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April 19, 2015

Saudi Arabia and Denmark

New Shrimp Sorting Project at NAQUA


At Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global, a trade show scheduled for Brussels, Belgium, on April 21-22, 2015, Danish company Semi-Staal A/S, which manufactures systems for processing and handling commodities, will discuss a new project that will double the length of the shrimp sorting tables at Saudi Arabia shrimp farm NAQUA.  The goal of the project is to give NAQUA the most automated sorting system in the world.


Currently at NAQUA, each sorting station has 16 employees that sort shrimp manually.  By doubling the length of the stations, it will be possible to increase the production capacity by 75%.  The sorting stations are both preceded and followed by automated processes and therefore, NAQUA wants to optimize the manual sorting process.


Semi-Staal A/S sent a construction engineer to NAQUA to look at the facilities and find a solution to increasing production.  NAQUA required that the project be carried out without impairing the working conditions for the employees.


“There will be no difference when it comes to height, width and functionality between the existing and the new parts of the stations,” says Nicolai Meyendorff, managing director of Semi-Staal A/S.


The work will be carried out in June 2015.  Concurrently, Semi-Staal A/S is carrying out number of other projects for NAQUA.


Information: Nicolai Meyendorff (email, phone +45-49-25-25-16, cell +45-24-41-45-19, fax +45-44-98-22-36, webpage


Source: World Fishing.  Project to Increase Shrimp Production Capacity.  April 16, 2015.

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