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October 10, 2015


Refutes Charges of Illegal Shrimp Imports


The Thai Frozen Foods Association (TFFA) has denied allegations by the Thai Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry that its members have been illegally importing fresh shrimp from Indonesia.


The Ministry told media last week that members of the Thai Frozen Foods Association (TFFA) resolved their raw material shortage by importing shrimp from Indonesia, even though the government banned Indonesian imports because of the possible import of early mortality syndrome (EMS).  [Shrimp News: To the best of my knowledge, EMS has never been reported in Indonesia].


“Our members did not import shrimp from Indonesia despite the shortage,” said Poj Aramwattananont, President of TFFA.  He said,   “We heard some companies requested that the government allow shrimp imports from Indonesia, but we can’t disclose their names, otherwise they might sue us.  TFFA members need around 300,000-350,000 metric tons a year to serve the demand of our frozen shrimp factories.  They have solved the problem by importing from India, Vietnam and Ecuador.”


For the first nine months of 2015, Thailand imported 9,318 tons of fresh, chilled and frozen shrimp, worth over $70 million, down from 9,474 tons during the same period in 2014, worth $73 million.  “Shrimp imports do not hurt local farmers.  If we don’t have the raw material to keep our factories running, we can’t survive either,” said Poj.  He said to cope with declining shrimp prices, TFFA agreed to set up a public and private panel to work on a proper structure for the long term.


Source: The Bangkok Post.  TFFA Refutes Fishy Government Import Allegations.  October 9, 2015.

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