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June 8, 2013

Sultanate of Oman

Qurun Aquapolis, a New $100 Million Project




The Lim Shrimp Organization with its partner Bank Sohar (the third largest bank in Oman, backed by the Omani Wealth Fund, the Omani Pension Fund and the Omani Investment Fund) and Arabian Marine Development, LLC, will jointly develop a 700-hectare, multi-species, integrated aquaculture farm in Ras Jibsh, Oman, 300 kilometers South of Muscat along the Arabian Sea.


The species to be cultured will include giant tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon), Indian white shrimp (P. indicus), sea cucumbers (Holothuria scabra), Salicornia (an edible, salt tolerant plant), oysters and other bivalves.  When fully operational, the farm will produce approximately 4,500 metric tons of shrimp a year.



With construction targeted to start in September 2013, the project will cost $100 million and is scheduled for completion in 2016.  A total of 700 employees will be recruited from Oman, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the United States.


The project will have its own feed mill, processing plant, cold storage facilities, hatcheries, desalination plant, standby power plant, sewage treatment plant, incinerator and other social amenities like shops, clinics, churches, mosques, a sport complex and a social hall.


Video: For a nifty, animated, nine-minute video of the project that includes music, maps and pictures of all the buildings and pond layouts CLICK HERE.


The Lim Shrimp Organization will be the main operator of the project.


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Djames Lim (  Subject: Sultanate of Oman—700-Hectare, Multi-Species Aquaculture Farm.  June 7, 2013.


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