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November 13, 2015


Plans to Double the Production of Farmed Shrimp


As demand from the United States and Japan continues to grow, the Philippines hopes to produce 130,000 metric tons of white shrimp a year in the near future.


Several large shrimp farms—Alson Aqua, Sarangani Agricultural Company, San Andres Aquacultrue Corporation and RD Corporation—in General Santos City and Sarangani Province are already in the position to compete with industry leaders in Southeast Asia, like Thailand and Vietnam.  These companies produced almost all of the region’s estimated 20,000 metric tons of white shrimp in 2014.


The Philippines is still relatively free from early mortality syndrome (EMS), which has plagued other shrimp producing countries in Southeast Asia, and it has prohibited the importation of live shrimp to protect the shrimp farming industry.


The Philippine government will set up hatcheries in each of the country’s coastal regions to help boost production.  They will be funded and run by local governments with initial funding from the national government.


Source:  PH Eyes Bigger Shrimp Production for Export.  Edwin Espejo.  November 12, 2015.

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