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March 11, 2014


CP Foods Processing Plants in Vietnam


Thai agribusiness giant Charoen Pokphand Foods is ramping up production at a new shrimp processing plant in Hue, Vietnam, its third seafood processing in the country.  The plant can process 60 metric tons of raw shrimp a day, including cooked shrimp, and it has plans to install a breading line in the future.


CP Foods is also farming more shrimp in Vietnam, around 20,000 metric tons a year, from company-owned farms, some of them close to the Hue plant.  The company also has a shrimp processing plant in Dong Nai, which produces the same type and amount of products as the plant in Hue. 


The move by CP Foods to increase its shrimp processing in Vietnam is also about hedging its supply of raw shrimp, after the early mortality syndrome (EMS) crisis decimated Thai farmed shrimp production in 2013.  Although Vietnam was also hit by EMS, having more plants in Vietnam diversifies its supply base, as both countries strive to recover from the disease.


CPF’s rival Thai Union Frozen Products is importing 30% of its raw material needs from EMS-free countries, specifically India.


Source: Boletín CNA (Ecuador’s Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura).  Editor, Jorge Tejada (  CP Foods Opens Another Shrimp Plant in Vietnam After GSP Hit for Thailand.  February 28, 2014.

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