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March 21, 2014


Alternative to Eyestalk Ablation


In this study, the recombinant gonad-inhibiting hormone of Penaeus monodon was expressed (produced) in Pichia pastoris, a species of yeast widely used for protein expression using recombinant DNA techniques.  A single injection of anti-GIH mAb into wild previtellogenic P. monodon was able to induce ovarian maturation and spawning at a comparable rate to eyestalk ablation.  The results demonstrate the neutralization effect of anti-GIH mAb on vitellogenesis inhibitory action of GIH, and thus provide a potential alternative to induce ovarian maturation in P. monodon broodstock.


From Abstract: “Ovarian maturation in crustacean is controlled by an eyestalk neuropeptide called gonad-inhibiting hormone (GIH) that is presumed to inhibit vitellogenin synthesis.  In this study, a recombinant protein of GIH of Penaeus monodon (rPem-GIH) was expressed in a Pichia pastoris expression system and purified to homogeneity by reversed-phase SPE (C18).  The purified rPem-GIH significantly reduced vitellogenin mRNA level in primary tissue culture derived from previtellogenic ovary of P. monodon broodstock by 45.7% compared with the untreated group. This effect was similar to that of partially purified optic lobe extract, and demonstrated that the rPem-GIH possessed gonad-inhibiting activity.  A monoclonal antibody specific to Pem-GIH (GIH mAb) was able to neutralize the activity of GIH from the partially purified optic lobe extract to about 58 % by in vitro assay in primary tissue culture of the ovary.  Peptide mapping revealed that amino acids 16 to 20 (MYNKV) of the mature Pem-GIH may serve as an epitope of anti-GIH mAb.”


Source: Aquaculture.  Functional Characterization of Recombinant Gonad-Inhibiting Hormone (GIH) and Implication of Antibody Neutralization on Induction of Ovarian Maturation in Marine Shrimp.  Supattra Treerattrakool email (, Institute of Molecular Biosciences, Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, Nakhon Pathom 73170, Thailand), Chanikarn Boonchuoy, Sittichai Urtgam, Sakol Panyima and Apinunt Udomkita.  In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online March 20, 2014.

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