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September 8 2015


Shrimp Farmers Take Another Look at Tigers


About ten years ago when Charoen Pokphand Foods began introducing lower-priced white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) in Thailand, it quickly dwarfed giant tiger (P. monodon) shrimp production, which typically occurs at lower densities, according to Kanisorn Tanthien of the Siam Green Shrimp Company.  Currently, white shrimp is everywhere, and giant tigers are are only five percent of the market, Tanthien said.


Then early mortality syndrome caused white shrimp volumes to plummet in Thailand and elsewhere in the region.  Efforts to promote tiger shrimp along with the fact that it can be transported live, as a premium species, have created a resurgence of tiger shrimp farming in the last three years.  Giant tigers were out of the market for a long time, but are now making a come back.


Tanthien hopes to find larger distributors or franchise restaurants within China, but hasn’t been successful, although he remains hopeful and so do his fellow farmers in the Tatong Plain Shrimp Farmer Co-Operative Co., of which he is a director.


Chinese customers like the red color (when cooked) of tiger shrimp, and especially like that it can be shipped live, not frozen.  The co-op produces less then 10,000 metric tons of tiger shrimp annually, and it is cautious about boosting those volumes.  “If we can find more markets, we can produce more,” he said.  “The market is really small so we are reluctant to produce more.”


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