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January 7, 2015


Seajoy Farms Shrimp and Releases Turtles


The Seajoy/Deli Group has shrimp farms in Honduras, Ecuador and Nicaragua. It also works with another species—sea turtles.  But unlike shrimp, its turtles never appear on a menu.  Since 2007, it has run a program to relocate turtle egg clutches and release hatched turtles into the ocean.  The program has released 35,754 turtles, mostly Kemp’s ridley turtles, said Alberto Obregon, environmental manager at Seajoy.


In November, Nicaragua’s Institute of Agricultural Health and Protection (IPSA) awarded its first best aquaculture practices certificate to Seajoy’s shrimp hatchery group at a turtle-releasing ceremony.  IPSA started the certificate program as a way to promote Nicaraguan exports, environmental protection and public health.  The process for the certification included Seajoy presenting a manual for good aquaculture practices to IPSA, which then conducted a series of inspections to verify compliance, Obregon said.


No stranger to certifications, Seajoy says its owners helped found the Global Aquaculture Alliance and that all its farms have been Best Aquaculture Practice certified by GAA.  It is also planning for its Nicaraguan operations to undergo Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification, said Brad Price, vice president of operations and sales at Seajoy.


In 2014, in Nicaragua, Seajoy added 167 hectares to its farming operations, giving it around 900 hectares.  That’s part of a previously reported $3-to-$5-million project to add 300-400 hectares.  Seajoy may reach 1,000 hectares next year, Price said.  In 2013, Seajoy’s total production was a little more than 20 million pounds of whole shrimp.  It harvested 16.5 million pounds in 2014, carrying over 600,000 pounds from 2014 into January 2015.




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