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August 13, 2013


USA Drops Shrimp Dumping Duties to Zero


Since the introduction of dumping duties in 2005 (not to be confused with the current subsidy case that may or may not result in duties being assessed against Thailand), Thai shrimp exports to the USA have been subjected to tariffs from 5.29 to 6.82 percent.  After Thailand submitted clear documentation that it was not dumping shrimp in the United States, those dumping duties were recently reduced to zero.


Bangjongjit Angsusingh, deputy director-general to the Thai Foreign Trade Department, said his department is advising Thai “shrimp exporters to urgently request from the USA a return of guarantee payments on anti-dumping duties for Thai shrimp exports.”  Bangjongjit warned that Thai exporters should be wary of the tariff revision because USA domestic enterprises have the right to have revisions overturned.


Meanwhile, in the new subsidy case against Thailand, the USA Government is investigating 13 cases of possible subsidized exports of Thai shrimp.  If the USA Government finds that Thailand subsidized its exports, it is likely to impose countervailing duties on Thai shrimp.   Thailand has already sent documentation to the Office of the USA Trade Representative to defend itself against the subsidy charges.


Source: The Nation.  US Agrees to Zero Anti-Dumping Tariff.  Petchanet Pratruangkrai.  August 12, 2013.


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