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June 13, 2014


Carrefour Suspends Purchases from CP Foods


On June 13, 2014, British retailer Carrefour, a multinational retailer headquartered in France and one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world, announced that it was temporarily suspending all direct and indirect purchases from CP Foods.  Carrefour called it “a precautionary measure” as a result of articles in the British newspaper, The Guardian, about slave labor being used to source the fishmeal used in CP’s shrimp feeds.  Carrefour  was a major buyer of shrimp from CP Foods.


Carrefour said it would not purchase from CP Foods “until light has been shed on the situation.”  The retailer said it conducted a “social audit” of CP’s processing plant in July 2013, “as it has done regularly,” and found “nothing abnormal at the time.”


The Environmental Justice Foundation praised Carrefour for its action, but cautioned that a boycott of a single supplier will not solve a problem that the EJF said is systematic throughout the Thai fishing industry.  “Carrefour’s announcement is welcome news and shows that European retailers are finally waking up to the severity of the abuse in Thailand’s seafood industry,” said Steve Trent, EJF’s executive director.  “However, CP is just one part of a problem that plagues the entire sector.”   All companies sourcing seafood from Thailand should be aware of the fact that they are selling products tainted by slavery.


Source:  Editor, Sean Murphy (  Carrefour Suspends Purchasing from CP Foods.  Sean Murphy.  June 13, 2014.

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