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July 11, 2013


Video of an Amphibious Utility Vehicle in a Shrimp Pond


This four-minute video shows a small, four-man, eight-wheel, amphibious, Argo tractor scooting around the CAMACO shrimp farm in Panama.  Once it enters the water, it slows down to a crawl and looks like it could double as an aerator in a pinch.  The video has bad wind noises, but you might want to leave the sound on so that your can hear the 32-hp engine and some of the limited conversation (in Spanish).  Don’t miss minute 2:44 when the Argo plows through the muck on the bottom of a shrimp pond and up a steep bank while carrying four men.  I bet that it’s expensive, but it could also handle a lot of the chores on a shrimp farm like hauling people, feed and equipment around and pulling and pushing other stuff.


Information: ARGO S.p.A., Via Lemizzone 1, San Martino in Rio (RE), Italia (webpage


Source: YouTube.  Equipo Anfibio en CAMACO, Extreme Argo Climb on Dyke (in a Shrimp Farm).  Erik Viktor.  July 4, 2013.  Information: For a two-minute video explaining all the capabilities of the Argo tractor, Click Here.


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