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August 12, 2013


Live Brine Shrimp Deliveries to Hatcheries



At its facility in Chonburi, Thailand, I&V Bio has developed a new brine shrimp product called “INSTART 1”, Artemia nauplii that will stay alive for 48 hours at 2ºC to 4ºC.  That temperature puts the naups into a state of suspended animation; they don’t burn energy and their growth rate slows down.  I&V Bio delivers the live naups, saving hatcheries the cost of producing their own Artemia nauplii.  It uses a separation technology that completely eliminates all cysts, so the hatchery gets beautifully clean—certified Vibrio free—Artemia nauplii delivered to its door.


The founders of the company, Frank Indigne and Luk van Nieuwenhove, each have over 20 years experience in aquaculture.  Indigne, says, “We deliver daily in insulated boxes, pick up the boxes from the previous day and take them back to our Artemia hatchery center for cleaning and disinfection.”


I&V Bio packs the live Artemia nauplii in 800-gram trays as a dry paste.  Its production process includes several backup systems that allow it to operate 24/7 to ensure daily delivery.  Hatcheries can order the precise daily requirement needed to feed their PLs.  The hatchery saves on labor, electricity, maintenance and all the hassles of trying to get the correct hatching parameters from each can of Artemia cysts.


The product only requires a spoon to scoop the naups out of the tray and drop them into a PL tank.  INSTART 1 has already been well accepted in Thailand, which is why I&V Bio has started an expansion project in Phuket, Thailand, that will triple its capacity.


I&V Bio’s goal is to become a full-range hatchery product supplier.  In the future it plans to develop enriched INSTART 2 nauplii.  Enrichment of Artemia is essential for marine fish and becoming more popular with shrimp hatcheries wanting to provide a balanced, fatty acid profile for the early PL stages.


I&V Bio is currently negotiating with potential investors in India and Vietnam to establish production facilities in those countries.  The company is also looking for partners in other countries to expand the benefits of its unique technology.


Information: Frank Indigne, I&V Bio Co., Soi Moo Ban Silawadee, Moo 5, Tamboon Samed, Amphur Muang, Chonburi 20000, Thailand (phone 66-81-846-2901, email, webpage


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