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December 20, 2015

United States

Favorable Prices Spur Holiday Shrimp Sales


Thanks to lower prices—compared to the 2014 holiday season—shrimp is being featured at many USA supermarket chains this holiday season at bargain prices.


“We are doing pushes on bigger shrimp for customers, whereas in the past, we would have had to go to lesser sizes because of the price,” said Scott Nettles, senior director of perishables for Lubbock, Texas-based United Supermarkets.  United is featuring 26/30s, cooked with tail on for $6.97 a pound throughout the holiday season.  Plus, shrimp trays and shrimp cocktail trays, featuring three to four pounds of shrimp each, have been “flying off the shelves”, Nettles said.  “We are up 50 to 75 percent in that category already [over last December].  The oilfield has killed us and deflation has hurt us, but seafood has held up extremely well.  It’s not cheaper than the other proteins, but it has come down in price, so people are buying more.”


Likewise, Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Monahan’s Seafood Market is selling a lot of large shrimp for the holiday season, including its cooked “Gulf Shrimp Package”, which retails for $42.95 a pound for around 20 large shrimp.  ”We are the only [retailer in the area] that cleans and cooks our own shrimp, fresh every day,” said Mike Monahan, owner of Monahan’s Seafood Market.  Retailers say that, because of an improved economy this year and warmer weather throughout the USA, seafood sales have picked up.


Source:  Favorable Shrimp Price Spurs Holiday Sales.  Christine Blank (SeafoodSource contributing editor).  December 18, 2015.

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