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Philippines—Who Is Nelson Gerundo?



Nelson Gerundo (, a licensed veterinarian, who responds to almost every posting on The Shrimp List, a mailing list for the shrimp farming industry, says, “I am tired and old.  I just want to give back to the industry by sharing.  That’s all.  I have 30 years of actual service to the Philippine aquaculture industry.”  Gerundo holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Husbandry and a Master’s Degree and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree (D.V.M.) from Stirling University in Scotland.


He’s worked in the following sectors:


• Research with the Philippine International Development Research
  Centre (IDRC) Fish Health Project

• Public Service at the Philippines Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic
  Resources (BFAR)

• Private Penaeus vannamei Farming

• Private P. vannamei Larviculture

• Private P. monodon Hatchery Production

• Private Tilapia Hatchery

• Live Seafood Restaurant

• Live, High-end Seafood Export to China and Hong Kong

• Marine Ornamental Fish and Invertebrate Exportation

• University Teaching

• Knowledge of Photographic Documentation

• Necropsied and Microtomed a “Ton” of Fish and Shrimp

• Prescribed (Rx) and Treated and Saved Many Animals


In his early twenties, Gerundo worked for BFAR and then spent the next 26 years of his career in the private sector.  Since joining The Shrimp List, he has received some work offers from the private sector, and he has not accepted a single one of them.  Instead, he passed on the offers to shrimp farmers and hatchery owners.  Currently, he does not accept money for any of his services.


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