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March 8, 2016




Exacerbated by the prolonged heat associated with El Niño, EMS/AHPND has recently been detected on the island provinces of Negros, Luzon, Bohol and Cebu.  Raoul Flores, vice chairman of the Negros Prawn Producers Cooperative, which has about 60 members, said the heat and high salinities have intensified the risks of EMS/AHPND.


Currently, Negros Occidental Province, on Negros Island, and General Santos City, on Mindanao Island, each produce 30% of the country’s farmed shrimp.  The remaining 40% is produced on central Luzon Island, where 95% of production is white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) and 5% is giant tiger shrimp (P. monodon).


Source: Business Mirror.  Producers Roll Out Measures vs Shrimp Disease.  Philippines News Agency.  March 8, 2016.

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