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December 10, 2014


Farm-Gate Shrimp Prices


Farm-gate prices for large Thai shrimp decrease, and prices for small shrimp continue to increase.


Prices for 60-count per kilogram shrimp were $5.49 in the first week of December 2014, compared to $5.94 to $6.04 a kilo in the first week of November 2014.  Prices 70-count shrimp per kilo were $5.15, compared to $5.80 to $5.88.  Prices for 80-count shrimp were $4.88 to $4.93 a kilo, compared $5.48 to  $5.55.


Satasap Viriyanantawanit, who manages the Thai business of Siam Canadian Foods, says, “Thai packers do not have any pending orders on large sizes because over the past two to three months, Thailand shrimp prices have always been much higher than other countries, especially on large sizes.  For the moment, the majority of pending orders in Thailand require only small sizes, where we can be competitive.  As a result...prices on these smaller sizes are going into the opposite direction.  Head-on 75-count shrimp per kilo and smaller are continuing to move up around $0.18 to even $0.46 a kilo during the last ten days.  Packers are trying to secure enough raw materials on these small sizes to fulfill their need for pending orders.  Prices on these sizes are likely to continue moving up until current orders are done.  Also, currently prices from Vietnam, Indonesia and India are still much cheaper than Thailand—only on large sizes—and it should not be a smart idea for Thai packer to buy and hold stock on these sizes.  They will be only losing money.  Anything that is larger than head-on count 70/kg—prices on these sizes may even come down further.”


Source: Undercurrent News.  Editor, Tom Seaman.  Larger Thai Shrimp Raw Material Prices Fall, as Smaller Sizes Rise.  Tom Seaman  (  December 9, 2014.

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