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November 28, 2015


Research—Silica+ Replaces Some Fish Meal


A study at Prince of Songkhla University has shown that “Silica+” (silicon dioxide from Ceresco Nutrition Company) can replace some of the fish meal in shrimp diets.


The study concluded that “Silica+” allows the reduction of fish meal from 7.5% to 15% in shrimp diets.  Dr. Wutiporn Phromkunthong, who supervised the study, said, “This product enhances protein digestion.  Thus, adding ‘Silica+’ to feed will contribute to better growth performance and feed utilization.”  A significant difference was observed between the experiment and control groups in terms of average body weight, final weight gain and feed conversion ratio.


When added to feed, the supplement acts like a catalyst by imparting its electromagnetic information on all forms of matter to normalize their vibrations, restoring faster homeostasis of the digestive system.  The animal becomes more efficient at digesting, absorbing and assimilating nutrients, resulting in better growth and performance.


In addition, “Silica+” increases dissolved oxygen in water and helps reduce ammonia in litter and manure.


Source:  Silica+ Can Replace Part of Fish Meal.  Emmy Koeleman (email  November 26, 2015.

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