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April 17, 2014


Daniel Gruenberg...“Production Seems To Be Significantly Worse”


Daniel Gruenberg ( reports on The Shrimp List: During a trip to the Eastern Region of Thailand, I noticed that shrimp production seems to be significantly worse than earlier in the year.  The latest figures available show a significant downward trend in production, and the farmers I interviewed are reporting greater than 90 percent mortality in the first 30 days of growout, versus 50 to 70 percent earlier.  I don’t have as much direct information from southern Thailand, but the few farmers I spoke with reported similar numbers.


It seems we are still a long ways from recovering from the EMS epidemic in Thailand.  Production volume is crashing, while prices for smaller shrimp are rising.  The contacts I have in Malaysia and China report similar problems.  I do hear anecdotal reports from some farmers that things are getting better, but they are not talking about how they are achieving success. The most credible information I have is that probiotics and perhaps tilapia co-culture are the reasons for better results.


Here are the latest farm-gate prices (note the jump prices for smaller sizes, which were below $4.66 recently):


50 count per kilo = $8.39

55 count per kilo = $8.32

60 count per kilo = $8.23

65 count per kilo = $8.08

70 count per kilo = $7.92

75 count per kilo = $7.14

80 count per kilo = $6.15

85 count per kilo = $6.06

90 count per kilo = $5.59

95 count per kilo = $5.44

100 count per kilo = $5.37


Source: The Shrimp List (a mailing list for shrimp farmers).  Subject: Brief Update Thailand.  April 16, 2014.

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