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March 23, 2016


Polychaete Farming Technology For Sale


Dr. Francisco Javier Tobías Jiménez (, reports:


Since 1995, our research team has been working on the reproductive biology of Lumbrineris impatiens, a marine worm that shows widespread distribution in warm regions and can be found in the main shrimp farming areas of the world (South and Central America, India, China and ASEAN countries).





We have developed a simple, low-cost and “easy to use” system to farm these worms.  No special skills are required. The worms can be grown in raceway systems or in trays.


In countries where importation of live juveniles is allowed, our team supplies juvenile worms produced in Spain.  These juveniles will be farmed in systems operated under the supervision of our team.  Consulting fees are very affordable.  The customer is required to purchase juveniles from Spain.


In countries where importation of live juveniles is not allowed (like India or Vietnam), our team can assist you in the development of systems to farm local populations of L. impatiens.




Our projects are developed in three phases (training, implementation and production).  Technical assistance includes a detailed description of our procedures, the design of the pilot and production plants and training courses on rearing methods.


It appears that L. impatiens is being used in several hatcheries in Singapore, Bangladesh and India.  It seems that there is a lot of interest in growing this species in India.


Source: Emails to Shrimp News International.  Subject: News from Spain.  From: Francisco Javier Tobías Jiménez.   March 17, 21 and 22, 2016.

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