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July 3, 2013


Farmed Shrimp Production Drops 50%


Production of farmed shrimp in Thailand peaked at 640,000 metric tons in 2010.  Before and after 2010, production average about 500,000-550,000 tons a year.  With the emergence of early mortality syndrome (EMS/AHPNS) in 2012, however, production has dropped 50% so far this year and the forecast for all of 2013 is 250,000 tons—at best!


On January 1, 2014, European Union (EU) import taxes on Thai processed shrimp are scheduled to increase from 7 per cent to 12 percent.  Consequently, Thai shrimp organizations have asked the EU to maintain the current rate until the industry resolves the disease problem.  “We want the EU to consider extending such tax privileges for a certain period of time while Thailand is trying every way to defeat the disease,” said Somsak Panitatyasai, president of the Thai Shrimp Association.


The Thai Shrimp Association, the Thai Marine Shrimp Farmer Association, Thai Eastern Shrimp Association and shrimp farmer clubs from Surat Thani, Chantaburi, Pattani, Krabi and Trang have submitted a letter to Antonio Berenguer, head of Trade Economic Affairs at the EU office in Bangkok, urging the EU to extend the tax privileges granted to Thailand under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) in 2004.


Source: The Nation.  Disease-Hit Thai Shrimp Exporters Plead for Extension of EU Tax Privileges.  July 3, 2013.


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