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November 25, 2013


Thai Brokerage Firm Predicts Shrimp Farming Recovery


On November 25, 2013, Bualuang Securities, a brokerage firm in Thailand, reported: “Following our visits to shrimp farms in which Thai Union Frozen Products (TUF) has equity stakes, we believe that the Thai shrimp industry has bottomed out...and is in recovery mode.   Shrimp farmers now have an improved success rate... dealing with EMS disease.  TUF’s shrimp-raising associates started using bio-plus bacteria to consume food that normally would have been eaten by EMS bacteria, boosting farm output during the past three months.  Our...”BUY” rating stands, premised on an ongoing...operational shrimp recovery.”


Source: The Nation.  Thai Union Frozen Products.  November 26, 2013.

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