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June 25, 2015


The VegaFish/Findus Shrimp Farming Project


Swedish company Vegafish, which develops land-based, recirculating biofloc systems for fish and shellfish farming, has entered the shrimp farming business with Findus, a multinational frozen food business headquartered in the United Kingdom with operations in Europe.  The shrimp are grown indoors in an environmentally friendly biofloc system located in Uppsala, Sweden, using waste heat and waste products.  UV lamps over the growout tanks stimulate algae growth.  The first larvae, imported from Florida, are already in place.


“Actually, I never feed the shrimp, but I always feed the biomass,” says Matilda Olstorpe, CEO of Vegafish AB and associate professor of microbiology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, emphasizing the uniqueness of the system’s symbiosis.  “It is a completely closed system.  We fill up the water and keep it.  The biomass is released once the shrimp culturing is done.”


But the Uppsala facility is just a small pilot plant.  A full-scale production facility is under construction in Bjuv, Sweden.


“We chose Uppsala for its proximity to the University, Arlanda airport, where we import the larvae, and the SVA lab, where samples are test for diseases,” said Olstorpe.  “The Bjuv facility will be completed in a month and will be accept larvae for autumn production.  It takes time to stabilize the nutrition systems to function optimally.  Bjuv was chosen because of our partnership with Findus.”


Vegafish is responsible for shrimp farming and the development of the project; Findus contributes residual heat from its cold storage facilities and waste products, such as peas and fish waste, which become fodder for the bioflocs.  Findus also manages the freezing, packaging, distribution and sales of the shrimp.


“We use land directly adjacent to Findus’s facility, so we are close to a heat source and minimize transport.  Looking ahead, we see opportunities to expand the facility in Bjuv, but we would also like to open in other places to offer fresh production close to customers,” says Olstorpe.


Vegafish is currently implementing Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification, but has encountered some complications.  “We expect ASC certification later this year, but not everything applies to us.  There are no regulations for indoor growing yet, so we have to proceed with pond-culture regulations and adapt them,” says Olstorpe.


Information: Matilda Olstorpe, Chief Executive Officer, Vegafish AB, Marsta Rosenlund 125, SE-755 93 Uppsala, Sweden (email, webpage


Information: Henrik Nyberg, Business Development and IT Director, Findus, Billesholmsvägen, Bjuv, 267 40, Sweden (phone +46-0-42-86-000, mobile 46-0-761-173361, email, web page


Source:  Biofloc News/Sustainable Shrimp Farming.  Saumena.  June 24, 2015.

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