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August 28, 2013


Shrimp Shells Lower Blood Pressure


Norway’s food research institute, Nofima, and its largest shrimp industry company, Stella Polaris/Marealis, are collaborating on a project to convert several thousand tons of shrimp shells from Arctic shrimp into a dietary supplement to combat elevated blood pressure.


CEO of Marealis AS, Jaran Rauø, says, “We have a product that works better than any other product against hypertension or elevated blood pressure.  This will result in the creation of...a hundred million krone a year [over $16 million].”


In the form of a tablet or capsule, the refined peptide concentrate has a potential kilo price to the end user of $831.  The product, which carries the registered trademark Tensiotin®, will be sold and marketed with a publicly approved health claim connected to healthy blood pressure.


“The product has been tested on animals and humans with extremely good results and a full-scale clinical study is imminent,” says Rauø.


Information: Morgan Lillegård, Chief Information Officer, Nofima, Muninbakken 9-13 Breivika, P.O. Box 6122, NO-9291 Tromsø, Norway (phone +47-77-62-90-00, email, webpage


Information: Jaran Rauø, CEO, Marealis AS, Sjøgata 39, 9008 Tromsø, Norway (phone +47-90-98-11-62, email, webpage


Source: (Fish Farmer Magazine).  Shrimp-Based Supplement to Combat High Blood Pressure.  August 27, 2013.


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