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November 21, 2014


Meet Dan Fegan



The Aquaculture Communications Group has launched a project to capture the experience of veteran members of the aquaculture industry in their own words and use high-definition video and the Internet to carry their messages to the global community.


To date, a total of nineteen industry veterans with a wide range of personal experiences in different parts of the world have been interviewed.  You can view all nineteen interviews at


Dan Fegan, the owner of The Shrimp List, a mailing list for the shrimp farming industry,and someone with over thirty years of experience managing and consulting in the shrimp farming industry, is among the first 19 aquaculture veterans to be interviewed for the high-definition videos.  Currently, Fegan works out of Thailand, where he is regional technical manager for Cargill Animal Nutrition, a division of the USA agribusiness giant.  You can view the interview at  Fegan talks about his long career in aquaculture.


Information: Tor-Eddie Fossbakk, Senior Consultant, Founding Partner, The Aquaculture Communications Group, LLC, 47218 Manhattan Circle, Novi, Michigan 48374, USA (phone +1-248-305-9339, Skype: toreddie, email, webpage


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