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September 12, 2013


Shrimp Prices


This exchange took place on The Shrimp List”, a mailing list for shrimp farmers.


Hamid ( I hear that shrimp prices in Thailand are rising.  Will someone please forward prices for the various size classes?


Matthew Briggs ( Prices in Thailand have been going up steadily for the past year.  In fact, they doubled in the last year, and they are still going up as a direct result of early mortality syndrome (EMS).  Although there is more shrimp being produced in Thailand now than at the low point in May/June 2013, it’s not a significant increase.  Farmers are still suffering.  Right now, farm gate prices for whole, white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) are as follows :


50 count: $7.75 a kilo

60 count: $7.58 a kilo

70 count: $7.26 a kilo

80 count: $6.94 a kilo

90 count: $6.61 a kilo

100 count: $6.13 a kilo


Problem is: We can’t produce any !!!


Attilio E. Castano ( Here are the current farm gate prices for whole, white shrimp (Penaues vannamei) in Ecuador, where the packer pays for the ice and transport to the processing plant.


20/30 count: $10.35 a kilo

30/40 count: $9,50 a kilo

40/50 count: $8.65 a kilo

50/60 count: $7.75 a kilo

60/70 count: $6.70 a kilo

70/80 count: $6.05 a kilo

80/100 count: $5.85 a kilo


Source: The Shrimp List (a mailing list for shrimp farmers).  Subject: Price of Shrimp.  September 11, 2013.


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