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March 21, 2016


Video—Chinese Tourists at Shrimp Buffet


Pictures and a 32-second video show Chinese tourists in Thailand taking advantage of shrimp at a buffet.  The pictures reveal that a large amount of the shrimp was not eaten.  Scroll down past the pictures for the video.  The hungry tourists are seen jostling each other to get at the food and walking away with plates overflowing with shrimp.


Viewers have joked about the situation, arguing that the behavior of the tourists was driven by the expensive price of shrimp in Qingdao, China, after a story broke last year about one unsuspecting man being charged $416 for a modest plate of shrimp.


Source:  Video: Chinese Tourists Criticized After Video of Them Shoveling Food With Plates at Buffet in Thailand Goes Viral.  Dominic Jackson.  March 19, 2016.

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