 18, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending December 18, 2015

December 17, 2015—Vietnam—Converting Pond Sludge to Electricity

December 17, 2015—Thailand—Farmers Expect Better Production in 2016

December 16, 2015—Canada—The Job Opportunity at Berezan Shrimp

December 16, 2015—The World—GAA/BAP Takes Stand Against Child Labor and Forced Labor at Shrimp Sheds

December 16, 2015—Canada—British Columbia—Job—Berezan Shrimp Company,
Farm Manager

December 16, 2015—United States—Montana—Montana Fresh Shrimp Company

December 16, 2015—United States—Wanted—Penaeus vannamei Nauplii

December 15, 2015—Brazil—Research—Suspended Solids/Growth Rates/Biofloc Systems

December 15, 2015—Ecuador—Exports to Asia Soar

December 15, 2015—USA—Washington DC—Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act

December 13, 2015—UK/Netherlands—Benchmark Holdings Purchases INVE Aquaculture

December 13, 2015—Singapore—Gills “N” Claws Aquaculture’s Crab Farm

December 13, 2015—United States—Iowa—Sherlock Shrimp’s Shrimp Academy

December 11, 2015—The World—Head-On to Tails Conversion Table

December 11, 2015—United States—Texas—Austwell Aqua Farm For Sale

December 11, 2015—United States—Florida—Wanted—A Ton of Dried Shrimp or Crab Shells

December 11, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending December 11, 2015

December 10, 2015—United States—Indiana—Workshop on Intensive Shrimp Farming

December 10, 2015—Bangladesh—Video—Shrimp and Prawn Farming

December 10, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, December 9, 2015

December 10, 2015—United States—California—New Wave Foods, Faux Shrimp

December 9, 2015—India—Waterbase Introduces New Shrimp Feed

December 9, 2015—Japan—Where Does Japan Get Its Shrimp?

December 9, 2015—Thailand—Shrimp Prices Rocket Up

December 8, 2015—India—Nekkanti Sea Foods—Processing and Farming

December 8, 2015—China—CP Foods—Changes Policy on Broodstock Sales

December 8, 2015—United States—Washington DC—FDA Refusals in November 2015

December 7, 2015—United States—Indiana—L&L Shrimp Farm

December 7, 2015—United States—Indiana—Video—Shrimp Eating Contest

December 7, 2015—United States—Indiana—RDM Aquaculture

December 5, 2015—Brazil—Potiporã Aquacultura, Tests Nutrient Levels in Shrimp Feeds

December 5, 2015—USA—The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii—Shrimp Broodstock

December 5, 2015—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports in October 2015

December 4, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending December 4, 2015

December 4, 2015—United States—Indiana—Video—Blue Barn Shrimp Farm

December 3, 2015—India—Shrimp Farms in the Southeastern States of Andhra Pradesh
and Tamil Nadu Hit by the Heaviest Rains in a Century

December 1, 2015—United States—Iowa—Video—Van Shrimp

December 1, 2015—India—Prices Increase on Weak Supplies

December 1, 2015—Indonesia—CP Prima’s Feed Mill BAP Certified

December 1, 2015—Brazil—IX Brazilian Crustacean Congress

November 30, 2015—United States—Texas—King Aqua Farm For Sale or Lease

November 30, 2015—India—Jobs—Hatchery and Farm Quality Analyst

November 30, 2015—Vietnam—Illegal Shrimp Farms Pollute Beautiful Lang Co Bay

November 28, 2015—Japan—Shrimp Farming at JIRCAS

November 28, 2015—Vietnam—Wanted—Company to Build Turn-Key Shrimp Farm

November 28, 2015—Thailand—Research—Silica+ Replaces Some Fish Meal

November 27, 2015—Mexico—Correction—Whole Sizes to Tail Sizes—See Table

November 27, 2015—Saudi Arabia—Job—Shrimp Nutritionist

November 27, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending November 27, 2015

November 25, 2015—United States—Minnesota—Four Seasons’ First Shrimp Harvest

November 25, 2015—Mexico/Belize—Mexico Helped by El Niño/Belize Recovers from EMS

November 25, 2015—United States—Arizona—Competition for Fishmeal-Free Aquaculture Feed

November 25, 2015—United States—Washington DC—FDA Won’t Target Shrimp in 2016

November 24, 2015—Canada—Planet Shrimp Gets Provincial Grant

November 24, 2015—United States—New Mexico—Southwestern Seas Gets USDA Grant

November 24, 2015—Brazil—Investments in Shrimp Farming

November 23, 2015—China/Thailand—Update

November 23, 2015—United States—New Jersey—Epicore, First Quarter 2016 Results

November 23, 2015—United States—Minnesota—trū Shrimp Research Facility Operational

November 22, 2015—United States—Florida—Red Lobster Switches to Larger Shrimp

November 22, 2015—Thailand—Video—A Small, Intensive Shrimp Farm

November 22, 2015—United States—Kentucky State University’s RAS Shrimp System

November 22, 2015—India—Andhra Pradesh—Fisheries Policy 2015-2020

November 21, 2015—Panama—Job—Farallon Aquaculture Opens Hatcheries in Thailand

November 21, 2015—Bangladesh—Exporters Stop Buying Freshwater Prawns

November 21, 2015—Philippines—Loop Mediated Diagnostic Kit for WSSV

November 21, 2015—Thailand—Workshop on EMS and EHP, January 2016

November 20, 2015—India—Flooding and EHP Limit Production

November 20, 2015—Belize—Correction on Earlier Item

November 20, 2015—China—Guangdong Province—Broodstock Imports Increase

November 20, 2015—Vietnam—Chinese Buyers Control Shrimp Market

November 20, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending November 20, 2015

November 18, 2015—United States—New Jersey—Urner Barry’ Monthly Shrimp Insider’s Report

November 18, 2015—United States—Michigan—Teaching and Research Assistantships

November 18, 2015—United States—Missouri—GAA to Offer Training Modules on EMS and EHP

November 17, 2015—United States—Massachusetts—John Sackton on EHP

November 17, 2015—United States—New York—KKR Invests in China Shrimp Feed Company

November 17, 2015—China—Guolian Aquatic Products—Third Quarter 2015 Profits Surge

November 16, 2015—India—Illegal Shrimp Farms on Chilika Lake Face
Legal Action and Demolition

November 16, 2015—Belize—Shrimp Farmers Lose Millions to Disease

November 14, 2015—United States—Washington, DC—FDA Requires USA Importers
to Certify the Safety of Food Imports

November 14, 2015—India–Ananda Group Gets Four-Star BAP Certification

November 13, 2015—United States—California—Silicon Valley—Faux Shrimp

November 13, 2015—Philippines—Plans to Double the Production of Farmed Shrimp

November 13, 2015—Philippines—Mud Crab Congress

November 13, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending November 13, 2015

November 12, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, November 12, 2015

November 11, 2015—United States—Florida Organic Aquaculture’s Second Production Facility

November 11, 2015—India—Organic Shrimp Feed from Jass Ventures

November 10, 2015—The World—Dr. George Chamberlain on EHP

November 10, 2015—The World—Dr. Claude Boyd on Paddlewheel Aeration

November 10, 2015—Canada—Planet Shrimp Update

November 9, 2015—Bangladesh—Landless People Call for the End of Shrimp Farming

November 9, 2015—USA—Texas—Fishermen Complain About Farmed Imports and the FDA

November 7, 2015—United States—Washington DC—FDA Refusals October 2015

November 7, 2015—Philippines—Wanted—Hi-Res Photos of AHPND/EMS and WSSV

November 6, 2015—Ecuador—Lower Shrimp Prices

November 6, 2015—India—BAP Certification for BMR Group

November 6, 2015—USA—Washington DC—Country by Country Imports in September 2015

November 6, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending November 6, 2015

November 5, 2015—The World—Does Shrimp News Put You to Sleep?

November 5, 2015—Honduras—Granjas Marinas Will Pursue BAP Certification

November 5, 2015—Spain—Wanted—Penaeus japonicus Seedstock and Broodstock

November 5, 2015—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports, September 2015

November 4, 2015—Ecuador—Omarsa Aims for Five Million Pounds of Organic Shrimp in 2015

November 4, 2015—United States—New Jersey—Zoetis Gets Pharmaq’s “Romet 30®”

November 4, 2015—Canada—Question—Partial Molts and Mortality

November 3, 2015—United States—Missouri—Video—Circle Sea Shrimp Farm

November 3, 2015—United States—Washington, DC—Shrimp Consumption Surged 11% in 2014

November 2, 2015—Denmark/Costa Rica—BioMar Introduces New Shrimp Feed

November 2, 2015—Vietnam—More of the Country’s Seafood Shipments Are Being Rejected

November 2, 2015—The Philippines—Research—AHPND/EMS Confirmed

November 1, 2015—British Virgin Islands—Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries’ Lobster Farm

November 1, 2015—Peru—Camposol Holding’s Third Quarter 2015 Financial Results

October 30, 2015—India—Hopeful, Despite Disease

October 30, 2015—Malaysia—Blue Archipelago, Reduced EMS from a New Strain of Shrimp

October 29, 2015—Thailand—Robins McIntosh on EMS and EHP

October 29, 2015—The World—Dr. Jim Aderson’s Outlook on World Farmed Shrimp Production

October 29, 2015—United States—Florida—Job at American Mariculture's Hatchery

October 28, 2015—Belize—Three Videos on ASC Certification

October 28, 2015—India—Research—An Assessment of Commercial Hatchery Feeds

October 27, 2015—Asia—Research—Review of Shrimp Diseases

October 27, 2015—Iran—Full Copy of Article on Whitespot

October 27, 2015—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports, Volume and Value, First Nine Months of 2015

October 26, 2015—Germany—Mexican Shrimp Farmers Invited to Participate in Solar Project

October 26, 2015—Iran—Whitespot Halves Farmed Shrimp Production

October 26, 2015—USA—Washington DC—Ocean Acidification Threatens All “Wild” Crustacean

October 24, 2015—Vietnam—Farmers Stocking to Capture Better Prices

October 23, 2015—Indonesia—Smugglers of Lobster Seedstock Get Caught

October 23, 2015—New Zealand/Indonesia—New Solar Shrimp Farming Project

October 23, 2015USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending October 23, 2015

October 21, 2015—United States—Alabama—Research—Using Sea Urchins to Feed Shrimp

October 21, 2015—India—Ananda Group, Hatcheries Get European Union Organic Certification

October 21, 2015—Ecuador—Undercurrent News Reporting from Ecuador about AquaExpo 2015

October 20, 2015—United States—New Jersey—Epicore BioNetworks’ Financial Results for 2015

October 20, 2015—Brazil—Camanor Produtos Marinhos Wins GAA Award

October 20, 2015—United Kingdom—China Invests in Power Plants in Wales
that will Farm Shrimp

October 19, 2015—United Kingdom—Get Your PHD in Shrimp Maturation

October 19, 2015—Honduras—Fishermen Catching Escaped Farmed Shrimp

October 19, 2015—Netherlands—Shrimp Imports

October 19, 2015—Germany—StepMap

October 18, 2015—USA/Thailand—California—Class Action Lawsuit Against Costco and
CP Foods over Slavery and Human Trafficking in Farmed Shrimp Business

October 17, 2015—United States—Massachusetts—Video—National Fish and Seafood

October 17, 2015—India—Price Supports

October 17, 2015—Ecuador—Export Data, January to July 2015

October 17, 2015—United States—New Mexico—New Mexico Shrimp Company’s
Pitch at Fish 2.0

October 17, 2015—USA—Center for Aquaculture Technologies Hires Dr. Stephen Newman

October 16, 2015—Ecuador—Shrimp Job Listings at AquaExpo 2015

October 16, 2015—USA—New Mexico Shrimp Company and Cottonseed in Shrimp Feed

October 16, 2015—USA/Vietnam—Southern Shrimp Alliance Sues Department of Commerce

October 16, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending October 16, 2015

October 14, 2015—China—Difficulties with Diseases and the Weather

October 14, 2015—Ecuador—Prices Increasing

October 14, 2015—USA—New Jersey—Urner Barry’s White Shrimp Price Index Increasing

October 13, 2015—India—“Live” Penaeus vannamei at the Retail Level

October 13, 2015—Taiwan—$86 for Four Farmed Mitten Crabs

October 12, 2015—Australia—Sea Dragon Project Update

October 12, 2015—Vietnam—$36 Million Project

October 10, 2015—Colombia—AIS Aqua Foods’ Crowd Funding Project

October 10, 2015—Thailand—Two Videos of Baxel Company’s Shrimp Farming Concept

October 10, 2015—Thailand—Refutes Charges of Illegal Shrimp Imports

October 10, 2015—Vietnam—Fimex’s Production and Earnings

October 10, 2015—Bangladesh—Prices and Exports Drop

October 9, 2015—United Kingdom/Netherlands/Belgium—Benchmark Holdings May Buy INVE

October 9, 2015—United States—California—Video—Taste Test—Farmed Versus Wild-Caught

October 9, 2015—India—Production Expected to Drop 20% This Year

October 9, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp PricesWeek Ending October 9, 2015

October 8, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, October 8, 2015

October 8, 2015—United States—Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture Store Opening

October 8, 2015—United States—Texas—NaturalShrimp’s First Delivery

October 7, 2015—India—Tamil Nadu—Big New Project

October 7, 2015—United States—Shrimp Imports in August 2015

October 6, 2015—Vietnam—Lobster Disease in Quang Ngai

October 6, 2015—USA—Washington DC—FDA Antibiotic Rejections Drop in September 2015

October 6, 2015—India—Andhra Pradesh—Six Mobile Labs to Test for Disease

October 5, 2015—Canada—Planet Shrimp, Inc

October 5, 2015—India—EHP—Microsporidian Disease

October 5, 2015—India—Prices Continue to Improve

October 5, 2015—United States—Hawaii—Wanted—Information on Feed Management Practices

October 3, 2015—Greece/Canada—Planet Shrimp Copies Website

October 3, 2015—Panama—Farm For Sale

October 3, 2015—Mexico—Getty Images—The Don Pepe Shrimp Farm

October 2, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, October 2, 2015

October 1, 2015—United States—Minnesota—Video—Tru Shrimp Farm, a Ralco Project

October 1, 2015—China—Disease Problems Near Shanghai

October 1, 2015—United States—Arizona—Job—Research Specialist

October 1, 2015—United Kingdom—Top-Ten Shrimp Suppliers

Sept.30, 2015—Canada—First Ontario Shrimp—And Planet Shrimp

Sept. 30, 2015—Ecuador—Program—Congreso Ecuatoriano de Acuicultura & AQUAEXPO 2015

Sept. 29, 2015—Spain—Gamba Natural de España, S.L.

Sept. 29, 2015—United Kingdom—$4.5 Million for Lobster Farming

Sept. 25, 2015—Ecuador—Shrimp Prices Are Rising Fast

Sept. 25, 2015—United Kingdom—Vegan Shrimp

Sept. 25, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending September 25, 2015

Sept. 24, 2015—Thailand—Setting the Stage for Recovery

Sept. 24, 2015—Thailand—Jim Gulkin Predicts Thai Production of 450,000 Metric Tons by 2018

Sept. 24, 2015—Vietnam—WWF and Quoc Viet, Responsible Shrimp Farming
in Ca Mau Province

Sept. 24, 2015—The World—Shrimp Farming Conferences

Sept. 23, 2015—India—Gujarat—First Farm to Use Shrimp Harvester

Sept. 23, 2015—Brazil—Ceará—Expects Big Growth

Sept. 23, 2015—United States—Florida—Red Lobster, Endless Shrimp Menu

Sept. 22, 2015—Australia—Research—Carotenoids in Crustacean Diets

Sept. 22, 2015—China—Prices Drop During Summer 2015...But

Sept. 21, 2015—United States—Florida—Job—Florida Organic Aquaculture, Larvae Technician

Sept. 21, 2015—United States—Hawaii—Dr. Shaun Moss, Shrimp Researcher

Sept. 21, 2015—Peru—Vitapro’s Shrimp Feed Mills Get BAP Certification

Sept. 21, 2015—Brazil—Shrimp Farming Symposium

Sept. 19, 2015—Vietnam—Quang Tri Province—Diseases

Sept. 19, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Workshop

Sept. 18, 2015—Myanmar—Shrimp Ponds Flooded

Sept. 18, 2015—Vietnam—Minh Phu Loses Money in Second Quarter

Sept. 18, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending September 18, 2015

Sept. 17, 2015—Thailand—Update on TUF’s Guaranteed Price Plan

Sept. 17 2015—Malaysia—Hooked on Antibiotics

Sept. 17, 2015—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports Drop 17.5% in the First Eight Months of 2015

Sept. 16, 2015—Thailand—Thai Union Offers a Guaranteed Price for Shrimp

Sept. 16, 2015—Thailand—Recirculating Aquaculture Conference

Sept. 15, 2015—China—Research—Covert Mortality Disease

Sept. 15, 2015—United States—Washington DC, FDA Shrimp Refusals Set Record in August 2015

Sept. 15, 2015—Thailand—Shrimp Exports, January/June, 2014 and 2015

Sept. 14, 2015—Belgium—CreveTec’s New Shrimp Farm, Seminar and Tour

Sept. 14, 2015—Australia—Seafarms Hires Pareto to Handle Funding for Huge Shrimp Farm

Sept. 12, 2015—The Netherlands—Aquaculture Farming Technology’s Webpage

Sept. 12, 2015—Vietnam—Phuong Nam Seafood’s Shrimp Farming Plans

Sept. 11, 2015—Indonesia—Sulawesi—Developing Super-Intensive Shrimp Farms

Sept. 11, 2015—China—Guolian Aquatic Products—Bad Loss, But Some Good
Newsfrom the FDA

Sept. 11, 2015—United States—Texas—Bowers Shrimp Farm

Sept. 11, 2015—United States—Fozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending September 11, 2015

Sept. 10, 2015—Bangladesh—Moana Technologies and MKA Hatchery

Sept. 10, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, September 10, 2015

Sept. 9, 2015—Vietnam—Mangrove Shrimp Farming, SNV and Quoc Viet

Sept. 8, 2015—United States—New York—Bloomberg News Reports on USA Shrimp Market

Sept. 8, 2015—Thailand—Shrimp Farmers Take Another Look at Tigers

Sept. 8, 2015—Vietnam—New Projects in Ca Mau Province

Sept. 7, 2015—Vietnam—Blueyou To Market “Selva Shrimp” in Hong Kong

Sept. 7, 2015—Brazil—Bahia—Court Order Will Stimulate Shrimp Farming

Sept. 7, 2015—India—MPEDA Promotes Crab Culture in Andhra Pradesh

Sept. 4, 2015—Vietnam—Two Largest Farms See Improving Prices

Sept. 4, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices,
Week Ending September 4, 2015

Sept. 3, 2015—United States—Colorado—Check Your Ponds with Drones

Sept. 3, 2015—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports through July 2015

Sept. 2, 2015—United States—Hawaii—Job—Shrimp Improvement Systems

Sept. 2, 2015—United States—Indiana—Hoosier Shrimp Farm

Sept. 2, 2015—Ecuador—GISIS, First Feed Mill to Get BAP

Sept. 1, 2015—Australia—Shrimp Farms Do Not Harm the Environment

Sept. 1, 2015—Australia—Gold Coast—FCRs, Feeding Frequency and Feeding Trays

Sept. 1, 2015—Malaysia—Crab Shells Remove Copper and Cadmium from Contaminated Water

August 31, 2015—Ecuador—USA Government Report on Ecuadorian Shrimp Farming in 2014

August 31, 2015—Vietnam—Farmed Crab Prices Drop Dramatically

August 30, 2015—United States—Wild-Caught Shrimp Cheaper Than Farmed Imported Shrimp

August 30, 2015—Indonesia—May Allow Full Foreign Ownership of Shrimp Farms

August 30, 2015—Bangladesh—Tiger Shrimp Losing Out in USA Market

August 30, 2015—USA—Wisconsin—Coulee Shrimp Farm Will Not Produce Objectionable Odors

August 29, 2015—Malaysia—QL Resources' 900-Hectare Project

August 29, 2015—Canada—Jim Gulkin’s Siam Canadian Group

August 29, 2015—India—Prakasam District Wants to Double Shrimp Hectares with Subsidies

August 29, 2015—Ecuador—Estimates of 2015 Shrimp Production

August 29, 2015—United States—Texas—Shrimp Fishermen on Shrimp Imports

August 28, 2015—Mexico—Sonora—August Harvests, EMS Not a Problem

August 28, 2015—Taiwan—Develops Whitespot Resistant Tiger Shrimp

August 28, 2015—Latin America—UN and OPEC Project to Improve Shrimp Farming

August 28, 2015—India—Andhra Pradesh—Warning on Antibiotics

August 28, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices,
Week Ending August 28, 2015

August 27, 2015—United States—Arizona—Shrimp Pathologist Dr. Donald Lightner Retires

August 27, 2015—United States—Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture Reports

August 27, 2015—Ecuador—XVII Congreso Ecuatoriano de Acuicultura & AQUAEXPO 2015

August 27, 2015—China—Guolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.

August 27 2015—United States—Washington DC—Correction on Aquaflor Approval

August 21, 2015—The World—Jobs at Cargill

August 21, 2015—United States—Iowa—Sherlock Shrimp’s Shrimp Academy

August 21, 2015—United States—Shrimp Market Conditions

August 21, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending August 21, 2015

August 20, 2015—Indonesia—Wanted—Names of Shrimp Hatcheries in East Java

August 20, 2015—Thailand—Shrimp Prices

August 19, 2015—Canada—XpertSea's PL Counter

August 19, 2015—Czech Republic—Video—Crowd Funding Shrimp Farm with Kickstarter

August 19, 2015—India—$7.1 Million Project in the State of Odisha

August 19, 2015—India—Shrimp Prices

August 18, 2015—United States—Arizona—Desert Sweet Shrimp Farm For Sale or Lease

August 18, 2015—Japan—Lobster Farming

August 18, 2015—Vietnam—Lobster Farming

August 17, 2015—The World—The Benefits of Shrimp Nurseries

August 17, 2015—United States—Imports, First Half Versus Second Half of 2015

August 17, 2015—Central America—Video—Octopus Taps Shrimp on the Shoulder

August 15, 2015—France—The Farmed Shrimp Market

August 15, 2015—India—Tamil Nadu—Government Slow to Renew Shrimp Farm Licenses

August 15, 2015—USA—Alaska—Chitin Processing

August 15, 2015—USA—North Carolina—Processor Labels Farmed Shrimp as Wild-Caught

August 15, 2015—USA—Louisiana—Fishermen Complain about Imported Shrimp

August 14, 2015—USA—New Jersey—Florfenicol Approved to Treat Vibrio parahaemolyticus

August 14, 2015—India—Waterbase Limited Reports Its Financial Results

August 14, 2015—Mexico—Pescados y Mariscos Peninsulares

August 14, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending August 14, 2015

August 13, 2015—Ecuador—Production of PLs Drops 30%

August 13, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, August 13, 2015

August 13, 2015—United States—Indiana—JT Shrimp Farm

August 13, 2015—Vietnam—Strong Dollar Pushes Revenues Down

August 12, 2015—Ecuador—Shrimp Prices Increasing

August 12, 2015—Malta—Job—Computer-Assisted Design of Shrimp Facilities

August 12, 2015—United Kingdom—Chitin Shampoo

August 11, 2015—Panama/Ecuador—Farallon Aquaculture Closes Its Hatchery in Ecuador

August 11, 2015—India—Jobs—Two, Senior Technical Assistants

August 11, 2015—Honduras—Drought Causes Drop in Production

August 11, 2015—India—Penaeus vannamei Expansion in Kerala

August 10, 2015—China—Tianjin Intra Technologies—Shrimp Hatchery Feeds

August 10, 2015—United States—Washington State—Dr. Stephen Newman on EMS

August 8, 2015—Trinidad and Tobago—New, Indoor Shrimp Farming Facility

August 8, 2015—United States—New York—Consumer Reports Says Shrimp Is Good For You!

August 8, 2015—Vietnam—Cargill—Job—Shrimp Sales Manager

August 8, 2015—Malaysia—Accounting for Most of FDA’s Antibiotic Rejections

August 8, 2015—Vietnam—Looking for Copepods

August 7, 2015—United States—Minnesota—Cargill’s Smart Shield™ Program for EMS

August 7, 2015—Thailand—Training Program on Biofloc Farming

August 7, 2015—Indonesia—Lobster Farming

August 7, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending August 7, 2015

August 6, 2015—India—Cracking Down on Illegal Shrimp Farms in the State of Tamil Nadu

August 6, 2015—United States—Indiana—RDM Aquaculture

August 6, 2015—United States—Iowa—J&J Drydock Shrimp

August 6, 2015—USA—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports in June 2015 and the First Half of 2015

August 5, 2015—Thailand—Siam Sand Worm Farm

August 5, 2015—United States—Florida—The Bill and Betty More Living Memorial Fund

August 5, 2015—Bangladesh—Question About Pond Weeds

August 4, 2015—Ecuador—Cargill Getting into Shrimp Farming

August 4, 2015—Asia—Feeds—Zuridah Merican Says

August 4, 2015—Vietnam—Video—Heavy Paddlewheel Aeration

August 4, 2015—Vietnam—Production Statistics for the First Seven Months of 2015

August 3, 2015—China/United States—Sino Agro Food Hires Dr. Anthony Ostrowsk

August 3, 2015—Australia—Shrimp Farmers Stifled by Bureaucracy

August 2, 2015—Spain—Closed Systems for Polychaete Production

August 2, 2015—United States—New York, Tempura Shrimp $200 a Plate

August 2, 2015—Sweden–Sunscreen Made from Chitin

August 1, 2015—Latin America—Pescanova’s Shrimp Farms

August 1, 2015—Mexico/Honduras—Correction—No Import Ban on Honduran Shrimp by Mexico

July 31, 2015—Vietnam—Salmonella in Farmed Shrimp

July 31, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending July 31, 2015

July 30, 2015—Mexico/Honduras—Ban on Imports

July 30, 2015—China/Vietnam—Smuggling Slows Down

July 30, 2015—Thailand—Shrimp Prices Fluctuate

July 27, 2015—Canada—Ontario—First Shrimp Farm

July 27, 2015—India—Kerala—SPF Tigers and a New Vannamei Hatchery

July 27, 2015—Malaysia—QL Resources Update

July 27, 2015—Vietnam—Middlemen Inject Farmed Shrimp with Weight-Increasing Chemicals

July 26, 2015—Canada—Ontario—Bacterium from Shrimp Farm Causes Skin Infections

July 26, 2015—India—Jobs—At Feed Mill

July 26, 2015—Brazil— Legislation Will Turn Shrimp Farming into an
Agro-Forest-Pastoral Activity

July 26, 2015—United States—Michigan—Grad Student Wants PLs

July 26, 2015—USA—Texas—Shrimp Fishermen Complain about Imports of Farmed Shrimp

July 24, 2015—Thailand—Shrimp Farmers Association

July 24, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending July 24, 2015

July 23, 2015—India—Kerala—Funding for Bioflocs and Penaeus Vannamei Farming

July 23, 2015—Thailand—Estimated Shrimp Production for 2015

July 22, 2015—New Caledonia and Tahiti—Inbred Penaeus stylirostris

July 22, 2015—United States—Washington DC—FDA’s Checks for Antibiotics in Shrimp

July 21, 2015—Ecuador—Cargill to Build $30 Million Shrimp Feed Plant

July 21, 2015—Ecuador—Record Shrimp Exports in First Half of 2015

July 20, 2015—Vietnam—Shrimp Farming in the Mangroves of Tra Vinh Province

July 20, 2015—United States—New York—EcoShrimp Farm

July 20, 2015—India—Job—Consulting, Shrimp Hatchery Expert

July 20, 2015—Mexico—20 Million Hectares for Aquaculture

July 20, 2015—USA—Today—Aljazeera TV News America Will Report on USA Shrimp Farming

July 18, 2015—Vietnam—Wal-Mart and BAP Certification Seminar

July 18, 2015—United States—California—Shrimp News Cancels Future Price Contest

July 17, 2015—United States—Iowa—Sherlock Shrimp

July 17, 2015—The World—World Shortage of Fish Meal Looming

July 17, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending July 17, 2015

July 16, 2015—Vietnam—Viet Uc's Super-Intensive Shrimp Farm

July 16, 2015—Taiwan—New Device Tests for EMS/AHPND in Thirty Minutes

July 16, 2015—The World—The Supply-Demand Situation

July 16, 2015—China—Hainan Island—EMS, Small Shrimp and Low Prices

July 15, 2015—United States—Weak Demand for Shrimp

July 15, 2015—Brazil—Rio Grande do Norte—Decline in the Production of Farmed Shrimp

July 14, 2015—Questions about Tiger Shrimp in the Western Hemisphere

July 12, 2015—India—Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture's Crab Hatchery

July 11, 2015—USA—Florida—Video—Fisherman Catches Twelve-Foot-Long Giant Tiger Shrimp

July 11, 2015—India—Seminar on Genetics and Sustainability

July 10, 2015—Australia—Tru Blu Shrimp Farm For Sale

July 10, 2015—United States—California—Farming Brine Shrimp in the Salton Sea?

July 10, 2015—India—Consulting and Analytical Services Offered by CIBA

July 10, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending July 10, 2015

July 9, 2015—Ecuador—El Nino Report, July 9, 2015

July 9, 2015—Vietnam—A Question About EMS

July 9, 2015—India—Shrimp Feed Industry

July 9, 2015—India—Shrimp Training Courses at CIBA

July 8, 2015—Canada—Jobs—at Berezan Aquaculture

July 8, 2015—Panama—Grupo Yemail Hopes To Have 1,700 Hectares of Ponds in 2016

July 8, 2015—Ecuador—Prices Drop on Weak Demand from USA, China

July 8, 2015—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports in May 2015

July 8, 2015—Malaysia—Antibiotic Refusals in June 2015

July 8, 2015—United States—New York—Video—Consumer Reports—Do AntibioticResidues in Shrimp Cause Allergies? Not Likely!

July 7, 2015—Australia—Seafarms Raising $12.3 Million to Develop Sea Dragon Project

July 7, 2015—India—Shrimp Feed Company Wants Investment

July 6, 2015—Panama—EMS Free

July 6, 2015—India—Andhra Pradesh—Heavy Rains Cause Shrimp Mortalities

July 6, 2015—India—Andhra Pradesh—Avanti Feeds Approves New Feed Mill

July 5, 2015—United States—Massachusetts—Tasty Harvest Shrimp

July 5, 2015—India—Shrimp Exports Reach All-Time High in FY15

July 5, 2015—The Netherlands—ASC Developing Responsible Feed Standard

July 3, 2015—India—The Return of the Giant Tiger Shrimp

July 3, 2015—Vietnam—High Mortalities in Soc Trang Province

July 3, 2015—China—Production Increases in South China, Prices Drop

July 3, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015—Indonesia—Current Situation "As Depressing as It Can Get"

July 2, 2015—Thailand—Farm-Gate White Shrimp Prices on July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015—United States—California—Shrimp News, Win $100 in Future Price Contest

July 1, 2015—United States—California—What's Wrong with This Label?

July 1, 2015—United States—California—Todd Rushing Wins Shrimp Price Contest

July 1, 2015—India—Farm-Gate Prices, June 28, 2015

June 30, 2015—Honduras/Nicaragua—Seajoy Testing Insect Meal, Replacement for Fish Meal

June 30, 2015—Honduras/Nicaragua—Seajoy's Shrimp Farms Receive Four-Star Certification

June 30, 2015—Australia/China—Research—Microalgae in Monodon Feeds

June 30, 2015—Ecuador—Correction on Import Ban

June 28, 2015—Brazil—Werner Jost's Comments on Brazil Report

June 28, 2015—The Gambia–Dictator Takes Over Swedish Shrimp Farm

June 27, 2015—Vietnam—Viet Uc Group, $37 Million Project

June 27, 2015—Ecuador—Extends Ban on All Shrimp Imports from EMS/AHPNS Countries

June 27, 2015—United States—Maryland—Yet Another Use for Chitosan

June 26, 2015—Belgium—Jobs—at INVE in Belgium and Thailand

June 26, 2015—India—Heavy Rains Force Early Harvests, Prices Drop

June 26, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending June 26, 2015

June 25, 2015—Sweden—The VegaFish/Findus Shrimp Farming Project

June 25, 2015—Vietnam—Minh Phu Targets Fifty/Fifty Monodon/Vannamei Production

June 25, 2015—Vietnam—Viet Uc Group Eyes Hi-Tech Shrimp Farming in Ca Mau Province

June 23, 2015—Malaysia/Australia—Nexus Aquasciences Buys into Darden's Lobster Project

June 23, 2015—The World—What Happens If Prices Continue to Fall?

June 22, 2015—Australia—Looking for PHDs for a Penaeus monodon Breeding Project

June 22, 2015—The World—Shrimp Prices

June 22, 2015—India—Demand for Small Sizes

June 22, 2015—Ecuador—Exports Through May 2015

June 20, 2015—Ecuador—BAP Training Course

June 19, 2015—Indonesia—Lobster Farming with China

June 19, 2015—Ecuador—Aqua Expo El Oro 2015

June 19, 2015—Vietnam—Kien Giang Province

June 19, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending June 19, 2015

June 18, 2015—China—Postlarvae Sales to ASEAN Countries

June 16, 2015—The World—Feeding Trays: Advantages and Disadvantages

June 16, 2015—United States—Texas—NaturalShrimp Plans Expansion

June 16, 2015—Thailand—CP Food Expects Recovery in Shrimp Production

June 16, 2015—Vietnam—Processors Relying on Imports of Farmed Shrimp from India

June 15, 2015—Panama—Seminar Update—Reducing and Managing the Risk of Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND) of Cultured Shrimp

June 14, 2015—Panama—Technical Seminar on Shrimp Farming, June 22–24, 2015

June 14, 2015—United States Missouri—GAA’s Position on Antibiotics and Social Justice

June 13, 2015—Mexico/Brazil—Research—Salts Dramatically Increase Shrimp Growth Rates

June 13, 2015—USA/Vietnam—New Hampshire—UNH and GAA Partner on EMS Training

June 12, 2015—United States—Minnesota—Three Jobs at Ralco Aquaculture

June 12, 2015—Honduras—Mexico Might Block Imports from Honduras

June 12, 2015—USA—New York—Video/Editorial, Imported Shrimp and the TPP Trade Bill

June 12, 2015—United Emirates/Abu Dhabi—Shrimp Fertilize Halophytes to Produce Biofuels

June 12, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending June 12, 2015

June 11, 2015—Belize—Three Jobs at Belize Aquaculture Limited

June 11, 2015—Ecuador—Negative for EMS

June 11, 2015—Vietnam—12 Shrimp Farms Get BAP Certified

June 11, 2015—China—Dumping Order Revoked

June 11, 2015—Kuwait—Shrimp Farming Contributes to Food Security

June 11, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, June 11, 2015

June 10, 2015—United Arab Emirates—Jobs

June 10, 2015—China—Research—Another Use for Chitin, in Shrimp Feed

June 10, 2015—Palestine—Add Palestine to Your List of Shrimp Farming Countries

June 8, 2015—USA—Southern Shrimp Alliance, Antibiotics, “Entry Lines”, FDA and Violators

June 8, 2015—USA—Florida—Job—Shrimp Improvement Systems, Larval Rearing Manager

June 8, 2015—India—Job—The Waterbase Limited, Technical Consultant

June 6, 2015—Thailand—Video—Farmer Gets Caught in a Long-Arm Aerator

June 6, 2015—United States—Press Reports and Videos on Shrimp Farms in the United States

June 6, 2015—Australia—Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Hub Personnel

June 6, 2015—USA—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports, January to April, 2014 and 2015

June 5, 2015—Central America—Honduras and Nicaragua Have EMS

June 5, 2015—United States—Utah—Job—Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp Cooperative

June 5, 2015—Bangladesh—An Editorial in Leading English Language Newspaper

June 5, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending June 5, 2015

June 4, 2015—The World—Wanted: A Substitute for Sodium Nitrate as an Algae Fertilizer

June 4, 2015—USA—Washington DC—USA Shrimp Imports, January Through April 2015

June 4, 2015—Vietnam—Fimex Gets Four-Star BAP Certification

June 3, 2015—United States—Minnesota—Ralco Aquaculture, Addison Lawrence Says

June 3, 2015—United States—Indiana—Hoosier Shrimp Farm

June 3, 2015—India—Brine Shrimp Cysts Facing Import Hurdles

June 3, 2015—The World—Making Small Batches of Shrimp Feed

June 3, 2015—Ecuador—Value of Shrimp Exports

June 2, 2015—Bangladesh—Shrimp Farmers Turn to Local Markets

June 2, 2015—India—The Shrimp Feed Industry

June 1, 2015—Vietnam—Sheng Long Bio Tech International

May 30, 2015—Japan—Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui) Gets into Shrimp Farming

May 29, 2015—United States–New York— Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending May 29, 2015

May 28, 2015—United States—Florida—American Mariculture, Crowd Funding

May 28, 2015—Central America—Three Shrimp Farms Have EMS

May 28, 2015—Myanmar—Relying on Smuggled Products from Thailand and Bangladesh

May 27, 2015—Bangladesh—Drugs and Chemicals Improve Production

May 27, 2015—Bangladesh—No Shrimp Farming on Arable Land

May 27, 2015— Philippines—Heat Wave Hits Shrimp Farms

May 26, 2015—United States—Connecticut—Reducing Our Dependency on Fish Meal

May 26, 2015—India—Whitespot Rampant in Vannamei Seedstock

May 26, 2015—United States—Arkansas—Walmart’s Policy on Antibiotics

May 25, 2015—Taiwan—Test Kit for Detecting EHP, a Microsporidian Disease

May 25, 2015—Ecuador—Shrimp Prices for Small-Scale Farmers

May 25, 2015—Australia—Adam Body’s Survey

May 25, 2015—United States—California—Whole Foods Market’s Cooked Tails

May 25, 2015—Bangladesh—KSL’s Soft-Shell Crab Farm

May 23, 2015—Ecuador—Reference Prices May 6 to May 31, 2015

May 23, 2015—Ecuador—Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certification

May 23, 2015—India—Goa—Government Proposes Crab Farming in Khazan Fields

May 22, 2015—USA—Hawaii—Pacific Mariculture Concepts, Joe Tabrah’s New Shrimp Farm

May 22, 2015—Thailand—Getting the Consumer to Eat the Whole Shrimp !!!

May 22, 2015—Thailand—Asian Institute of Technology Biofloc Training Program

May 21, 2015—North Korea—Correction—Freshwater Prawns, Not Freshwater Lobsters

May 21, 2015—Honduras—Seajoy's Farms Get ASC Certifications

May 21, 2015—Thailand—Processing Plants Need 350,000 Metric Tons

May 21, 2015—Vietnam—Problems—Prices and Costs

May 20, 2015—North Korea—Lobster—Video—Kim Jong Un, Pissed Off

May 20, 2015—India—Odisha—Shrimp Mafia’s Illegal Farms

May 20, 2015—India—Shrimp Farms with Four-Star BAP Certification

May 20, 2015—Malaysia—Selangor—Shrimp Farmers Don’t Want To Be Charged for Water

May 18, 2015—Peru—Camposol Holdings—Sales of Farmed Shrimp Boost Earnings

May 18, 2015—Philippines–Cebu—Job—Shrimp Farm Manager

May 18, 2015—United States—Ohio—Nutrinsic's Biofloc Feed

May 15, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015—United States—Colorado—Silver Bullet's Patent

May 15, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Probability Jumps to 90 Percent!

May 15, 2015—Peru—Shrimp Exports Down in the First Quarter of 2013

May 15, 2015—Vietnam—Wants Zero Duties on Its Shrimp Imports

May 15, 2015—Vietnam—Shrimp Ponds Replacing Rice Fields and Other News

May 12, 2015—Mexico—Can You Diagnose this Disease from the Pictures?

May 12, 2015—Australia—Research—Reconsidering the Benefits of Penaeus monodon

May 12, 2015—India—Tamil Nadu—Successful Mud Crab Hatchery

May 11, 2015—Malaysia—Hatchery and Broodstock Jobs at Amity Soar

May 11, 2015—Norway—Copepod Production System

May 11, 2015—Japan—Waiter! There Are Ants on My Shrimp

May 11, 2015—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports Rejected Because of Antibiotics

May 11, 2015—Indonesia—CP Prima, Still Farming Shrimp

May 8, 2015—Central America—Agency Urges That Shrimp Diseases Be Checked Out

May 8, 2015—India—First Penaeus Vannamei Introduced into Kerala

May 8, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending May 8, 2015

May 7, 2015—Honduras—Shrimp Farms and Hatcheries Hit with Tidal Waves

May 7, 2015—India—Harvests Curtailed by Mortalities

May 7, 2015—Bangladesh—Financing for Small Shrimp Farms

May 7, 2015—USA—Shrimp Imports by Value and Volume January to March 2014 and 2015

May 6, 2015—Australia—Research Council for Advanced Shrimp Breeding

May 6, 2015—Vietnam—Video—Skretting/Tomboy Feeds

May 6, 2015—United States—Florida—Southern Shrimp Alliance on Antibiotics

May 6, 2015—United States—Washington DC—USA Shrimp Imports, March 2015

May 5, 2015—United States—Indiana—Big Barn Shrimp Farm For Sale

May 5, 2015—Thailand—CP Foods Plans to Double Processed Shrimp Production in Vietnam

May 3, 2015—USA—Louisiana—Dr. Greg Lutz, the Editor of the “New” Aquaculture Magazine

May 2, 2015—United States—California—The First Shrimp News Future Price Contest

May 1, 2015—Honduras—Symposium on EMS

May 1, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending May 1, 2015

April 30, 2015—United States—Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture News

April 30, 2015—Thailand—Low Prices and EMS

April 30, 2015—China—Hainan Island Hatchery Ships Nauplii to Northern China

April 29, 2015—United States—Maine—Sean Murphy on the Consumer Reports' Shrimp Slam

April 27, 2015—USA—Minnesota—Ralco Aquaculture Marketing Its Technology Worldwide

April 27, 2015—Ecuador—Prices Rise on Demand from China

April 27, 2015—China—Hainan Island—Shrimp Farmers Switch to Fish

April 27, 2015—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports Plunge in First Quarter 2015

April 25, 2015—United States—California—Shrimp News—Future Price Contest Update

April 24, 2015—United States—New York—"Consumer Reports" Slams Farmed Shrimp

April 24, 2015—India and Thailand—Thai Union to Build Processing Plant in India

April 24, 2015—Vietnam—Denied Change in Dumping Duties

April 24, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 24, 2015

April 23, 2015—United State—Washington DC— Will the USDA Begin Inspecting Shrimp Imports?

April 23, 2015—Vietnam—Trouble Competing with India and Indonesia

April 23, 2015—The World—Shrimp Certifiers Join Forces

April 22, 2015—Japan—Marubeni Wants to Acquire Shrimp Farms

April 22, 2015—Ghana and Brazil—Ghana, a Shrimp Hatchery to Encourage Shrimp Farming

April 21, 2015—China—Replacing Artemia with Copepod

April 21, 2015—Mexico—Aquaculture Nutrition Symposium

April 21, 2015—Japan—The No-Shrimp, Shrimp Burger

April 21, 2015—Brazil—Research—Does “Fresh” Shrimp from Biofloc and Traditional
Farms Carry Dangerous Micro-organisms?

April 20, 2015—China and Denmark—Tongwei and BioMar Joint Feed Mill Ventures

April 20, 2015—India—Artemia Shortage

April 20, 2015—India—Suryamitra Gets Four Stars From BAP

April 20, 2015—United States—California—Net Zero Aqualife Crowd Funding $2 Million

April 20, 2015—United States—California—Shrimp News, Future Price Contest

April 19, 2015—Saudi Arabia and Denmark—New Shrimp Sorting Project at NAQUA

April 19, 2015—Vietnam/Belgium—VASEP’s Clever Logo

April 19, 2015Bangladesh—Women in the Shrimp and Prawn Farming Industry Treated Unfairly

April 18, 2015—Belize—Video—Eight Shrimp Farms Receive ASC Certification

April 18, 2015—United States—Texas—Harry Cook (1934–2015)

April 17, 2015—United States—Washington DC—Organic Shrimp

April 17, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 17, 2015

April 16, 2015—United States—Virginia—Shipping Live Shrimp and Prawns Without Water

April 16, 2015—China—Seedstock and Broodstock Prices Rise

April 15, 2015—United States—New Jersey—Urner Barry’s White Shrimp Index

April 15, 2015—Malaysia—Four New Farms Will Produce 100,000 Metric Tons by 2020

April 15, 2015—Panama—Vigomar Shrimp Company

April 14, 2015—Mozambique—Developing Immunity to Whitespot

April 14, 2015—Queensland—Australian Prawn Farms Expands

April 12, 2015—The World—Shrimp Prices

April 12, 2015—United Arab Emirates/Abu Dhabi—Job—Farm and Hatchery Technician

April 12, 2015—Ecuador–Video of a Large Shrimp Farm

April 11, 2015—Thailand/Mexico/Ecuador—The Challenge of Lower Prices

April 11, 2015—Ecuador—Reference Prices for April 5 to May 3, 2015

April 11, 2015—Malaysia—Blue Archipelago Whitespot

April 11, 2015—United States—Florida—Jeff Peterson Takes New Job at GAA/BAP

April 10, 2015—United States—Washington DC—FDA Continues Crackdown on Antibiotics

April 10, 2015—Ecuador—XVII Congreso Ecuatoriano de Acuicultura y AQUA EXPO 2015

April 10, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 10, 2015

April 9, 2015—United States—Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture Expansion

April 9, 2015—Australia—Polyculture of Worms and Tigers

April 9, 2015—Australia/Greenland—Equipment for Processing Heads and Shells

April 9, 2015—Indonesia—Shrimp Farming on the Island of Sulawesi

April 9, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, April 9, 2015

April 7, 2015—United States—Texas—Cornelius Mock Dies at 82

April 7, 2015—United States—South Carolina—Studying Tiger Threat

April 6, 2015—Indonesia—Super-Intensive Shrimp Farm

April 6, 2015—India—Jobs—Shrimp Farming Specialists

April 6, 2015—United States—Washington DC—Court’s Decision on Import Damage

April 6, 2015—USA—DC—Shrimp Imports by Value and Volume, Jan-Feb 2014 and 2015

April 3, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 3, 2015

April 2, 2015—United States—Hawaii—Aquaculture Potential of Hawaiian Polychaetes

April 2, 2015—United States—Response to Don Berger’s Shrimp Price Prediction

April 2, 2015—Australia—Tasmania—Lobster Hatchery For Sale

April 2, 2015—India—Penver Products Gets Four Stars from BAP

April 1, 2015—India—Slides of White Patch Disease

April 1, 2015—Germany—Wants Penaeus vannamei Postlarvae

April 1, 2015—Malaysia—Question About Feed Mills That Use Extruders

March 31, 2015—China—Alibaba Has HDPE Liners for Shrimp Ponds

March 31, 2015—United States—Where Are Shrimp Prices Going?

March 31, 2015—India—A Little More About White Patch Disease

March 30, 2015—United States—Massachusetts—Tasty Harvest Shrimp Farm

March 30, 2015—India—Farm-Gate Prices, March 28, 2015

March 29, 2015—Mexico—Shrimp Farms Good for Bird Conservation

March 29, 2015—India—Research—White Patch Disease

March 29, 2015—United States—Louisiana—The Use of Fishmeal by Aquaculture

March 27, 2015—Sri Lanka—Wants SPF Broodstock

March 27, 2015—United States—Arizona—Desert Sweet Shrimp Farm Still For Sale

March 27, 2015—Ecuador—Global Gap Certification for Feed Mills and Farms

March 27, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending March 27, 2015

March 26, 2015—Australia—Ridley’s Fish Meal Free Diets

March 26, 2015—India—New Bacterial Disease

March 26, 2015—United States—Arizona—Research—qPCR Assay for Detecting EMS Plasmid

March 25, 2015—Thailand—Evidence of Recovery in Shrimp Farming

March 25, 2015—United States—Iowa—Summer Job/Internship at Start-up Shrimp Farm

March 25, 2015—Indonesia—Research—Traps for Spiny Lobster Seedstock

March 23, 2015—The World—Shrimp Prices

March 23, 2015—India—Farm-Gate Prices, March 22, 2015

March 22, 2015—Vietnam—Loc Tran, Shrimp Doctor

March 20, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending March 20, 2015

March 19, 2015—Thailand—CP Foods Expects Recovery from EMS by Second Quarter 2015

March 19, 2015—United States—Colorado—Keeton Industries, Cost of Probiotics

March 19, 2015—Bangladesh—New Government Funds

March 17, 2015—Guatemala—Acuamaya—Looking for Markets Outside of Europe

March 17, 2015—Australia—ARC Research Hub for Tiger Shrimp Breeding

March 15, 2015—United States—Minnesota—Dr. Addison Starts Work at Ralco Aquaculture

March 15, 2015—Denmark—Job—Postdoc in Loosening Shrimp Shells

March 14, 2015—Australia—Job—ARC Research Hub for Advanced Prawn Breeding

March 12, 2015—United States—USA Shrimp Imports By Value and Volume, March 9, 2015

March 12, 2015—Thailand—Shrimp Ponds in Phuket Leaking Salt Water

March 12, 2015—Vietnam—CAMIMEX’s Organic Shrimp

March 11, 2015—Thailand—Urner Barry Reports Increasing Exports to USA

March 11, 2015—Vietnam—Minh Phu Seafood Farms Shrimp in Mangrove Forests

March 11, 2015—Iran—Shrimp Farming Symposium Rescheduled

March 9, 2015—United States—Texas—The End of Shrimp Farming Research

March 9, 2015—China/United Kingdom—Did the Human Brain Evolve from a Shrimp?

March 9, 2015—Iran—How Does Photoperiod Affect Growth and Feed Intake?

March 6, 2015—Bangladesh—Prices Drop 42% for Giant Tiger Shrimp

March 6, 2015—Indonesia/China—China, the Biggest Producer of Farmed Shrimp

March 6, 2015—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending March 6, 2015

March 5, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, March 5, 2014

March 5, 2015—Nicaragua—First Harvest of 2015

March 5, 2015—United States—Higher Dumping Duties for India, Lower Duties for Vietnam

March 5, 2015—USA—Washington DC—FDA Crackdown on Imported Shrimp with Antibiotics

March 5, 2015—Indonesia—Correction—Depasena No Longer a Part of CP Prima

March 4, 2015—Indonesia—The Largest Shrimp Producer in the World in 2015?

March 4, 2015—Ecuador—The “First Class Shrimp” Campaign

March 4, 2015—United States—Shrimp Prices Plunge

March 3, 2015—India—Biofloc Questions

March 3, 2015—USA—Texas—Shrimp Farm Up For Lease

March 1, 2015—Ecuador—ASC Certification for Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila

March 1, 2015—United States—Arizona—qPCR Assay for AHPND Plasmid

Ferburary 28, 2015—Vietnam—Wants Products and Equipment from the USA

Ferburary 28, 2015—The Bahamas—How Do I Find a Consultant?

Ferburary 27, 2015—Thailand—2015 Shrimp Production Forecast by Thai Union

Ferburary 27, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending February 27, 2015

Ferburary 26, 2015—China—Broodstock Shortage Forecast

Ferburary 26, 2015—India/Japan—The Seafood and Technology Expo in Osaka

Ferburary 25, 2015—Norway—Genetic Markers Used to Combat Whitespot

Ferburary 25, 2015—Mexico—Price Drop of Twenty-Five Percent

Ferburary 25, 2015—India—Farm-Gate Prices, February 22, 2015

Ferburary 24, 2015—China—Shrimp Imports 2010 to 2014

Ferburary 24, 2015—Bangladesh—Job—Crab Farm/Hatchery Manager

Ferburary 24, 2015—Mexico—Inbreeding Research on Penaeus (Litopenaeus) vannamei

Ferburary 23, 2015—The World—Estimate Farmed Shrimp Production in 2013 and 2014

Ferburary 23, 2015—Austria—Biomin’s Probiotics

Ferburary 21, 2015—Ecuador—Asia Accounts for Nearly Half of Its Shrimp Exports

Ferburary 21, 2015—Indonesia—CP Prima Has Fully Recovered from IMNV

Ferburary 21, 2015—United Kingdom—Solar Cells from Shrimp Shells

Ferburary 20, 2015—Peru—Camposol Holdings, Ltd.

Ferburary 20, 2015—United States—Washington DC—Good News for Shrimp Eaters

Ferburary 20, 2015—Thailand (Philippines)—Workshops on Shrimp Feeds

Ferburary 20, 2015—USA New York Frozen Seafood Prices, Week Ending February 20, 2015

Ferburary 20, 2015—New PCR Test for AHPND

Ferburary 19, 2015—China—Guolian Aquatic Products No Longer on FDA's “Red List"

Ferburary 19, 2015—China—Shrimp Exports and Imports in 2014

Ferburary 19, 2015—India—Farm-Gate Prices, February 5, 2015

Ferburary 17, 2015—The World—Ecuador and India Supplying Vietnam and Thailand

Ferburary 17, 2015—The World—GAA Cracking Down on Antibiotics

Ferburary 17, 2015—Brazil—Industry Seeks Federal Support

Ferburary 16, 2015—Australia—Commodities Group/Seafarms/Project Sea Dragon

Ferburary 16, 2015—The World—Costco Wholesale Sells Tiger Shrimp from Vietnam

Ferburary 16, 2015—Belgium—INVE’s Products for Shrimp Farms and Hatcheries

Ferburary 16, 2015—Algeria/South Korea—Five Million Dollar Project

Ferburary 16, 2015—Bangladesh—Mud Crab Hatchery and Farming

Ferburary 14, 2015—United States—Texas—NaturalShrimp, Now a Public Company

Ferburary 14, 2015—Indonesia—BAP Auditor Course Set for Bali in May

Ferburary 14, 2015—USA—Louisiana—Biofloc Session at WAS, New Orleans

Ferburary 13, 2015—Australia—Video—Rock Lobster Farming Research

Ferburary 13, 2015—United States—Texas—NaturalShrimp Update

Ferburary 13, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending February 13, 2015

Ferburary 12, 2015—United States—Texas—NaturalShrimp’s Assets Sold

Ferburary 12, 2015—United States—Missouri–GAA’s New Sustainability Fund

Ferburary 12, 2015—Pakistan—Shrimp Farming Cluster Development

Ferburary 12, 2015—USA—Hawaii—Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Teams up with Walmart

Ferburary 11, 2015—World—Using Traps to Harvest Shrimp

Ferburary 11, 2015—The Netherlands—Skretting Offers a Shrimp Feed with Less Fishmeal

Ferburary 11, 2015—United States—Texas—Farmed Shrimp Production in 2014

Ferburary 10, 2015—Madagascar—Job—Hatchery Manager

Ferburary 10, 2015—Netherlands—ASC Offers Certification Information in Multiple Languages

Ferburary 10, 2015—United States—Washington DC—FDA Cracking Down on Shrimp Imports

Ferburary 10, 2015—United States—Washington DC—USA Shrimp Imports 2013 and 2014

Ferburary 9, 2015—Why Are You Still Saying “Litopenaeus” vannamei?

Ferburary 8, 2015—Vietnam—Minh Phu Plans to Sell Half of Company to Finance Expansion

Ferburary 8, 2015—India—Made in India Broodstock

Ferburary 8, 2015—USA—Mainland Shrimp Farm Production in 2014

Ferburary 8, 2015—Australia—Video—Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture

Ferburary 7, 2015—Brunei—Golden Corp to Increases Production of Organic Blue Shrimp

Ferburary 7, 2015—India/Thailand—“Continuous Mortality Syndrome”

Ferburary 7, 2015—Kazakhstan/Thailand—Wants Postlarvae and Nursery and Growout Feeds

Ferburary 6, 2015—Vietnam—Minh Phu Plans to Export a Billion Dollars Worth of Shrimp in 2015

Ferburary 6, 2015—USA–New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending February 6, 2015

Ferburary 6, 2015—India–Broodstock Multiplication Center Destroys 8,000 Broodstock

Ferburary 6, 2015—USA—Arizona—2015 Shrimp Pathology Short Course—CANCELLED !!!

Ferburary 5, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending January 30, 2015

January 27, 2015—United States—Louisiana—Organic Farming at WAS Meeting

January 27, 2015—Russia—Trawl Fleet Preobrazhenskaya Buys Indonesian Shrimp Farms

January 27, 2015—USA/Mexico—California—Shrimp News News, Reminder, No New
Reports Until February 5, 2015

January 26, 2015—United States—Minnesota—Cargill’s Aquaculture Plans

January 26, 2015—USA—Washington DC—New USDA National Program Leader for Aquaculture

January 25, 2015—India—Tamil Nadu—Big Problems

January 25, 2015—United States—Florida—BioCepts International’s Website

January 25, 2015—United States—Washington DC—New Bill to Control Shrimp Imports

January 25, 2015—United States—Florida—Video—Red Lobster’s Big Shrimp Ad

January 25, 2015—New Zealand—Research—Pollution from Lobster Farms

January 24, 2015—Mexico/United States—California—Shrimp News News

January 23, 2015—Guatemala—Acuamaya’s Traceability Program

January 23, 2015—Thailand—CP Foods Still Seeing Red Ink

January 23, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending January 23, 2015

January 22, 2015—United States—Hawaii—Notes on the Development of SPF Broodstock

January 22, 2015—Ecuador—Low-Density Shrimp Farming

January 22, 2015—Oman—Arabian Marine Development Company

January 22, 2015—Northern Ireland—Shrimp De-Heading Equipment

January 20, 2015—United States—California—Net Zero Aqualife Has Raised $5 Millionfor a Shrimp Farm Via Crowd Funding on the Internet

January 20, 2015—India–The Andhra Pradesh Shrimp Seed Production,
Supply and Research Centre (TASPARC)

January 20, 2015—World—Can You Find the Shrimp in This Picture?

January 19, 2015—Mexico—Mineral Extract Effective Against EMS and Whitespot

January 19, 2015—United States—Alabama—Video—Dickie Odom’s Shrimp Farm

January 17, 2015—Saudi Arabia—NAQUA Receives Four-Star BAP Certification

January 17, 2015—China—Freshwater Prawn Production, Correction

January 17, 2015—Germany—Penny Markets First ASC Certified Shrimp in Germany

January 16, 2015—USA—Massachusetts—John Sackton—Shrimp Sales Over the Holidays

January 16, 2015—Singapore—Job—Shrimp Improvement Systems

January 14, 2015—United States—Florida—American Mariculture Update

January 14, 2015—Mexico—Research on EMS

January 14, 2015—Malaysia—Pitas Shrimp Park HAS an EIA!

January 13, 2015—United States—Utah—Two Competitive Brine Shrimp Suppliers

January 13, 2015—Thailand—LAMP Assay Superior to PCR in Detecting AHPND (EMS)

January 12, 2015—China/Ecuador—Ecuador Seeks New Trade Deal with China

January 12, 2015—USA—Texas—Ralco Licenses Texas A&M Shrimp Farming Technology

January 11, 2015—Malaysia—Pitas Shrimp Park Proceeding Without an EIA

January 11, 2015—India—Farm-Gate Prices, January 10, 2015

January 10, 2015—United States/Ecuador—Nebraska—Ken Morrison Dies at 93

January 10, 2015—India—One-Day Vannamei Conference

January 9, 2015—Vietnam—Minh Phu’s Huge Shrimp Exports

January 9, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015

January 9, 2015—USA—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports November 2014

January 9, 2015—Indonesia—Illegal Shrimp Farms Closed

January 8, 2015—United States—John Sackton...“More Shrimp Imports on the Way”

January 8, 2015—United Kingdom—ProChaete

January 8, 2015—Ecuador—El Niño Report, January 8, 2015

January 7, 2015—United States—Florida—Red Lobster’s Big Shrimp Festival

January 7, 2015—Nicaragua—Seajoy Farms Shrimp and Releases Turtles

January 7, 2015—Nicaragua—Farmed Shrimp Production in 2014

January 6, 2015—The World—No Quick Recovery in Global Shrimp Production

January 6, 2015—Vietnam—Facing New Problems in 2015

January 6, 2015—Taiwan—Research—Feeds—Soybeans and Bacterial Fermentation

January 5, 2015—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending January 2, 2015

January 2, 2015—India—Broodstock Shortage

January 2, 2015—Vietnam—Farmed Shrimp Statistics for 2014

December 24, 2014—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg Reports on The Shrimp List

December 24, 2014—Japan—Fishmeal Prices Hit $2,500 a Ton

December 24, 2014—Japan—Dramatic Drop in Shrimp Consumption

December 24, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending December 24, 2014

December 24, 2014—Ecuador—Number of Shrimp Hatcheries

December 23, 2014—United States—Bill and Betty More Retire, Replaced by Marcos Moya

December 23, 2014—Peru—Fishmeal Fishery to Shutdown

December 23, 2014—Ecuador—Production January to October 2014

December 22, 2014—India—Turning Swamps into Shrimp Farms

December 22, 2014—Vietnam—Antibiotic Warning from the European Union

December 22, 2014—Thailand—Video—360-Degree, Aerial View of Shrimp Farm

December 21, 2014—Malaysia—Pitas Shrimp Park, a 277 Million Project

December 21, 2014—Ecuador—Video—Solar Powered Automatic Feeder

December 21, 2014—Indonesia—Why Hasn’t Indonesia Been Hit With EMS?

December 20, 2014—Bangladesh—Tiger Prices Fall, Demand Disappears

December 20, 2014—Thailand—Shrimp Farming Recovering, But Other Problems Remain

December 20, 2014—India—Wants Help Starting a Biofloc Farm

December 20, 2014—USA—Washington DC—New “Leveling the Playing Field” Act Introduced

December 19, 2014—USA—California/Florida—Red Chamber and Tequesta Bay Foods

December 19, 2014—Belize—Reports New Outbreak of Necrotizing Hepatopancreatitis (NHP)

December 19, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending December 19, 2014

December 17, 2014—Iran—International Shrimp Symposium 2015—Webpage

December 17, 2014—Ecuador—Aquatic Feeds Short Course

December 17, 2014—World—Rabobank—Shrimp Prices Should Remain Relative High in 2015

December 16, 2014—India—The BMR Group

December 16, 2014—Indonesia—PT Sebuku Iron Lateritic Ores

December 16, 2014—India—Coastal Aquaculture Authority Closes Two Shrimp Hatcheries

December 14, 2014—USA—Illinois—Wants Information on Getting Started in Shrimp Farming

December 14, 2014—USA—Florida—Dugger Comments on “7 Things About Shrimp” Article

December 14, 2014—India—Farm-Gate Prices, December 12, 2014

December 12, 2014—United States—Retailers Expect Big Shrimp Sales Over Holidays

December 12, 2014—Thailand—CPF’s Stock Recommended

December 12, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending December 12, 2014

December 11, 2014—USA—New York—7 Things You Should Know About Shrimp

December 11, 2014—Mexico—Sonora—Update December 2014

December 11, 2014—USA—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports by Value–Jan-Oct 2014

December 10, 2014—Canada—Aqua Seafood Canada, Ltd., Needs PLs, Feeds and Consultant

December 10, 2014—Thailand—Farm-Gate Shrimp Prices

December 9, 2014—USA—Washington, DC—FDA Warns Foreign Processors on HACCP Rules

December 9, 2014—India—Prices and Production

December 8, 2014—Iran—International Shrimp Symposium 2015

December 8, 2014—The World—The Shrimp Industry in the First Half of 2014

December 8, 2014—USA—Video—Indiana—Man Eats 10 Pounds of Shrimp in 8 Minutes

December 5, 2014—Thailand—Fears the European Union May Ban All Thai Shrimp

December 5, 2014—USA—California—Port Turmoil Affects Shrimp Imports

December 5, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending December 5, 2014

December 4, 2014—India—Farm-Gate Prices, December 3, 2014

December 4, 2014—Vietnam—Developing Broodstock Facilities

December 4, 2014—Bangladesh—Exporters Face Safety Inspection

December 3, 2014—Sweden—Findus and Vegafish Start Shrimp Farming Project

December 3, 2014—Bangladesh—Sharply Lower Prices for Tiger Shrimp

December 3, 2014—Vietnam—Trung Son Corp Inaugurates Shrimp Processing Plant with Mitsubishi Corporation’s Support

December 2, 2014—Vietnam—Alarming Use of Antibiotics

December 2, 2014—Ecuador—Omarsa and Songa

November 30, 2014—Japan—Video—Cooked Shrimp in Three Seconds—Really

November 30, 2014—United States—California—Thermal Vent Shrimp

November 29, 2014—Thailand—What are Microsporidians?

November 29, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending November 28, 2014

November 28, 2014—Brunei—Organic Blue Shrimp Project

November 28, 2014—Ecuador—Shrimp Prices Tumble

November 28, 2014—China—Six Regions Report Improvements in 2014

November 26, 2014—USA—Wash DC—FDA Rejections of Imports Because of Antibiotics

November 26, 2014—Canada—Chitosan—Makes Garments Odorless

November 26, 2014—Mexico/USA—A New Annotation of the Penaeus vannamei Genome

November 26, 2014—China—Cold Weather Forces Shrimp Harvest

November 24, 2014—Mexico—Silver Bullet Reduces and Controls Vibrio parahaemolyticus

November 23, 2014—United States—Florida Organic Aquaculture

November 23, 2014—United States—Texas—KAAPA Aqua Ventures' 2014 Harvest

November 23, 2014—United States—New Jersey—Epicore Hires Fernando Castro Talero

November 23, 2014—New Zealand—Lobster—Research, Pollution Sea Cages

November 22, 2014—United Kingdom—Meet Michael New, Freshwater Prawn Ambassador

November 22, 2014—Latvia—Add Latvia to Your List of Countries with Shrimp Farms

November 22, 2014—United States—Iowa—Aqua Manna Pumps For Sale

November 21, 2014—Thailand—Meet Dan Fegan

November 21, 2014—UK—Another Use Found for Chitosan, Preserves Ancient Ships

November 21, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending 11/21/14

November 18, 2014—United States—California—Farmed Shrimp and Monterey
Bay Aquarium's Sea Watch Program

November 18, 2014—Honduras—Shrimp Exports at Historic High

November 18, 2014—India—Farm-Gate Prices, September to November 2014

November 16, 2014—Malaysia—The World's First Commercial Spiny Lobster Hatchery

November 16, 2014—India—The Future of Penaeus Vannamei Production

November 14, 2014—Australia—Tasmania—Lobster Farming Research

November 14, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014—Vietnam—Minh Phu's Profits Soar

November 14, 2014— India—Inland Shrimp Farming in Northern India

November 13, 2014—United States—Shrimp Prices Falling

November 13, 2014—Brazil—Research—Bioflocs Replace Fishmeal in PL Diets

November 13, 2014—Thailand—CPF’s Recovery on Track, Whitespot in Malaysia

November 13, 2014—USA—New Jersey—Epicore’s Financial Results, First Quarter 2015

November 13, 2014—China—Shrimp Exports Tighten

November 11, 2014—United States—New Mexico–New Mexico Shrimp Company

November 11, 2014—India—Farm-Gate Prices, November 9, 2014

November 11, 2014—China—Lobster—$95 Thousand Each

November 11, 2014—USA—Washington DC—Imports by Value and Volume Sept 2014

November 7, 2014—United States—Missouri—GAA’s Comments on Shrimp Mislabeling Issue

November 7, 2014—India—Slideshow on the Status of Shrimp Farming

November 7, 2014—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg on Mislabeling

November 7, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending November 7, 2014

November 6, 2014—Vietnam—Slideshow on the Status of Shrimp Farming

November 6, 2014—China—Zhanjiang Guolian to Introduce an Online Sales Platform

November 6, 2014—Ecuador—El Niño Update, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014—USA—Washington DC—Rebuttal to Oceana’s Shrimp Mislabeling Report

November 5, 2014—Ricardo L. Arias—PENTAIR Aquatic Eco-Systems

November 4, 2014—Ecuador/Guatemala/USA—Southern Fisheries,
Domingo Moreira, and “TRUE BRAND”

November 3, 2014—Thailand—Small Shrimp from Thailand, Big Shrimp from Indonesia

November 3, 2014—Vietnam—Khanh Hoa Province, Two Billion Postlarvae

October 31, 2014—Vietnam—Job—Cargill—Shrimp Feed Sales Manager

October 31, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending October 31, 2014

October 30, 2014—USA—Washington DC—Oceana Says 35% of Shrimp Mislabeled
in "National Geographic" Article

October 30, 2014—Ecuador—Shrimp Prices Slightly Lower

October 30, 2014—Brazil—Camañor, Werner Jost, Update

October 29, 2014—Cuba—Shrimp Farming Opportunity

October 29, 2014—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg Reports

October 29, 2014—Thailand—Wants Mud Crab Juveniles

October 29, 2014—Vietnam—Shrimp Farming Statistics, First Nine Months of 2014

October 28, 2014—Thailand—Dr. Roger Doyle Reports on the Genetic
Characteristics of CP Foods’ Broodstock

October 28, 2014—United States—Colorado—High Country Shrimp Company

October 28, 2014—India—Farm-Gate Prices, October 27, 2014

October 28, 2014—United Kingdom—ProChaete Shrimp Feeds

October 28, 2014—Australia—Gold Coast Shrimp Farm Tests New Feed

October 28, 2014—Philippines—Shrimp School

October 27, 2014—Thailand—EMS Still a Problem

October 27, 2014—Ecuador—Reports Big Numbers

October 27, 2014—Brazil—Correction—Production Surges in 2013 and 2014

October 26, 2014—United States—Texas—Primo Broodstock, Neil Gervais

October 26, 2014—Brazil—Camañor, Werner Jost

October 26, 2014—United States—Florida—Video—Florida Organic Aquaculture

October 24, 2014—USA—Louisiana—Senator Says to Check Indian Shrimp for Antibiotics

October 24, 2014—South Korea—McDonalds Shrimp Burger

October 24, 2014—Bangladesh—Weak Prices for Tiger Shrimp

October 24, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending October 24, 2014

October 23, 2014—Brazil—Update on Production

October 23, 2014—India—Job—Production Manager in Shrimp Feed Mill

October 23, 2014—Vietnam—Organic Shrimp Farming in the Mangroves

October 23, 2014—India—Devi Seafoods Receives Top Sysco Award

October 23, 2014—Greece—Update—Hellenic Inland Shrimp Farm

October 21, 2014—Greece—Hellenic Inland Shrimp Farms—A Beautiful Website

October 21, 2014—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg Reports on Broodstock Genetics

October 21, 2014—Vietnam—Quoc Viet First Shrimp Farm to Receive ASC Certification

October 20, 2014—United States—Michigan—Elizabeth Grobbel

October 20, 2014—The Netherlands–Nutreco/Skretting Sold to SHV Holdings

October 19, 2014—India—Kerala—Training Program for Shrimp Farmers

October 19, 2014—India—Andhra Pradesh—Sudden Drop in Prices

October 19, 2014—India—Odisha—Cyclone Hudhud, No Problem

October 18, 2014—Iran—International Shrimp Symposium

October 17, 2014—United States—New Jersey—Epicore’s Annual Report for 2014

October 17, 2014—India—Cyclone Hudhud—Damage to Hatcheries and Farms

October 17, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending, October 17, 2014

October 16, 2014—Thailand—AQ1 System’s Personnel

October 16, 2014—Vietnam—One Certification Standard for Shrimp Farming

October 16, 2014—Mexico—Biocide and Probiotic Strains of Bacillus

October 15, 2014—United States—Florida—American Mariculture, Inc.

October 15, 2014—Thailand—Giant Mud Crab

October 15, 2014—USA—Pennsylvania—Dr. Tom Zeigler: “Feed Is an Investment, Not a Cost”

October 14, 2014—Colombia—ETEC—Pumps and Harvesting Equipment for Shrimp Farms

October 14, 2014—Brazil—A New Way to Describe the Size of Postlarvae

October 12, 2014—India—Cyclone Hudhud

October 12, 2014—Panama—Update

October 12, 2014—Bangladesh—Shrimp Prices Dropping Against Strong Dollar

October 12, 2014—China—More about Mitten Crabs

October 10, 2014—Ecuador—Production Statistics

October 10, 2014—United States—Florida—Wood’s Fisheries’ Shrimp Farm

October 10, 2014—Ecuador—Seafood Watch—Ecuadorian Shrimp a Good Alternative

October 9, 2014—Ecuador—El Niño Report, October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014—Vietnam—Prices Tumble with Increase in Dumping Duties

October 9, 2014—USA—National Fish & Seafood–Certification for Small-Shrimp Farms

October 9, 2014—China—Farmed Hairy Crabs Everywhere

October 9, 2014—USA—Washington DC—Imports by Value and Volume August 2014

October 8, 2014—United States—Missouri—GAA—Dr. George Chamberlain
Predicts Doubling of World Shrimp Production

October 8, 2014—India—Farm-Gate Prices, October 7, 2014

October 8, 2014—USA—Missouri—GAA—Dr. Jim Anderson Predicts Recovery from EMS

October 8, 2014—Malaysia—Video—Integrated Crab Systems

October 7, 2014—United States—Arizona—Desert Sweet Shrimp Farm For Sale

October 7, 2014—United States—Nevada—Blue Oasis/GregOrman

October 5, 2014—India—European Union Rejects Shrimp Because of Antibiotics

October 5, 2014—Honduras—SeaJoy/Deli Group

October 5, 2014—Sweden—Lobster Farming Project

October 5, 2014—Taiwan—Mitten Crab Farming

October 3, 2014—Thailand—Thai Come Back, Daniel Gruenberg Reports

October 3, 2014—Australia—Seafarms’ Sea Dragon Project

October 3, 2014—United Kingdom—ProChaete's Fish Meal Replacement

October 3, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices for the
Week Ending October 3, 2014

October 1, 2014—Thailand—To Become Shrimp Importer This Year

October 1, 2014—Australia—Wants Country of Origin Labeling on Imports

October 1, 2014—Ecuador—Omarsa Gets First ASC Certification

October 1, 2014—India—Three Shrimp Farmers Pool Their Resources

September 29, 2014—Iran—What Can I Grow in the Winter?

September 29, 2014—United States—Texas—Video—Follow Up on Accusations of Poisoning

September 29, 2014—United States—Maine—Lobster Shells Repel Soil Pests

September 29, 2014—Vietnam—Dumping Duties Unfair

September 27, 2014—Belize—Job—Manager/Engineer for Shrimp Farm

September 27, 2014—Australia—Research—Artificial Diets for Spiny Lobster Larvae

September 27, 2014—Nicaragua—Camanica Gets Global Gap Certification

September 27, 2014—Thailand—Losing European Tariff Preferences

September 26, 2014—USA—New York Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending Sept. 26, 2014

September 25, 2014—India—Farm-Gate Prices

September 25, 2014—Indonesia—Correction—Item Removed

September 25, 2014—United States—Missouri—BAP Hatchery Standards Completed

September 25, 2014—Canada—Chitin Project

September 25, 2014—Myanmar—Shrimp and Prawn Farmers Need Financing

September 23, 2014—Ecuador—Songa Plans to Increase Production by 50%

September 23, 2014—Malaysia—Seminar of New Discoveries to Stop EMS

September 23, 2014—Vietnam/China—Transshipments

September 21, 2014—USA—Indiana and Maryland—RDM Aquaculture and Marvesta Shrimp

September 20, 2014—China—First PL Sales to Vietnam

September 20, 2014—Indonesia—Update on CP Prima’s IMNV Antidote

September 20, 2014—Asia—Video—Puffy Shrimp Chips

September 20, 2014—USA—New York Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending Sept. 19, 2014

September 18, 2014—Mexico—Campeche Wants USA Investors

September 18, 2014—Germany—Green Aqua Farming

September 17, 2014—Mexico—Comments on Shrimp Imports

September 17, 2014—Indonesia—CP Prima Finds Antidote for IMNV

September 17, 2014—Australia—Commodities Group and Seafarms

September 17, 2014—Vietnam—Freshwater Prawns in Dong Thap Province

September 17, 2014—Australia—Bundaberg Prawn Farm

September 14, 2014—Mexico—Importing Shrimp Because of EMS

September 14, 2014—The World—A Discussion from the Shrimp List

September 14, 2014—India—Farm-Gate Shrimp Prices in August and September 2014

September 14, 2014—India—New Processing Plant

September 12, 2014—Australia—Seafarms Buys Coral Sea Farms

September 12, 2014—Vietnam—Video—Profitable Organic Shrimp Farm in the Mangroves

September 12, 2014—Thailand—Recovering Mangroves from Poaching Shrimp Farmers

September 10, 2014—United States—Texas—Paradise Shrimp Farm Suspects Poisoning

September 10, 2014—United States—New York—Investment Firm Seeks Aquaculture Projects

September 10, 2014—Ecuador—Trade Show Exhibitors at AQUAEXPO 2014

September 9, 2014—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports Jan/July 2013 and 2014

September 9, 2014—Vietnam—Research—Mass Selection for Small Brine Shrimp Cysts

September 8, 2014—USA—New York Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending Sept. 5, 2014

September 7, 2014—Thailand—Video—Industry Stats, Slavery, Boycott

September 7, 2014—Vietnam—Processors Must Grow Shrimp

September 7, 2014—Spain—Pescanova Profitable in the First Half of 2014

September 7, 2014—Thailand—Final Dumping Duty 1.1%

September 6, 2014—United States—Florida—Video–Red Lobster’s Endless Shrimp Returns

September 6, 2014—Australia—Research—Harvest Methods and Cooked Color in Monodon

September 5, 2014—Ecuador—XV1 Congreso Ecuatoriano de Acuicultura & AQUAEXPO 2014

September 5, 2014—Ecuador—El Niño Update, September 2014

September 5, 2014—Vietnam—Huge Imports of Shrimp from India

September 5, 2014—Honduras—The Tenth Central American Aquaculture Symposium

September 2, 2014—USA—New York Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending August 29, 2014

August 25, 2014—Thailand—Predictions for the Second Half of 2014

August 25, 2014—Vietnam—Turning Shrimp Pond Sludge into Electricity

August 25, 2014—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province Producing Its Own Broodstock

August 25, 2014—Japan—Video—How to Make Tiger Sushi

August 23, 2014—India—Final Dumping Duties

August 23, 2014—Mexico—Research—Phages Against Vibrios

August 23, 2014—Myanmar—Crab Farming

August 22, 2014—Vietnam—Climate Change and Saltwater Intrusion Encourage Shrimp Farming

August 22, 2014—United States—Colorado—Nutrinsic’s Biofloc Feed

August 22, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending August 22, 2014

August 21, 2014—World—Estimates of Farmed Shrimp Production

August 21, 2014—Thailand—Tim Flegel at TARS Roundtable

August 21, 2014—United States—New Jersey—Epicore at TARS Roundtable

August 21, 2014—Belgium—INVE at TARS Roundtable

August 20, 2014—Thailand—TARS—Daniel Fegan

August 20, 2014—Thailand—TARS— Hervé Lucien-Brun

August 20, 2014—India–Should Focus on Penaeus vannamei Farming

August 19, 2014—Mexico—New EMS/AHPNS Genome Research

August 19, 2014—Saudi Arabia—Job—Quality Assurance Officer at Shrimp Farm

August 19, 2014—Ecudaor—Shrimp Exports Set Record in the First Half of 2014

August 19, 2014—Iowa—Shrimp Farm Equipment For Sale

August 18, 2014—Malaysia—Job—Shrimp Hatchery Technician

August 18, 2014—USA—Video—How to Peel and Devein Shrimp from The Wall Street Journal

August 18, 2014—Ecuador—Video—Shrimp Industry Employment Numbers

August 18, 2014—Ecuador—Add-On to Special Report on Training

August 15, 2014—Thailand/India/Vietnam—Washington DC—Final Dumping Rates

August 15, 2014—Southeast Asia—ASEAN Farmed Shrimp Standards

August 15, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending August 15, 2014

August 14, 2014—Turks and Caicos Islands—Lobster Farming, Kind Of

August 14, 2014—Bangladesh—Shrimp Exports the USA Plummet, but Soar to Europe

August 12, 2014—Peru—Fishmeal—China Fishery Group

August 12, 2014—India—Research—Whitespot and Vibrio

August 12, 2014—Peru—El Niño—10,000 Years of History

August 11, 2014—Turks and Caicos—$125 Million for Two Shrimp Farming Projects

August 9, 2014—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports Jan/June 2013 and 2014

August 9, 2014—United States—Mid-West—Wants to Visit Inland Shrimp Farm

August 8, 2014—India—Correction on CAA Licenses for Shrimp Farms

August 8, 2014—Vietnam—Three Shrimp Companies Get Four Stars from GAA’s BAP Program

August 8, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending August 8, 2014

August 7, 2014—China—Hainan Island Hatcheries Hit Hard by Typhoon Rammasun

August 7, 2014—Ecuador—El Niño Report, August 7, 2014

August 7, 2014—United States—California—Shrimp News News

August 6, 2014—Oman—$80 Million for New Shrimp Farm

August 6, 2014—China—Poised to Push Shrimp Prices Higher

August 6, 2014—USA—Washington DC—Higher Dumping Rates for Thailand, Vietnam and India

August 6, 2014—Vietnam—Prime Minister on Antibiotics

August 5, 2014—United States—California—Whole Foods Market, Prices

August 5, 2014—Kuwait—First Indoor Shrimp Farm in an Arab Country

August 5, 2014—China—Importing Shrimp Because of Diseases on Farms

August 5, 2014—India—Tamil Nadu—Farm Licenses Not Available

August 4, 2014—Indonesia—Biofloc Technology

August 4, 2014—The World—Recommendations for Dealing with EMS from GAA’s Advocate

August 1, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014—United States—New Jersey—ShrimpTrader

August 1, 2014—Malaysia—Deaf Reporter Interviews Deaf Shrimp Farmer

August 1, 2014—Mexico—S-O-S from the Mexican Shrimp Farming Industry

July 31, 2014—Ecuador—Pretty Ladies Manage this Harvest

July 31, 2014—United States—Minnesota—Cargill’s New EMS Risk-Management Tool

July 30, 2014—Malaysia—Darden Restaurants to Continue with Lobster Farm

July 30, 2014—United States—Pennsylvania—Zeigler Job Announcement

July 30, 2014—Vietnam—Exports by Country, January/June 2014

July 30, 2014—Curacao—Wants Shrimp Feeds

July 29, 2014—United States—Missouri—Dr. David Brune’s Project

July 29, 2014—The World—Can You Grow Bivalves in Shrimp Ponds?

July 29, 2014—Malaysia—Darden Restaurant’s Lobster Project Questioned

July 29, 2014—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports by Product, January to May 2014

July 27, 2014—Ecuador/Thailand—Shrimp Prices Resume Upward Trend

July 27, 2014—United States—Missouri—GAA Certification Plans for Small Farms

July 27, 2014—Vietnam—Soc Trang Province—New Canals to Improve Water Quality

July 27, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending July 25, 2014

July 21, 2014—Bangladesh—Switching from Extensive To Semi-Intensive Shrimp Farming

July 21, 2014—South Korea—Farmed Shrimp Production from 2006 to 2013

July 19, 2014—United States—Alabama—Using Chitosan to Extract Uranium from Seawater

July 18, 2014—Ecuador—New Trade Agreement with the European Union

July 18, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, July 18, 2014

July 17, 2014—China—Farmed Shrimp Prices Fall 30 to 50 Percent

July 16, 2014—Vietnam—ASC Certification Conference for Shrimp Farms

July 14, 2014—Thailand—Shrimp Farmers Divided on 2014 Production Outlook

July 12, 2014—United States—Ohio—Video—Crowd Funding for Shrimp Farm

July 12, 2014—China—Hairy Crab Farmers Get Hot-Weather Insurance

July 12, 2014—Mexico–Sonora—EMS Still a Huge Problem

July 11, 2014—India/Thailand—CP Foods Plans More Investments in Andhra Pradesh, India

July 10, 2014—Thailand—CP Food's Shrimp Feeds Meet IFFO-RS Standards

July 10, 2014—Philippines—Shrimp Farmers on Mindanao Organize

July 10, 2014—Ecuador—El Niño Report, July 10, 2014

July 9, 2014—United States—Washington, DC—Shrimp Imports by Value and Volume

July 7, 2014—United States—Mississippi/Ohio—The Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium ohione

July 7, 2014—United States—Alabama—Dickie Odom’s Shrimp Farm

July 6, 2014—United States—American Catch by Paul Greenberg

July 6, 2014—India—Response to Paper that Says There’s No EMS in India

July 4, 2014—United States—Massachusetts—Sky 8 Shrimp Farm

July 4, 2014—United States—Indiana—RDM Aquaculture, Plus Video

July 4, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending July 4, 2014

July 4, 2014—Bangladesh—Bangladesh Frozen Foods Exporters Association’s Website

July 3, 2014—India—It’s Official, No EMS/AHPND in India

July 3, 2014—Panama—Chitosan Production at CAMACO

July 3, 2014—United Kingdom—Wants Monodon Postlarvae

July 3, 2014—United States—Virginia—Recirculation Aquaculture Conference

July 3, 2014—Honduras—Trade Show Exhibitors at Symposium

July 3, 2014—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports Way Up

July 1, 2014—United States—Myth Busters—Cholesterol and Shrimp

July 1, 2014—United States—Hawaii—Polychaete Research at the Oceanic Institute

July 1, 2014—India—The Coastal Aquaculture Authority’s Website

June 30, 2014—India—Quota on Broodstock Imports Increased 50%

June 30, 2014—Cyprus—Farmer Wants to Communicate on Zero-Exchange, Biofloc Systems

June 30, 2014—Bangladesh—Sets Shrimp Production Records

June 30, 2014—Fiji—Introduces Western White Shrimp

June 29, 2014—Honduras—Tenth Central American Aquaculture Symposium

June 29, 2014—United States—Video—Biggest Shrimp Farm in Indiana

June 29, 2014—United States—Wash. DC—$3 Million to Enforce the Collection of Shrimp Duties

June 27, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending June 27, 2014

June 27, 2014—Guatemala—Disease Problems?

June 27, 2014—United States—Hawaii—Wants Shrimp Seedstock

June 27, 2014—Thailand—TARS 2014 Shrimp Roundtable

June 25, 2014—United States—Florida—Chitin Alieviates Bowel Disease in Humans

June 25, 2014—Vietnam—Wants Organic Larval Feeds

June 25, 2014—Peru—Fishmeal Prices Rise Dramatically

June 24, 2014—Thailand—The Truth about Thai Shrimp

June 24, 2014—India—How to Control Luminescent Bacteria

June 24, 2014—Spain—Will the New Pescanova Keep Its Shrimp Farms in Latin America?

June 21, 2014—Thailand—New and Improved PCR Detection Method for EMS/AHPND

June 20, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending June 20, 2014

June 20, 2014—Thailand/Malaysia—Lowered to Tier-3 Because of Human Trafficking

June 19, 2014—Ecuador—The Best Shrimp in the World

June 19, 2014—United States—Washington State—Costco Will Continue to Work
with Thai Shrimp

June 19, 2014—Indonesia—White Feces Disease

June 19, 2014—Thailand—Vet Group Opens New Diagnostic Lab

June 17, 2014—United States—Florida—American Mariculture

June 17, 2014—Thailand—Gregarine-Like Bodies Accompany EMS

June 17, 2014—Japan—Top Ten Shrimp Suppliers to Japan

June 17, 2014—Mexico—Help with EMS From FAO

June 15, 2014—Thailand—CP Foods Rebuts Slavery Charges

June 13, 2014—Thailand—Carrefour Suspends Purchases from CP Foods

June 13, 2014—Australia—Noël Herbst Receives Award from the Queen

June 13, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices Week Ending June 13, 2014

June 13 2014—China—Using Salt to Improve the Meat Quality of Shrimp Raised
in Low-Salinity Water

June 13, 2014—Australia—Unleashing the Tiger

June 12, 2014—Thailand—New Feed Ingredients—Slavery and Murder

June 12, 2014—The Netherlands—Bird Exclusion by Laser Light

June 12, 2014—India—Import Quotas on Shrimp Broodstock Hinder Production

June 12, 2014—Vietnam/China—Informal Cross-Border Trade Stopped

June 11, 2014—Oman/China—The Qurun Aquapolis $120 Million Project

June 11, 2014—USA—Florida—Brazilian Shrimp Restaurant Chain Targets the USA

June 11, 2014—Ghana—West Africa—President of Ghana Promotes Shrimp Farming

June 10, 2014—Belize—Video—Industry-Wide ACS Certification

June 10, 2014—Taiwan/Japan—Medal for "Father of Shrimp Farming"

June 10, 2014—United Kingdom—Salmon Hydrolysate as an Attractant in Shrimp Feed

June 10, 2014—Ecuador—Composting Shrimp Wastes

June 8, 2014—Saudi Arabia—National Aquaculture Group Switches to Vannamei

June 8, 2014—India—Patents Phage that Kills Vibrios

June 8, 2014—United Kingdom—Wales—ProChaete Innovations

June 8, 2014—Thailand—Shrimp Exports and Imports January-March 2014

June 7, 2014—Honduras—Grupo Granjas Marinas

June 7, 2014—Central America—Production Statistics

June 7, 2014—Mexico—$24 Million Insurance Fund for Shrimp Farmers

June 7, 2014—China—Rainfall, Disease and Fishmeal Prices

June 7, 2014—United States—Washington, DC—Shrimp Imports by Value and Volume

June 6, 2014—Thailand—Amity Aquaculture, Ltd.

June 6, 2014—Honduras—Tenth Central American Aquaculture Symposium

June 6, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, June 6, 2014

June 5, 2014—The World—Shrimp Prices Rebound

June 5, 2014—Ecuador—El Niño Update, June 5, 2014

June 5, 2014—Vietnam/Ecuador—Quoc Viet and Omarsa Apply for ACS Certification

June 5, 2014—United States—Washington DC—Job—National Program Leader, Aquaculture

June 3, 2014—Indonesia—New Developments in Southern Java

June 3, 2014—The World—Clever Little Video on How Bioflocs Work

June 3, 2014—Vietnam—Huge Gain in Shrimp Exports

June 3, 2014—Australia—Nutritional Quality of Marine Worms from Sand Filters

June 2, 2014—Indonesia—100% Profit Margins Challenged

June 2, 2014—China—Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Shrimp at Retail Markets

June 2, 2014—Bangladesh—Video—Saltwater Intrusion with a Natural Twist

June 2, 2014—Asia—EMS Remedies

May 31, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices May 30, 2014

May 31, 2014—Vietnam—Saltwater Intrusion from Inland Shrimp Farms

May 30, 2014—Vietnam—Proceedings of Biofloc Workshop

May 30, 2014—Brazil—Feed Cost Compared in Biofloc and Semi-Intensive Systems

May 27, 2014—Canada—Full Copy of Roger Doyle's Paper on Inbreeding

May 27, 2014—Australia—Job—Farm Manager

May 27, 2014—Austria—Restaurants Looking for Shrimp

May 27, 2014—Vietnam—Rampant Antibiotic Use

May 27, 2014—Brunei—New Shrimp Farming Project

May 26, 2014—Indonesia/India—Shrimp Prices from The Shrimp List

May 26, 2014—Ecuador—Antibiotics

May 26, 2014—United States—New Jersey—Epicore BioNetworks' 2014 Third Quarter Results

May 24, 2014—Panama/Thailand—Shrimp Prices from The Shrimp List

May 24, 2014—United States—Florida—Video—The First Ever Virus Disease in Tropical Lobsters

May 23, 2014—Belize—Paradise Shrimp's Trials with Penaeus monodon

May 23, 2014—Ecuador—Video—Shrimp Farming in Ecuador

May 22, 2014—United States—Texas—Proceedings of Biofloc Workshop

May 22, 2014—Germany—Video—Breeding Shrimp for Beauty

May 22, 2014—Thailand/Vietnam—Farming Shrimp on Sandy Soils

May 22, 2014—India—Price Drop Aggravated by Rising Rupee

May 22, 2014—Vietnam—Using Bagasse in Shrimp Ponds

May 21, 2014—United States—Missouri—GAA Epidemiological Study of EMS

May 21, 2014—The Netherlands/Vietnam—Job—Organic Shrimp

May 21, 2014—United States—Washington DC—Aquaculture Research Grants

May 21, 2014—Mexico—Sinaloa—EMS, First Crop of 2014

May 19, 2014—Australia—Video—Rock Lobsters

May 19 2014—Spain/Thailand—Charoen Pokphand and Pescanova's Shrimp Farms

May 18, 2014—Egypt—Video—Extracting Spermatophors from Vannamei

May 18, 2014—Vietnam—Top Export Markets for White and Tiger Shrimp, January-March 2014

May 18, 2014—Indonesia—Mangroves Make Comeback

May 16, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending May 16, 2014

May 16, 2014—Canada—Alberta—Pincher Creek Shrimp Farm Gets Permit

May 16, 2014—Mexico—CIAD Research with INVE's Products against EMS

May 16, 2014—Portugal—Phages and Lysozyme Against Vibrio parahaemolyticus

May 13, 2014—Thailand—Live Brine Shrimp Naups Delivered

May 13, 2014—United States—Pennsylvania—Zeigler Feeds Hires Dr. Craig Browdy

May 13, 2014—Malaysia and Germany—Wanted PLs

May 13, 2014—Thailand—Google Group on EMS/AHPND

May 13, 2014—China—Artificial Substrates in Zero-Exchange Systems

May 12, 2014—United States—Florida—Three Short Videos—Florida Organic Aquaculture

May 12, 2014—Vietnam—Mekong Delta Prices Drop as Much as 37%

May 12, 2014—Ecuador—Shrimp Conference in Machala, July 2014

May 12, 2014—United Arab Emirates—Abu Dhabi— Al Jaraf Fisheries

May 12, 2014—Thailand—Heat Kills Farmed Shrimp

May 12, 2014—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province, Extensive Farms Produce High Profits

May 11, 2014—United States—Shrimp Prices Falling

May 11, 2014—United States—Washington, DC—Shrimp Imports by Value and Volume

May 9, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending May 9, 2014

May 9, 2014United States—Louisiana—Antibiotics in Imported Shrimp

May 9, 2014—Belgium—Researchers Propose New Management Techniques for EMS

May 9, 2014—United States—Washington, DC—USA Shrimp Imports, First Quarter 2014

May 8, 2014—Belize—Production of Penaeus monodon Postlarvae

May 8, 2014—United States—California—Freshwater Prawns at $29.99 a Pound

May 7, 2014—Iceland—Geothermal Lobster Farming

May 7, 2014—United States—Colorado—Silver Bullet Wants TCBS Agar Dip Slides

May 7, 2014—United States—Florida—Fresh Shrimp USA

May 6, 2014—India—Correction—No EMS in Tamil Nadu

May 6, 2014—China—Spring Shrimp Crop Much Better Than Last Year

May 5, 2014—Saudi Arabia—NPC Changes Its Name to National Aquaculture Group

May 5, 2014—Spain—Pescanova—No New Funds for Shrimp Farms

May 5, 2014—Belize—Aquaculture Stewardship Certification of Shrimp Farms

May 5, 2014—United States—Indiana—Big Barn Shrimp Farm

May 5, 2014—Vietnam—More on Lobster Farming

May 4, 2014—China—Shrimp Broodstock Imports in 2014

May 4, 2014—Vietnam—8,000 to 10,000 Lobster Farms

May 4, 2014—Indonesia—Lobster Farming

May 4, 2014—India—Tamil Nadu—Shrimp Disease Report

May 2, 2014—USA—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending May 2, 2014

May 2, 2014—Honduras—Important Shrimp Conference for the Western Hemisphere

May 2, 2014—Mexico—Gran Kino Expects to Increase Survival Rate by 28% in 2014

May 2, 2014—China—Shrimp Farmers Organize to Get Better Prices

May 2, 2014—India—Job—Mud Crab Hatchery Manager

May 1, 2014—Thailand—Forum on EMS, June 27–28, 2014

April 29, 2014—Vietnam—Antibiotics Found in Vietnamese Shrimp

April 28, 2014—United States—Hawaii—Kona Bay Marine Resources—Name Change

April 28, 2014—Indonesia—CP Prima's Financial Results in 2013

April 28, 2014—Bangladesh—Drought Panics Shrimp Farmers

April 28, 2014—Mexico—Subsidies for Shrimp Farmers in Northwest Mexico

April 28, 2014—India—Mud Crab Taxonomy

April 27, 2014—China—Spread of EMS to the Central Coast

April 27, 2014—United States—New York—Frozen Shrimp Prices, Week Ending April 25, 2014

April 27, 2014—China—Farm, Hatchery and Recirculating Systems Catalog

April 25, 2014—Thailand—New Bid to Control EMS

April 25, 2014—Nigeria—Job—Project Manage

April 24, 2014—Japan—McDonalds Introduces Shrimp Burger

April 24, 2014—Costa Rica–Shrimp Farm For Sale

April 24, 2014—Brazil—Environmental Licenses Hinder Shrimp Farming Development in Bahia

April 23, 2014—United States—GAA's BAP Standards on Shrimp Get Good Rating from MBA

April 22, 2014—Thailand—Jerry Pixley's Story

April 22, 2014—Australia—Video—NQ Prawns, Ltd., Pty.

April 22, 2014—Mexico—Certificates of Origin Required for All Shrimp

April 21, 2014—Australia—New Microbial Shrimp Feed Ingredient

April 21, 2014—China—Pictures and Contacts for 587 Shrimp Farming Products

April 21, 2014—Fiji—Comparison of Four Strains of Freshwater Prawns

April 21, 2014—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports to Australia

April 18, 2014—United States—Florida—David Flushing Responds to Question about Radiation

April 17, 2014—United States—California—A Shrimp News Question on Radiation of Live Shrimp

April 17, 2014—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg..."Production Seems to Be Significantly Worse"

April 17, 2014—Australia—A-Culture Holdings Gets Permit on Murray River

April 16, 2014—United States—Washington, DC—FDA Approves Radiation of Crustaceans

April 16, 2014—Vietnam—Costs Rise and Prices Drop

April 16, 2014—Bangladesh—Crab Farming Around Cox's Bazar

April 16, 2014—Philippines—Whitespot

April 15, 2014—Mexico—Grupo Mahr

April 15, 2014—Thailand—Researchers Analyze DNA of 6 Strains of V. parahaemolyticus for EMS

April 15, 2014—Australia—Cyclone Ita Interrupts Harvest at Seafarms Group

April 14, 2014—Honduras—Grupo Granjas Marinas

April 14, 2014—Africa—Mud Crab Growth Rates

April 13, 2014—Vietnam—Lobster Farming on the Central Coast

April 13, 2014—United States—Wisconsin—Dairyland Shrimp

April 10, 2014—Ecuador—Chances of an El Niño are Fifty/Fifty

April 10, 2014—Washington, DC—Shrimp Imports by Volume and Value—Jan/Feb 2013 and 2014

April 10, 2014—Mexico—Calcium Supplements from Shrimp Shells

April 10, 2014—India—West Bengal—Boom Times, Salinity Problems, Unregistered Farms

April 10, 2014—Vietnam—White Shrimp Farming Continues to Expand in the Mekong Delta

April 8, 2014—United States—New York—Tiger Shrimp Prices January 3 to April 4, 2014

April 8, 2014—China—Aquaculture Insurance Conference—Shrimp Speakers

April 8, 2014—United States—Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture's Grand Opening

April 7, 2014—United States—New York—White Shrimp Prices January 3 to April 4, 2014

April 7, 2014—Vietnam—Pilot Insurance Program for Shrimp Farmers

April 7, 2014—Thailand—Soft-Shell Crab Farming in Southern Thailand

April 6, 2014—Thailand—Higher Prices, Waning Disease Spark Hope

April 5, 2014—India—Production Increases in 2013

April 5, 2014—Thailand—Diversity in Isolates That Cause EMS

April 5, 2014—United States—Alabama, Florida and Texas Farmed Production in 2013

April 5, 2014—World—Question on Production of Farmed Shrimp in 2014

April 3, 2014—China—Status of Shrimp Farming in 2013

April 3, 2014—India—No Confirmed Cases of EMS/AHPND

April 3, 2014—Panama—Shrimp Exports in 2013

April 2, 2014—Thailand—CP Foods Shrimp Division Faces $30 Million Loss

April 2, 2014—Philippines—Shrimp Farm For Sale

March 30, 2014—United States—Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture

March 30, 2014—Thailand—CP Foods Will Layoff 1,200 People at Shrimp Processing Plant

March 30, 2014—Vietnam—Lobster Seedstock Sells for $10.84 Each!

March 30, 2014—United States—New York—Shrimp Prices, Shell On Tails

March 27, 2014—Netherlands—Stewardship Council's Shrimp Certification Standards

March 27, 2014—Thailand—TARS 2014 Shrimp Conference

March 27, 2014—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports in January and February 2014

March 26, 2014—The World—Nurseries for EMS Management

March 26, 2014—Malaysia—Daniel Gruenberg—A Pond Trial with Copepods

March 26, 2014—Australia—Status of Shrimp Farming in 2011/2012

March 25, 2014—United States—Florida—Red Lobster Hurt by High Shrimp Prices

March 25, 2014—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg on Shrimp Prices

March 25, 2014—Japan—Shrimp Prices in February 2014

March 25, 2014—Vietnam—Japan Finds Antibiotics in Vietnam's Shrimp, Again

March 25, 2014—United States—Mississippi—Post Harvest Treatment of Prawns with Salt

March 25, 2014—United States—Arkansas—Corn Protein Concentrate in Shrimp Feeds

March 23, 2014—United States—Texas—Global Blue Technologies

March 21, 2014—United States—Texas Primo Broodstock

March 21, 2014—Thailand—Alternative to Eyestalk Ablation

March 21, 2014—United States—Washington State—AquaInTech—Managing EMS

March 20, 2014—Thailand and Vietnam—Baseline Map of Coastal Habitats and Shrimp Farms

March 20, 2014—Honduras—Poachers

March 20, 2014—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports in January 2014


March 18, 2014—United States—Texas—NaturalShrimp, Investment Opportunity

March 18, 2014—India—Oceanaa Biotek Industries' Stock Offering

March 17, 2014—USA—Wash. DC—Shrimp Imports by Volume and Value in Jan 2013 and 2014

March 16, 2014—United States—Florida—Pure Grown Hatchery, PLs For Sale

March 16, 2014—Thailand—EMS Test Kits, Production Statistics and Processors

March 16, 2014—United States—Texas—El Terco Shrimp Farm and Restaurant

March 15, 2014—United States—Hawaii—Shrimp Improvement Systems, Expansion

March 15, 2014—Indonesia/Thailand–Job—Shrimp Farm Manager

March 15, 2014—Australia—"Microbial Biomass" Feeds for Tiger Shrimp

March 15, 2014—Ecuador—Shrimp Exports in January 2014, Value Doubles

March 15, 2014—Japan—Traders Anticipate Lower Shrimp Prices

March 13, 2014—Thailand—Shrimp Prices Plunge

March 13, 2014—Asia—ASEAN Shrimp Certification

March 13, 2014—United States—Missouri—GAA's Case Study of EMS

March 13, 2014—United State—Texas—Addison Lawrence and Dried Distiller Grains

March 13, 2014—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg on EMS

March 13, 2014—Australia—Seafarms Group Battles Regulations

March 13, 2014—Vietnam—Mekong Delta Production Statistics

March 11, 2014—United States–Florida–Job/Crustacean Genomics

March 11, 2014—The World—Looking for Penaeus monodon Broodstock

March 11, 2014—World Markets for Farmed Shrimp—From Seafood Source

March 11, 2014—Thailand/Vietnam—CP Foods Processing Plants in Vietnam

March 9, 2014—India—Wants Help with Aeration

March 9, 2014—Thailand—Shrimp Exports and Imports in December 2013 and for All of 2013

March 9, 2014—United States—Shrimp Imports Up in January 2014

March 7, 2014—USA—Massachusetts—Making Biodegradable Plastics from Shrimp Shells

March 7, 2014—Vietnam—Pollution from Lobster Farms Threatens Lobster Hatchery

March 6, 2014—Oman—New Multimillion-Dollar Shrimp Farming Project

March 6, 2014—India—New Breeding Center for Tiger Shrimp

March 6, 2014—Thailand—CP Foods See A Good Year Ahead

March 6, 2014—Ecuador—Farming Shrimp in Sea Cages

March 6, 2014—Brazil—Shrimp Feeds from Fish Wastes

March 4, 2014—China—Sino Agro Food's Mega Shrimp Farming Project

March 4, 2014—Spain—Pescanova—Bankruptcy—Disposition of Shrimp Farms in Latin America

March 4, 2014—Israel—Enzootic's All-Male Freshwater Prawns

March 4, 2014—India—Wants Investors for Vannamei Farm

March 1, 2014—United States—New York—Shell on Shrimp Prices in February 2014

February 28, 2014—India/USA—USA/FDA Satisfied with India's Shrimp Exports

February 28, 2014—Australia—CSIRO Working with CO2

February 28, 2014—United States—Hawaii—Job—Manager of Shrimp Nutrition Trials

February 28, 2014—Mexico—No Insurance for First Crop of 2014

February 26, 2014—United Kingdom—Weather Indexed Insurance for the Shrimp Farming

February 26, 2014—Japan/United States—Marubini Buys Eastern Fish Company

February 26, 2014—Vietnam—Cold Weather Delays Stocking

February 26, 2014—Costa Rica—Shrimp Farm For Sale

February 25, 2014—Japan, China and Southeast Asia—Shrimp Prices Soar

February 25, 2014—Fiji—Video—Mud Crab Farming

February 23, 2014—Belgium/Thailand—Attractability of Probiotic-Coated Shrimp Feed

February 21, 2014—The Netherlands—Framelco—Using Monoglycerides to Fight AHPNS/EMS

February 21, 2014—Thailand—SyAqua's Broodstock Certified EMS Free

February 21, 2014—Thailand—TARS 2014, A Shrimp Farming Conference

February 21, 2014—USA—New Jersey—Epicore BioNetworks's Second Quarter 2014 Results

February 20, 2014—Thailand—Thai Union Feed Mill Studies Extruded Shrimp Feed

February 20, 2014—Ecuador—April 2014 Conference in Manabi

February 20, 2014—United Arab Emirates/Abu Dhabi—Al Jaraf Fisheries

February 20, 2014—United States—Missouri—GAA Launches EMS Webpage

February 20, 2014—India—Avanti Feeds' Stock Soars 150%

February 19, 2014—Panama—The GeneReach Test Kit for EMS

February 18, 2014—Mexico—Ten Million for Shrimp Farmers

February 18, 2014—Thailand—Farmers Think the First Crop of 2014 Will Be a Good One

February 18, 2014—Taiwan—Taiwan Hung Kuo Industrial's Extruded Feeds

February 18, 2014—Vietnam—Off To a Shaky Start in 2014

February 18, 2014—Brazil—Bacterial Fishmeal Replacement

February 17, 2014—United States—Shrimp Imports by Volume and Value, 2012 and 2013

February 12, 2014—United States—Florida—Red Lobster Hurt By High Prices

February 12, 2014—Venezuela/China—Grupo Lamar

February 12, 2014—Thailand—Dr. Timothy Flegel on AHPHN/EMS

February 11, 2014—Indonesia—Former CP Prima Farmers Act Independently

February 9, 2014—United States—Arizona—Update on the New Test Kit for EMS

February 7, 2014—Philippines—New Disease Outbreak

February 7, 2014—India—Record Increase in Shrimp Exports

February 7, 2014—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports in 2013

February 7, 2014—Australia—Using Genetic Markers to Determine Dams and Sires

February 7, 2014—India—Marine Yeasts as Immunostimulants Against Vibrio cholerae

February 6, 2014—Peru—Fishmeal Prices at 18-Month Low

February 6, 2014—China—Zhanjiang Guolian Signs Agreement with General Mills

February 4, 2014—Panama—EMS Symposium Update

February 4, 2014—United States—Hawaii—Hatchery Feed Directory

February 4, 2014—Bangladesh—No Shrimp Farming on Ag Land

February 3, 2014—The World, Penaeus monodon Prices in January 2014

February 2, 2014—The World, Penaeus vannamei Prices in January 2014

January 31, 2014—Thailand—Cold Spell Exaggerated

January 30, 2014—Vietnam—Organic Shrimp Farming in Ca Mau Province

January 30, 2014—China, USA and Mexico—Research Updates from the Journal Aquaculture

January 30, 2014—USA—Missouri—GAA/BAC Hatchery Standards Certification

January 28, 2014—Panama—EMS Conference

January 28, 2014—Malaysia—LIR Biotech Runs EMS Tests, Job Offer

January 27, 2014—Bangladesh—Allows Imports of Tiger Broodstock and Postlarvae

January 27, 2014—Honduras—Congress Passes Shrimp Farming Law

January 27, 2014—Thailand—CP Foods Upgraded to a Buy

January 25, 2014—Malaysia—Sabah—Big New Project

January 25, 2014—Taiwan—Carrageenan Triggers Immunity in Penaeus vannamei

January 25, 2014—Saudi Arabia—David Griffith Wants Brush-Style Aerators

January 25, 2014—United States—Virginia—Recirculation Systems Conference

January 25, 2014—United States—Iowa—Video—Northern Iowa Shrimp

January 24, 2014—World Shrimp Markets

January 24, 2014—Mexico—Vibrios, Biofloc and Penaeus vannamei

January 24, 2014—China—Skretting Opens Shrimp Research Center

January 24, 2014—Vietnam—Wants to Visit Polychaete Farms

January 23, 2014—Thailand—Cold Spell Exacerbates EMS Epidemic

January 22, 2014—United Arab Emirates—Job—Farm Technician

January 22, 2014—Japan/India—A Change in the Ethoxyquin Standard

January 22, 2014—Australia—CO2's Management Team

January 21, 2014—Ecuador—Video—The Mangroves Have Become War Zones

January 20, 2014—Ecuador and Thailand—Shrimp Prices Mid January 2014

January 20, 2014—Indonesia—Sulawesi—Tech-Savvy Shrimp Farming

January 19, 2014—United Kingdom—ProChaete's Marine Worms Do Not Carry EMS

January 19, 2014—Myanmar—Video—Crab Farm

January 18, 2014—Mexico—Production of Farmed Shrimp

January 18, 2014—Portugal—Using Phage Cocktails to Fight EMS

January 18, 2014—Brazil—Record Production of 17,775 Kilograms Per Crop

January 17, 2014—Mexico—Silver Bullet Trials on EMS in Sinaloa

January 17, 2014—Thailand—EMS Forum—Managing the Shrimp Epidemic

January 17, 2014—Australia—Marine Worms Clean Up Shrimp Farm Effluent

January 16, 2014—Mexico—"You Can Pretty Much Write Sonora Off
as a Big Shrimp Producer in The Future"

January 14, 2014—United States—Arizona—Diagnostic Test for EM

January 14, 2014—United States—Washington DC—Shrimp Imports by
Volume and Value from January to October in 2012 and 2013

January 12, 2014—United States—Hawaii—Broodstock and Inbreeding

January 12, 2014—Bangladesh—Organic Shrimp Farming

January 12, 2014—India and Israel—All-Male Freshwater Prawns

January 12, 2014—Iran—I Have 300 Tons of Shrimp For Sale

January 12, 2014—Korea and Brazil—Bioflocs, PLs and Immunity—Two Studies

January 10, 2014—United Kingdom—Llyn Aquaculture

January 10, 2014—United States—Texas—Production of Farmed Shrimp in 2013

January 10, 2014—Thailand and Peru—Vibrio Counts in Shrimp Postlarvae

January 10, 2014—Bangladesh—Shrimp Hatcheries

January 8, 2014—United States—Mississippi—Four Crops a Year with Bioflocs?

January 8, 2014—Mexico—Sonora—The Cost of Whitespot in 2013

January 7, 2014—Taiwan/Thailand—PCR Detection of EMS, Update

January 4, 2014—Indonesia—CP Prima Building New Feed Mill

January 4, 2014—Ecuador and Thailand—Shrimp Prices January 2-3, 2013

January 3, 2014—USA—Texas—Inexpensive Pond Management Apps

January 2, 2014—Japan—The Maruha Nichiro Group Will Not Abandon Thai Shrimp Farming

January 2, 2014—India—Gujarat—Lobster Farmers Harvest Cages

January 2, 2014—India—Videos—Harvest of a Biofloc Shrimp Pond

December 28, 2013—The World—Penaeus Monodon Prices in December 2013

December 28, 2013—The World—Penaeus Vannamei Prices in December 2013

December 27, 2013—Japan and India—New Feed Plant

December 27, 2013—Vietnam—Biofloc/EMS Conference, December 2013

December 24, 2013—Sri Lanka—Update

December 24, 2013—World—Profitability of RAS Systems

December 24, 2013—Thailand and Taiwan—Researches Release Free Information
on AHPND Detection Methods

December 24, 2013—China—Evergreen Aquatic Products Cuts Exports, Cites EMS, PL Prices

December 24, 2013—Ecuador—Emergency Alert Buttons on Shrimp Farms and Transport Boats

December 21, 2013—Australia—CO2 Plans to Raise $354 Million, then $1 Billion

December 21, 2013—Jamaica—Second Shrimp Farm Quits Shrimp Farming

December 21, 2013—United States—Iowa—Northern Iowa Shrimp

December 19, 2013—Australia—CO2 Acquires Seafarm

December 19, 2013—Vietnam—Using Bioflocs and Tilapia to Fend Off EMS

December 19, 2013—Thailand—Shrimp Imports, Hatchery Closing

December 19, 2013—Philippines—Plans Shrimp Production Increase of 25% in 2014

December 19, 2013—Indonesia—CP Prima Reports Losses While Sales Rise

December 18, 2013—Thailand—Professor Tim Flegel Thinks Marine Worms May Be Cause EMS

December 18, 2013—Ecuador—GSP Tax Break

December 18, 2013—Ecuador and Peru—Cooperate on EMS

December 18, 2013—United States—Indiana—Big Barn Shrimp Farm

December 17, 2013—United States—Per Capita Consumption of Shrimp Drops

December 17, 2013—Vietnam—Statistics on a Very Good Year for Shrimp Farming

December 17, 2013—Singapore—Shrimp Pumps

December 17, 2013—Ecuador—Announces Measures to Fend Off EMS

December 17, 2013—Australia—Shrimp Imports from Vietnam

December 17, 2013—United States—Ken's Catch on China's Love Affair with Ecuador

December 17, 2013—Mexico—Shrimp Industry Representatives to Visit Asia

December 13, 2013—Malaysia—Practical Advise on Dealing with EMS

December 13, 2013—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg on GAA's EMS Webinar

December 13, 2013—United States—Florida—Update on Larcos Postlarvae Counter

December 12, 2013—United States—California—Ken's Catch on USA Shrimp Imports

December 12, 2013—Myanmar—Update

December 11, 2013—Vietnam—EMS—The Perfect Killer—A Webinar

December 8, 2013—United States—Indiana—Video, Shrimp Eating Contest

December 8, 2013—United States—Texas—KAAPA Aqua Ventures Alliance

December 7, 2013—Thailand—Gruenberg Rebuts Newman

December 7, 2013—Myanmar—Myanmar Fisheries Department and Gold Coin

December 7, 2013—Greece—Rich Enrichment Diets

December 7, 2013—India and Ecuador—Surpass Thailand

December 6, 2013—United States—Washington State—Is Inbreeding Responsible for EMS?

December 6, 2013—Jamaica—Trans-Global Aquaculture Quits Shrimp Farming

December 6, 2013—USA—Arizona—Researchers Think a Clean Environment May Cause EMS

December 6, 2013—Saudi Arabia—Job—Hatchery Technician for Live Feeds

December 4, 2013—United States—Missouri/Arizona—Chamberlain and Lightner Live on EMS

December 4, 2013—Nicaragua—Camanica, One of the Largest Shrimp Farming
Operation in Latin America

December 4, 2013—India—More on the Crop Holiday

December 2, 2013—India—Controversy Over Crop Holiday

December 2, 2013—Vietnam—Shrimp Prices Soared in Mid-November 2013

December 2, 2013—Morocco—Wanted Penaeus vannamei Postlarvae

December 2, 2013—Vietnam—May Limit Shrimp Exports to China

December 2, 2013—Indonesia—Report from The Indonesia Shrimp Farmers Club

December 2, 2013—Honduras—Granjas Marinas Improving Seedstock, Increasing Production

November 27, 2013—India—MPEDA Clarification on Crop Holiday

November 27, 2013—India—Early Mortality Syndrome Confirmed

November 27, 2013—Indonesia—Dilemma on Stocking Levels

November 27, 2013—Mexico—Sinaloa—Pre-Filters Proposed for All Shrimp Ponds

November 27, 2013—Thailand—CPF Forecasts Shrimp Recovery in 2014

November 26, 2013—India—All Shrimp Farming in India Will Temporarily Stop
by the End of November 2013

November 26, 2013—China/Hong Kong—Asian Aquaculture Insurance
and Risk Management Conference

November 25, 2013—Thailand—Thai Brokerage Firm Predicts Shrimp Farming Recovery

November 25, 2013—United States—Missouri—Dr. George Chamberlain on EMS/AHPND

November 25, 2013—United States—Washington State—Dr. Stephen Newman on Vibrio

November 25, 2013—United States—Pennsylvania—Zeigler Ad in The Advocate

November 22, 2013—Australia—Seafarm for Sale

November 22, 2013—Ecuador—200-Hectare Farm For Sale

November 21, 2013—Thailand—Daniel Gruenberg Reports

November 21, 2013—Ecuador and Thailand Shrimp Prices on November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013—USA—Arizona—EMS Test Kits, India EMS Update, Another Bad Vibrio

November 21, 2013—China—Sino Agro Food Applies for NASDAQ Listing

November 21, 2013—United States—Video—How to Make a Shrimp Burger

November 21, 2013—Thailand—Seafresh Owns 50% of Belize Aquaculture

November 19, 2013—The World—Thickness of HDPE Pond Liners

November 19, 2013—Ecuador—Protecting Shrimp from Hijackers

November 19, 2013—India—Vannamei Broodstock Shortage

November 19, 2013—United States—Louisiana—Video on Tiger Shrimp Invasion

November 18, 2013—Spain—Pescanova's Shrimp Farms in Latin America Lose $27 Million

November 18, 2013—USA—Arizona—PCR Detection of Acute Hepatopancreatic
Necrosis Disease (AHPND/EMS) Available!!!

November 16, 2013—Bangladesh—Importing First SPF Monodon Broodstock

November 16, 2013—India—Biofloc Supplementation of Juvenile Feeds

November 16, 2013—Saudi Arabia—Job—Water Quality Management

November 16, 2013—Vietnam—Statistics and Predictions

November 16, 2013—China—Imports of Live Shrimp from Vietnam Renewed

November 14, 2013—USA—"USA Shrimp Consumption Will Continue to Fall"...John Sackton

November 14, 2013—Canary Islands—Allows Monodon and Vannamei

November 14, 2013—Ecuador—OMARSA

November 12, 2013—USA—Hawaii—Molokai Sea Farms Resumes Broodstock Sales to China

November 12, 2013—Thailand—CP Foods Forecasts a Recovery in Early 2014

November 12, 2013—Ecuador—USA Government Owes Songa a Million Bucks

November 12, 2013—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports January to September 2013

November 10, 2013—Malaysia—EMS Seminar

November 10, 2013—India—Odisha–The Cost of Cyclone Phailin

November 10, 2013—Cuba—Guajaca Shrimp Company

November 8, 2013—United States—Louisiana—Video of Tiger Shrimp Invasion
To Be Broadcast Tomorrow Night

November 8, 2013—China—Shrimp Production Has Fallen 50% to 60% in 2013

November 8, 2013—Ecuador—Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura Reports on China Conference

November 8, 2013—Ecuador—OMARSA Reports on China Seafood Show

November 8, 2013—Belgium—Distributors Wanted for Shrimp Larval and Starter Feeds

November 5, 2013—China—No Quick Recovery in 2014

November 5, 2013—Mexico—The Classic Shrimp Cocktail

November 5, 2013—The World—EMS—Age and Size of On-Set

November 5, 2013—Mexico—Cargill Conference on EMS

November 3, 2013—Australia—Acoustic Feeding Control in Large Ponds at Low Densities

November 1, 2013—Australia—Ridley Aqua-Feed Hires Dr. Matthew Briggs

November 1, 2013—Spain—Acuinova's Three Shrimp Farms Will Be Liquidated

November 1, 2013—China—Scientists Sequence Penaus vannamei Genome

October 31, 2013—Vietnam—Shrimp Exports January/September 2013

October 31, 2013—United States—Per Capita Shrimp Consumption Drops 9.5%

October 31, 2013—Honduras—Resumes Fresh Shrimp Exports to Mexico

October 30, 2013—India—Andhra Pradesh—30,000 Acres of Farms Inundated by Heavy Rain

October 30, 2013—Thailand—Shrimp Prices

October 30, 2013—United States—California—Restaurants Worry About High Shrimp Prices

October 30, 2013—India—Shrimp Samples Sent to the University of Arizona Show No Viruses

October 29, 2013—Bangladesh—Video—A Sad Story about Shrimp Farming

October 29, 2013—United States—Florida—Tiger Shrimp Invasion

October 29, 2013—India—More on the EMS Situation from The Shrimp List

October 28, 2013—India—EMS Update

October 27, 2013—Japan—Restaurants Drop Shrimp Tempura from Menus

October 27, 2013—New Zealand—Continuous Chaetoceros Culture

October 27, 2013—China—Biofloc Research with Juvenile Shrimp

October 27, 2013—India—Does India Have EMS?

October 25, 2013—Belgium—INVE Hires Shrimp Farming Pioneer Randall Aungst

October 25, 2013—India—Becomes Biggest Shrimp Exporter to USA

October 25, 2013—Vietnam—Ca Mau Province Encourages Hatcheries

October 24, 2013—Saudi Arabia—Jobs—Hatchery Manager and Technicians

October 24, 2013—New Zealand—Prawn Farm For Sale

October 24, 2013—Myanmar—Shrimp Farmers Quitting

October 20, 2013—United States—Indiana—Big Barn Shrimp Farm

October 20, 2013—United States—Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture

October 20, 2013—Honduras—Illegal Farms

October 20, 2013—Vietnam—Phu Cuong Seafood Processing and Import and Export Company

October 20, 2013—Vietnam—Shrimp Shortage

October 19, 2013—Thailand—A Short-Term Solution for EMS

October 19, 2013—Spain—Pescanova's Bankruptcy and Shrimp Farms

October 19, 2013—Vietnam—Vannamei Exports Equal Monodon Exports, Almost

October 19, 2013—Belgium—Bacterial HSP70 (DnaK) Is an Efficient Immune Stimulator

October 19, 2013—Australia—Call for Papers–2014 WAS Biofloc Conference

October 19, 2013—USA—Georgia—Video—Restaurant Adds a Buck to All Shrimp Dishes

October 17, 2013—Malaysia—Pegagau Aquaculture

October 17, 2013—Mexico—Cage Culture

October 17, 2013—India—Cyclone Phailin Floods Shrimp Farms in Odisha

October 15, 2013—Oman—Inks Deal with Thailand

October 15, 2013—Philippines—Benefitting from Ban on Imports—And Questionable Data

October 15, 2013—India—Shrimp School

October 15, 2013—Sri Lanka—Video—Development of a Government Shrimp Farming Project

October 15, 2013—India—Seedstock and Aerotubes For Sale

October 14, 2013—Thailand—Robins McIntosh Clarifies CPF's Fishmeal Policy

October 14, 2013—Mexico—Annual Production in Sonora May Drop to 10,000 Metric Tons

October 14, 2013—Bangladesh—Can't Meet the Demand for Its Farmed Shrimp

October 12, 2013—Vietnam—Biofloc Workshop Program

October 12, 2013—France—Comments from Daniel Gruenberg on EMS

October 12, 2013—India and Bangladesh—Cyclone Phailin

October 11, 2013—France—Final News on EMS from GOAL 2013

October 11, 2013—Indonesia—Export Prices for Shrimp Are Dropping

October 11, 2013—Thailand—Cargill Buys Feed Mil

October 11, 2013—United States—Georgia—Famous Chefs Talk About Shrimp

October 10, 2013—Indonesia—Huge Increase in Shrimp Production Predicted

October 10, 2013—Asia—Using Tea Seed Cake to Kill Fish in Shrimp Ponds

October 10, 2013—United States/Louisiana/History—How a Rubber Boot Transformed
the Shrimp Processing Industry

October 9, 2013—The World—Statistics on Production and EMS from GAA

October 9, 2013—Mexico—Eight Million Dollars for Shrimp Farming

October 9, 2013—Israel—Award for All-Male Prawn Research

October 8, 2013—United Kingdom—Restaurant Drops Shrimp Because of Rising Prices

October 8, 2013—Iran—66% of Shrimp Farms Closed

October 4, 2013—USA—California—Lobster and Shrimp Fight It Out

October 4, 2013—Vietnam—Biofloc Workshop

October 3, 2013—Thailand/Ecuador—Shrimp Prices

October 3, 2013—Vietnam—Soc Trang and Bac Lieu Provinces

October 3, 2013—Singapore—Job—Shrimp Feed Additive Sales

October 1, 2013—United States—New Mexico—Video of Recirculating System

October 1, 2013—Mexico—Sinaloa—Almost 400 Shrimp Farms Damaged by Hurricanes

September 30, 2013—Vietnam—Country-by-Country Shrimp Exports

September 29, 2013—Vietnam—China Continues to Scoop Up Vietnamese Farmed Shrimp

September 29, 2013—USA—Washington, DC—Volume of Shrimp Imports January to July 2013

September 26, 2013—United States/Arizona—Dr. Donald Lightner Named
Aquaculture Person of the Year

September 26, 2013—France—Global Aquaculture Alliance's Panel Session on EMS

September 26, 2013—Honduras—Production Statistics

September 26, 2013—United States—Washington, DC—IQF Shrimp Prices

September 24, 2013—Belgium—INVE Developing a Product to Alleviate EMS

September 24, 2013—Indonesia—All Neglected Shrimp Farms Are Back in Business

September 24, 2013—India—Slow Registration of Farms and Hatcheries

September 24, 2013—Ecuador—Russian Delegation Visits Ecuadorian Shrimp Farms

September 24, 2013—Washington, DC—Peeled and Deveined Shrimp Prices

September 23, 2013—Thailand—Processors Stretch Out Shrimp Inventories
with Value-Added Products

September 23, 2013—United States, New York—The Wall Street Journal's Comments
on the End of the Subsidy Case

September 23, 2013—United States, Washington, DC—Shell On Shrimp Prices

September 20, 2013—United States, Washington, DC—No Subsidy Duties!

September 19, 2013—Australia—Ridley AgriProducts Licenses Shrimp Feed with No Fish

September 19, 2013—United States—Oregon—Pacific Seafood's Shrimp Burger

September 18, 2013—Taiwan—Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about
PCR but Were Afraid to Ask

September 18, 2013—United States—Texas—Resistance to High Shrimp Prices

September 18, 2013—United States—DC—Subsidy Ruling Friday, September 20, 2013

September 17, 2013—Ecuador—Video—A Message to the United States About Subsidy Duties

September 17, 2013—Mexico—500 Hectares For Sale Between Two Big Shrimp Farms, Maps

September 16, 2013—Australia—Reproductive Performance of Triploid and Diploid Tiger Shrimp

September 15, 2013—Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about
SPF and SPR but Were Afraid to Ask

September 13, 2013—Ecuador—China Investing in Ecuadorian Shrimp Farms

September 13, 2013—USA/Ecuador—John Sackton's Seafood.com
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September 12, 2013—Thailand/Ecuador—Shrimp Prices

September 12, 2013—Panama—Bans Live Shrimp from Countries with EMS

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September 6, 2013—United States—Florida Organic Aquaculture, Native PLs For Sale

September 6, 2013—Belize—Cormorant Deterrent

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September 5, 2013—China—Shoddy Aerators

September 4, 2013—USA—Shrimp Imports, July 2012, India Filling the Gap

September 4, 2013—Colombia—Production Potential Six Times Greater than Ecuador

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September 3, 2013—Thailand—Matt Briggs, EMS Likely to Spread to Other Countries

September 3, 2013—United States—Maine—Half Red Lobster

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September 3, 2013—Malaysia—Subsidy Duties to Cost $152 Million

August 31, 2013—Ecuador—The Fifteenth Ecuadorian Aquaculture and AquaExpo Conference

August 31, 2013—Thailand—Gruenberg's Response to Chamberlain's Comments on pH

August 30, 2013—Canada—Geneticist Dr. Roger Doyle on EMS/AHPNS and Inbreeding

August 29, 2013—USA—Missouri—Video—Dr. David Brune's Project

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August 28, 2013—USA—Missouri—Dr. George Chamberlain on EMS/AHPNS

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August 26, 2013—Indonesia—Sulawesi—Prices Surge

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August 23, 2013—Thailand—I&V Bio's New Brine Shrimp Product–Questions and Answers

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August 23, 2013—Brazil—Renews Shrimp Exports

August 23, 2013—Indonesia—May Become the Largest Producer of Shrimp in the World

August 23, 2013—Ecuador—Subsidy Duties to Cost $60 Million

August 23, 2013—Mexico—Nayarit, Mortalities Over 80%

August 22, 2013—USA—Washington State—AquaInTech's Tablets for Treating Shrimp Ponds

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August 19, 2013—Honduras—Joint Venture Feed Mill Completed

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August 17, 2013—The World—Main Stream Media Reports on Shrimp Farming

August 17, 2013—