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January 23, 2014


Cold Spell Exacerbates EMS Epidemic


Daniel Gruenberg reports: Record cold temperatures in Thailand have exacerbated the EMS epidemic, resulting in widespread emergency harvests (including a significant one at my farm).


I did a quick survey of hatchery managers, feed suppliers and processors that confirmed continued significant mortalities due to both EMS and WSSV in southern and eastern Thailand.  A major feed mill reports that it’s only operating its mill two days a week, and processors report that they are operating at less than 20% of capacity.


Interestingly, I have heard countless reports of “cures” or fixes for EMS, and yet I have not been able to confirm that even one of them works.  There still remains a paucity of good research on management strategies for EMS that’s based on good scientific methods, not just pseudo-science and rumors.


Talk of a recovery of the Thai shrimp farming seems to be exaggerated.


A Thai newspaper reports: On Thursday, January 23, 2014, “Bangkok hit its coldest record in 30 years when the temperature fell to 15.6º Celsius (60°F),” said Songkram Aksorn, Deputy Director General of the Thai Meteorological Department.  This year’s cool season has been the longest for a decade, lasting for almost three months, Songkram said.


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