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December 13, 2015


Gills “N” Claws Aquaculture’s Crab Farm




Gills “N” Claws Aquaculture raises mud crabs in vertically-stacked, A3-plastic containers (internal measurements 457 x 305 x 254 mm) that are continually sprinkled with water.  The crabs are fed daily with a mixture of ground chicken livers and trash fish, caught by the company’s fishing fleet.


Gills ’N’ Claws also has a fish farm in Singapore, and its parent company, RBI Holding, owns two other crab farms and a crab hatchery in Sri Lanka.  Gills ’N’ Claws gets its seedstock from the hatchery in Sri Lanka.  The crabs are brought to Singapore when they are about four months old and weigh about 400 grams each.  After about seven weeks, when the crabs reach 800 to 1,000 grams each, they are ready for sale.  The farm’s projected output is about 200 metric tons of crabs a year.


Owner Steven Suresh said, “Mud crabs are territorial and carnivorous”.  In each square meter of pond culture, he said, “The advised stocking density is only three crabs.”   In his stacked-box system, he can house more than 30 crabs for each square meter of floor space.


There are no other licensed crab farms in Singapore, which imported 5,100 tons of crabs from January to November 2015.  Most of the crabs eaten in Singapore are imported, costing as much as $30 a kilo at the wholesale level.  Suresh plans to sell his crabs for $26 a kilo.


Information: Steven Suresh, RBI Holding, 51 Cuppage Road, Singapore 229469 (phone 65-6735-2800, fax 65-6884-6970, email, web page


Source:  Farm Owner to Have a Crack at Crab-Rearing.  Seow Bei Yi (  Photo: Yeo Kai Wen.  December 11, 2015.

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