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September 6, 2013

United States

Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture, Native PLs For Sale


John J. Hewitt, manager of sales and distribution at Florida Organic Aquaculture, LLC., a new shrimp farm and hatchery, reports:


Florida Organic Aquaculture has two projects: a huge indoor facility for producing large Penaeus vannamei for the fresh market and a shrimp hatchery for producing indigenous shrimp.  The hatchery is fully operational, and we have P. setiferus and P. duorarum juveniles for sale.  The P. setiferus tolerate cool temperatures so they fly well and hold up well in live markets.  Customers use our juveniles for stocking ponds, for live bait and for feeding aquarium and zoo animals.  We even sell some as live, human food at Asian markets.


There is the beginning of an aquaculture cluster here in Florida, and we have government support.  Click here for more information on that.


Information: John J. Hewitt, Manager, Sales & Distribution, Florida Organic Aquaculture, LLC., 930 West Indiantown Road, Suite 204, Jupiter, Florida 33458, USA (1-772-284-1491, email, webpage


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from John Hewitt.  Subject: U.S. Economic Development Administration Invests $364,000 to Support Growth of Aquaculture Cluster in Central Florida.  September 5, 2013.


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