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June 8, 2014

Saudi Arabia

National Aquaculture Group Switches to Vannamei


The National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA), formerly the National Prawn Company, has switched from farming Penaeus indicus to farming P. vannamei.  Pedro Lopez-Sors Alonso, general manager of marketing and communications at NAQUA, said that after three years of whitespot problems with indicus, it switched to vannamei because of the availability of specific pathogen free vannamei broodstock.


NAQUA operates the largest shrimp farm in the Middle East and one of the largest shrimp farms in the world.  It also farms finfish and other species.


Source: SeaFood Business (this is the last issue after 33 years of publication).  Farmed Shrimp/Road to Recovery: Industry Turns Corner after EMS Devastation.  Joanne Friedrick.  Volume 33, Number 6, Page 26, June 2014.

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