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July 3, 2014


Chitosan Production at CAMACO


Shrimp News: This item has been appended to my recent report on chitosan, titled What is the Shrimp Processing Industry Doing with Its Surplus of Heads and Shells?


Roberto Chamorro ( Back in 2008, Camaronera de Coclé, SA (CAMACO), one of the largest shrimp farming companies in Panama, made an investment in a small-scale chitosan plant at our shrimp processing facility.  It was partially financed by the Panamanian National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation.  We did small-scale chitosan extraction from shrimp wastes and produced a high-quality product that was certified by the Mexican National University.  The project objective was to resolve the problems we had with the disposal of shrimp wastes from our processing plant.  Chitosan was proposed as antiseptic and antibacterial for agriculture and aquaculture purposes within our group, Grupo Calesa, which is composed of six agribusinesses (sugar, rice, feeds, shrimp, cattle and agro-veterinary products).


After one year of operation, we came into the conclusion that we did not have enough heads and shells to make it cost effective.  That’s because we were selling mostly head-on product.  We did find, however, very good prices for our chitosan in the agriculture industries.  Currently, we’re looking at ways chitosan can be used in shrimp larvae culture and in shrimp growout.


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Roberto Chamorro (  Subject: Chitosan Story.  July 2, 2014.

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