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February 21, 2014


TARS 2014, A Shrimp Farming Conference


The TARS Aquaculture Roundtable Series is designed as a series of roundtable sessions aimed at bringing together all relevant stakeholders to discuss the state of Asian aquaculture and encourage the long-term sustainability of the industry.


Scheduled for August 20, 2014, at the Marriott Resort and Spa in Phuket, Thailand, the fourth Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS 2014) will address current and impending challenges to the long term sustainability of shrimp aquaculture in Asia.  TARS 2014 promises a comprehensive agenda of shrimp aquaculture “state-of-the-science” presentations by a host of international experts and thought-provoking, interactive breakout sessions with industry participation!


Topics on the Agenda


• State-of-the-Industry: Challenges, Trends and Opportunities

• Marketing Shrimp: the Seller’s Perspective

• Market Demand: the Buyer’s Perspective

• Overview of Diseases in Asian Shrimp: Where Are We Today?

• WSSV and EMS: Making Some Inroads

• Shrimp Immunity: Can Shrimp Remember?

• Developing a Robust Shrimp Through Genetic Selection

• Reviewing Hatchery Technology

• Nursery Technology for 3-Phase Culture Systems

• The Ideal Environment for Intensive Penaeus vannamei Shrimp Farming

• The Return of the Giant Tiger Shrimp

• Developing the Ideal Feeds for Shrimp: Gap Analysis

• Nutrition and Disease Interactions: Holistic Approach

• Feeds and Environment


Online Registration: Limited to 200 participants!  Early Bird Registration ($513) closes on May 25, 2014, after which ($631).


Information email, webpage


Source: AQUA Culture AsiaPacific (Editor/Publisher, Zuridah Merican, email  Advertisement.  Volume 10, Number 1, Page 29, January/February 2014.

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