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March 31, 2016


Video—Sureerath Prawn [Shrimp] Farm


Located in Chanthaburi, Thailand, Sureerath Prawn Farm—an organic, recirculating, tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) farm—has 133 ponds on a 224-hectare site.  Each month it harvests about 30 ponds, which yield approximately 120 metric tons of whole shrimp, making its annual production about 1,500 metric tons.  It has a hatchery, and a feed mill that will soon be producing a new type of feed in partnership with Ridley Corporation in Australia.


This eight-minute video contains nice shots of tiger shrimp and Sureerath’s growout ponds, hatchery and self-sustaining ecological water treatment system.  No wastewater is discharged into the surrounding environment.  The shrimp feed on naturally growing macroalgae and organic feed that is certified by Naturland in Germany.  It markets the following shrimp products:


Chilled Head-On

Frozen, Raw, Head-on, Shell-on

Frozen, Raw, Head-off, Shell-on,

Frozen, Raw, Peeled, Tail-on

Frozen, Raw, Peeled, Tail-off

Frozen, Cooked Head-on, Shell-on

Frozen, Cooked Head-off, Shell-on

Frozen, Cooked, Peeled, Tail-on

Frozen, Cooked, Peeled, Tail-off


Source: YouTube.  Sureerath Prawn FarmVideoDonelson Berger.  March 30, 2016.

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