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October 5, 2014


Mitten Crab Farming


Mitten crab farming in not only done on the China mainland.  Over the past few years, with local government assistance, a thriving mitten crab farming industry has been established in northwest, Taiwan, in Miaoli County.


In 2011, the Miaoli County Government in cooperation Shanghai Ocean University in China signed an agreement to develop mitten crab farming.  The number of crab farms increased steadily, and today the county has 103 mitten crab farms, producing 800,000 crabs a year.


Shanghai Ocean University supplies healthy seedstock and produces a custom feed for the crabs.  No antibiotics are used in the production process.


Each crab is tagged with a colored label—gold, silver or green—that designates the weight of the crab.  In addition, customers can scan a code on the label to obtain information on where the crab was raised.


Source: The China Post (Taiwan).  Miaoli Mitten Crabs to Be Released in October.  Joy Chang.  September 30, 2014.

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