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October 20, 2013

United States

Florida—Florida Organic Aquaculture


Cliff Morris, CEO of Florida Organic Aquaculture, a new shrimp farm, said buyers from Miami to New York heard about his sushi-grade, fresh, organic shrimp and bought most of it.  “We didn’t find them. They found us.  They phoned us and flew down,” Morris said.


Now, Florida Organic Aquaculture is reaching out to local farmers, encouraging them to add organic shrimp farming to their operations.  “If you get two or three of these raceways, you’ll earn $1,500 a month for very little work, and that’s net profit after all expenses,” Morris said.  “All they have to do is grow the shrimp.  It’s a revenue opportunity for a lot of these small-scale farmers.”


In the video that accompanied this story (click on the link in the Source below), Morris said, “This water although it may look dirty—it’s not.  This is a bacterium called biofloc.  It’s a natural yogurt-like bacteria.”  Morris said his system retains and continuously monitors and treats the water within the system, virtually eliminating bio-waste or excess food discharge.  It also protects the system from intakes of polluted water, prevents escapes and eliminates the need for antibiotics and chemicals to combat disease.


Once completed, the barn housing Florida Organic’s raceways will be the largest barn in North America, a quarter mile long and the size of three football stadiums.    The company is building four similar structures around Fellsmere, Florida, that will produce 4.5 million pounds of shrimp every year.  The company’s next harvest is scheduled for March 2014.


Information: Cliff Morris, CEO, Florida Organic Aquaculture, LLC., 930 West Indiantown Road, Suite 204, Jupiter, Florida 33458, USA (phone 1-561-741-3000, fax 1-561-741-8000, webpage


Source:  Story and Video.  First Ever Super-Sized Shrimp Harvest.  Jana Eschbach.  October 19, 2013.

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